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Best Korean Rice Cooker for At-Home Use

Cooking rice can be simple and easy. All you need is a perfect cooker that will help you bring out a fantastic taste and freshness. Rice cookers have been used for the longest time but Korean rice cookers come with groundbreaking technology that will give nutritious, tasty, burn-free rice.

Reinshunger Rice Cooker (1.2l/500W/220V)

Reinshunger rice cooker is the ideal solution to well-cooked rice and within the shortest time. It’s a perfect help that you need, simple to use even for beginners


Reinshunger Rice Cooker (1.2l/500W/220V)
PERFECTLY COOKED RICE – Our Reishunger rice cooker is best used with white and wholegrain rice - such as sushi rice, aromatic rice, jasmine rice and basmati rice

Premium Quality – Nonstick coating, and top quality aluminium pot that is removable. It’s a useful feature that makes sure your rice does not burn. Burnt rice can be embarrassing, and the smell can ruin what was to be a great meal.

Measurements – Cooking rice is all about measures, the right measurements will give you perfectly cooked rice. Reinshunger rice cooker comes with a measuring cup to solve this problem and get your measurements correct.

Durability – The rice cooker’s inner pot is delicate, but you don’t need to worry about damaging it with your usual spoon. The rice cooker comes with a unique spoon for the inner port. The plastic rice cooker spoon is a great way to make sure your rice cooker serves you for a longer.

  • High Performance can keep your rice warm up to eight hours. This functionality is great because you will not have to reheat the rice once you have cooked.
  • The nonstick aluminum-coated is durable and ensures that your rice is well cooked and tastes better.
  • Cooks Faster – the rice cooker is a time saver unlike the usual cooking method that takes up your valuable time. Reinshunger rice cooker saves you time by preparing your rice much faster.
  • Easy to use- you don’t have to be an expert to use the rice cooker. Even beginners can use it and clean.
  • Does not Burn- the nonstick port makes sure your rice does not burn, and you are guaranteed well-cooked rice.
  • Can cook for up to a maximum of six people
  • Comes in only two colors, white and purple

Yam Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

Yam Asia Sakura Rice Cooker
ADVANCED FUZZY LOGIC RICE COOKER TECHNOLOGY - Computer controlled 7-phase rice cooking technology with tailored useful multifunctional options including steam, porridge, casserole, soup, cake baking, crust (Tahdig), slow cook and yoghurt.

Yam Sakura rice cooker comes with advanced technology and gives it the advantage of having multi-function options. Besides cooking rice, you can use it to steam, bake prepared casseroles, and even make yogurt.


Fuzzy logic technology – Yam Asia Sakura rice cooker comes with advanced technology for cooking different rice types. Rice comes in various types, and each type requires a different style of cooking.

Timer- The rice cooker can notify you if your rice is ready. It comes with a timer that counts down when your cooked rice is prepared.

Keeps rice warm for 24 hours -You can have your rice warm and fresh for up to twenty-four hours. You can cook your rice in the morning and eat it for dinner.

Ninja Ceramic Bawl – It has a ceramic bowl that has 5 layers and is 2 mm thick. The bowl can easily show you the water level of the rice. This is a great way to monitor your cooking.

Detachable parts and Stainless Steel inner lead– It easy to clean and does not rust. This is a great way to avoid food poisoning and to enjoy healthy, well-cooked meals.

  • The groundbreaking technology helps you to get perfectly well-cooked rice.
  • Versatile Yam Asia Sakura rice cooker can cook other food like soup, bake a cake, and cook porridge and even steam. Its versatility is perfect and gives it an advantage over other rice cookers.
  • Easy to clean. The cooker has detachable parts that make it easy to clean and improve hygiene. This makes the food it cooks healthy and free from germs.
  • Comes in two colours only white and silver
  • Cooks for a maximum of eight

Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker
CR-0331 is the classic and traditional rice cooker that is reliable to cook your rice. If you just want to cook rice only then this is the perfect model for you.

Cuckoo CR 0331 is an electric rice cooker with three cups of uncooked rice and an inner nonstick pot.


Colour -Cuckoo CR rice cooker comes in a beautiful orange colour. If you want to serve your food, colourfully, this will be a perfect choice.

Coated nonstick inner container -The inner container is nonstick and coated to make sure that your rice will not burn as you cook it. You will enjoy perfectly cooked rice.

