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IRLF Editor

Your Go-To Guide for Shallot Substitutes!

Shallots are a popular ingredient, especially in French cooking. Cooking a recipe at home that needs a shallot that is not in your kitchen can be very frustrating.  We have a list of shallot substitutes that aren’t short on flavour and will work in your cooking. But before we look at the substitutes, let’s first …

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What to do with Cherry Peppers?

As a self-proclaimed chilli enthusiast and a former chef who’s turned my experiences into a food blog, I’ve been lucky to play around with a diverse mix of ingredients.  Today, I want to talk about – Cherry Peppers. What are Cherry Peppers? First, let’s start with some facts!  Cherry Peppers aren’t grown in cherry trees …

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Substitutes for Coconut Oil

Are you looking for substitutes for coconut oil? Coconut oil is a popular choice in cooking, especially vegan baking, as a butter substitute.  Its solid state at room temperature makes it an excellent butter replacement, given their similar properties.  When Do You Need a Substitute? However, whether due to allergies, taste preferences, or not having …

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