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8 Best Kitchen TV’s For a Modern Kitchen

8 Best Kitchen TV’s For a Modern Kitchen

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Televisions in the past were very big and putting them in the kitchen was never a good idea. But today technology has improved and televisions are smaller, flatter, and even portable. This has made it possible for people to have a TV virtually in any room including the kitchen. Here is a list of TVs that work great in kitchen environments.

1.  SHARP 24 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV

This Sharp TV is on top of this list simply because it is the best kitchen TV everybody needs. It has amazing features that make it perfect to have in your kitchen. You can connect this TV to other devices. You can use the USB and HDMI ports to do the connection. You don’t have to worry about where to place this TV in your kitchen. You can place it on top of a stand, a table, on a TV unit or you can even mount it on your kitchen wall.

It is Freeview enabled. You can always go through the TV guide to catch up with your favourite shows from the past seven days. Sharp 1T-C24BE0KR1FW Smart TV allows you to access your favourite apps. These apps include BBC I player, Netflix, and YouTube.

Amazing features like DTS, PVR recording, TruSurround, and free view HD channels makes this TV the best to use in your kitchen. In addition to that, the 1T-C24BE0KR1FW is elegant too. It’s bright in colour, and this feature will perfectly compliment any kitchen.

2. Cello 22 Inch Full HD LED TV

The Cello 22 inch led TV is designed with good features that will entertain you. One of the features is the T2 Freeview ability. This feature ensures that you can enjoy digital channels.

It is considered that best because of the HDMI input. You can use the HDMI portal to connect it with other foreign devices. Examples of the external devices you can connect to this TV include; gaming consoles such as the Xbox One. The 1080P resolution on this TV will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The Cello C22240T2S2 22 Inch LED TV also has a USB input. This allows you to connect the TV with your phone and hard drive. This feature allows you to record your favourite TV programs. You can also pause live proceedings and resume viewing later.

3. Cello LED TV/DVD

How does a TV with an in-built DVD in your kitchen sound? ZSF0202 is the best full package kitchen TV that you can have. Once you have it in your kitchen you don’t need to carry your DVD player into the room cooking area. This TV has a functional in-built DVD player installed.

It also has in-built free view HD channels and a satellite tuner. These two amazing features allow you to enjoy your favourite programs in the absence of an external decoder.

Cello ZSF0202 LED TV/DVD has HDMI and USB inputs. With this feature, you can connect other devices to it. You can enjoy playing the PS4 and also recording your favourite channels. The USB input also enables you to watch downloaded media that you have saved in your hard drive.

4. Cello 16 Inch Full HD LED TV/DVD

Unlike the Cello ZSF0202 LED TV, C16230FT2S2 Cello TV is a little bit smaller. However, this TV has a free view HD channel capability that has a ratio of 800:1. It also has an in-built DVD player. It comes with a remote control that helps you to operate both the DVD player and other TV functions effortlessly. Thanks to its HDMI input you will be able to take your gaming experience to the next level.

This TV has an in-built free to view T2 channels that allow you to enjoy a wide variety of digital content. You can record live TV proceedings and even put them on hold to watch later by making use of the USB input. By using the same USB input you will be able to connect the TV to other external devices.

Setting up a TV in a kitchen has never been this easy. Cello C16230FT2S2 comes with a fast start guide and two AAA batteries to help you set up the machine easily and faster. In case of any errors or questions, you can always get help by using the sales helpline included in the product.

5. Portable Digital TV with Freeview – 14inch

The 1080P Digital TV is widely used in cars but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in the kitchens too. This TV has amazing and beautiful features that make it ideal to be used in kitchens. The DVB-T/T2 feature on this TV allows you to enjoy both the ATV, analog TV, and digital TV.

This TV has a 14-inch screen that is fun to watch your favourite movies and shows. This device produces ultra-clear videos and images, unlike other TVs. Its high-quality tuners provide it with a more stable and smoother reception. It is the best kitchen you don’t have to put up with signal errors once you have this in your kitchen. The 32mm speakers in this TV produce good surrounding sound; you will have a wonderful time enjoying your music.

You can carry this TV along wherever you go. For example, let’s say you’re done preparing your meal and you need to go somewhere else. And on the other hand, you still want to watch a documentary. If you have this TV you won’t feel like you are between a hard place and rock. You can always install it in your car and watch the documentary on your way.

Another feature that makes Portable 14-inch Digital TV amazing is its ability to connect with other external devices. The devices that you can connect to this TV include; USB devices, AV inputs, and outputs, VGA, SD/MMC cards, and HDMI.

6. August DA 1OOD – 10.1 Inch HD TV

This TV is portable and has a small screen that makes it perfect for a kitchen. It has a rechargeable battery which makes it versatile, you can take it anywhere. The free view tuner enables you to enjoy and even record your sports, soaps, and comedies to personal USB and hard drive devices. You can pause and even rewind live TV, isn’t this amazing?

This TV allows you to connect it with other devices like microphones, video cameras, security CCTV, and game consoles using the HDMI and AV inputs. It also has the Red Button feature service. This particular feature enables you to have access to Teletext digitally on this TV. Through the August DA100D-10.1 Inch TV you get interactive content via free view even if you are outside basking in the sun.

7. Portable Digital HD TV 1080P (12inch)

This TV is mostly used during outdoor adventures and in cars. The thing many people don’t know is that this TV is perfect in the kitchen. It is because the DVB-T-T2 gives you access to ATV, analog, and digital TV. It has super sensitive tuners that make sure you don’t have to deal with poor reception.

The Portable Digital 12-inch TV supports the HDMI video input. It can also play the following formats; MP4, MPEG 1-4, MKV, and many others. The PVR function allows you to record HD TV programs to your hard drive or USB device.

8. 14 Inch Portable Digital DVB-T2 TFT HD LED TV

This LED TV is among the best because of its portability. You can have it in your kitchen, car, caravan, or even carry it to a camping adventure. Its features, for example, input functions, audio-video, and the super-slim design make it ideal to use in the kitchen. The 4000mAh in-built stereo loudspeakers enable you to play MP4 using USB for up to 275 minutes non-stop.

The 14-inch Portable Digital TV has a durable LED panel. It is capable of recording live events on the TV thanks to the PVR feature. In this device, you can play all your MP3, MP4, JPEG, MPEG, VOB, RMVB, or AVI 1080P videos using your USB, HDMI-in, or SD card.

Conclusion on the Best Kitchen TV

Change your kitchen into an entertaining place for the whole family. Pick any of the above televisions because they are the best in the market.

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