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Best Foods to Cook on a Grill

Best Foods to Cook on a Grill

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So, you have a grill but you’re not sure what to cook on it? The possibilities, of course, are endless, but there are a few foods that really benefit from grill cooking as opposed to pan frying or other methods of cooking. 

Here are a few of the best foods to cook on a grill no matter what type of grill you bought or what time of year it is. 

Baby Back Ribs 

I want to start off with my favourite barbecue dish- the rack of ribs. The advantage to cooking these on the grill rather than anywhere else is partially the space the grill gives you.

Ribs also benefit from the smoky flavouring they get when you cover your grill and allow the smoke to circulate through the meat. One thing grills are really good at is producing a smouldering heat that makes them ideal for slow cooking meat.

So, you can set the grill to low heat and place the charcoal and meat on opposite ends to ensure a tender, slow cooked dish. 

Shish Kabobs

Is there a better way to have vegetables than grilled and skewered on a stick? I highly doubt it, and this is always a dish I try to prepare when I pull the grill out of storage for grilling season.

My kabobs are made with squash, tomato, onion, and peppers, along with a meat, like chicken, beef, or shrimp. With kabobs, you can either season them, slather them in some grilling sauce, or leave them plain.

Grilling your veggies for kebabs gives them a wonderful texture and does a great job of bringing out their flavours. 


This is another grill staple, and there’s a good reason why. Flame grilling burgers gives them a satisfying set a char marks. Better than that, though, is the experience of putting them on to the grill, watching them cook, and flipping them over when they are ready.

There’s just a hands-on experience to that which is incredibly fulfilling and is a part of grilling culture. Filling the backyard with the smell of cooked hamburger is tradition almost as old as grills themselves, so I don’t think I have to remind anyone to cook up some beef patties every now and then on their grill. 

I would recommend switching up how you cook them and flavour them from time to time, though. You can use different kinds of seasoning rubs or try covering your beef in barbecue sauce or pepper sauce to give it some different flavouring. 

French Fries

After you read the Outerchef guide to find the right grill for yourself, you might be looking to try something a bit different to grill with. I would suggest cooking up French fries, partially because they’re so easy and also because not a lot of people try them this way.

Grilling your fries gives them a little bit different texture and it’s a great hands-on way to make this dish. I like to season my fries on the grill while I cook them, adding seasonings on the fly and then taste testing them to see if they need anything else. 

Seafood Medley

Why cook just one kind of seafood on the grill when you could cook them all? I love the experience of adding shrimp, crab, lobster, and a white fish to the grill all at once.

I like the way the flavours work together and how I can season them all as one. It gives you a dish that has plenty of different textures but a sense of unity to it as well. Keep in mind that some of these seafood items cook much faster than others, like the shrimp which cooks in just minutes.

It’s up to you what to add to the seafood medley to make yours special, but I definitely suggest experimenting with some seasonings and the makeup of your medley to give it a personal touch. 

Cabbage Steaks

I want to leave you with one kind of unique suggestion for your grill-out- cabbage steaks. Simply cut and form cabbage into “steak” patties and cook it on the grill like you would a steak, flipping it over halfway through.

You can make these into sandwiches, adding the same toppings as you would to a hamburger. This gives you a much healthier and leaner sandwich that can become a vegetarian dish or can be enjoyed by meat eaters by adding a few slices of bacon to the sandwich.  

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