Capacity – It has a capacity of three cups of uncooked rice (1.5 Litres / 1.6 Quarts)

Keep warm Functionality – Rice is best served warm. This rice cooker will keep your rice warm for up to twelve hours.

  • Keeps your food warm -Cuckoo CR-0331 rice cooker keeps your rice fresh and warm for twelve hours, saving you the hustle of warming cold rice.
  • No Burn – The coated nonstick inner pot gives you perfectly cooked rice with no burns. You can enjoy tasty well-cooked rice without the smell of burnt rice.
  • Easy to clean-It has fewer parts, and this makes it easy to clean all the parts.
  • Comes in one color

Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker

Reishunger digital mini rice cooker is a white multi-cooker with eight programs. It has a seven phased technology, a premium inner pot, a timer, and a keep warm functionality.

It’s perfect for a group of three if you are planning to cater to a small group of people. You don’t have to worry about cooking too much.


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7 phased cooking technology -Reishunga digital mini rice cooker has groundbreaking technology for cooking nutritious aromatic rice. You don’t have to worry about losing the nutrients in your rice.

This rice cooker can automatically activate one cooking phase after another as needed and bring out the sweet-smelling aroma.

Nonstick ceramic coated pot -the rice cooker has a nonstick ceramic cooking pot of premium value and stainless still. The pot makes sure you get well-cooked rice without any burns.

Measuring cup – The cooker comes with a measuring cup to help you get the correct quantities. The measuring cup will help you make perfect rice, not too dry or too mushy.

Rice cooker spoon-The rice cooker spoon is specially designed to be used in the pot. It protects the pot from scratches.

Steam insert-it has a perfectly designed steam insert for all your steaming needs.

  • Premium inner pot- is made of stainless still, nonstick, and coated, making it perfect for well-cooked rice with no burns.
  • Perfect Rice- It does not lose the rice flavour and nutrients.
  • The groundbreaking technology that cooks rice in 7 phases gives you perfectly cooked aromatic rice. You will enjoy the flavor and smell of your food thanks to this technology.
  • It can also cook different modes of rice using 7phased technology.
  • Easy to clean parts – You can effortlessly clean the removable pot with simple warm water and some detergent.
  • Keep warm functionality – you can enjoy a warm meal from the cooker thanks to warm functionality.
  • It comes in only two colours white and purple

Yum Asia Kumo YamCarb Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Kumo YamCarb rice cooker is dark in colour with a capacity of 1L, and it comes with advanced fuzzy logic. It is a multi-cooker. Apart from rice cooking functions, it can also steam, slow cook, and even cook porridge.


Yum Asia Kumo YamCarb Rice Cooker
5.5 cup capacity of uncooked rice (1-5 people), 1 Litre, 220-240V, 50Hz with 3 pin UK plug. Includes 5 year warranty

Stainless steel steaming basket – all your steaming needs are taken care of.

Advanced Fuzzy logic technology has settings for cooking different kinds of rice, Long grain, short grain, and even brawn rice.

Design and Colour – The modern, stylish dark colour and high body design work well for any occasion.

Keep Warm Functionality – you can have your rice warm and ready to eat even after 24 hours. The keep-warm functionality is a time saver.

  • It’s perfect for small kitchen people or couples- Capacity of 5.5 of uncooked rice.
  • 2 Year Warranty -It has a more extended warranty period of 2 years unlike most electronics with only one  year
  • Easy to Use – Only at the touch of a button you can operate it. It also comes with an instruction manual.
  • Multicooker – It not only cooks rice but has other functionality for steaming, porridge, and slow cooking.
  • It’s best for small kitchen people.
  • Comes in one colour which is dark stainless steel

Yum Asia Bamboo Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Bamboo Rice Cooker
UMAI INDUCTION HEATING (IH) RICE COOKER TECHNOLOGY - ‘Umai IH’ (or smart brain) is a highly advanced IH phased rice cooking system that ensures perfect results with tailored useful multifunction functions including steam, porridge, slow cook, cake baking and crust (tahdig) settings. 24 hour preset timer and keep warm features.

If you are looking for a combination of great style and functionality, then yum Asia bamboo rice cooker comes with an induction heater and a ceramic bowl. It is a multi-cooker with a Motouch lead display.

Jobu Ceramic coated Inner Bawl -It has an excellent 3mm ceramic bawl with clear measurement lines for easy quantifications.

Colour – Colour has silver and white colour that can blend in any occasion.

Motouch Control panel – Has a thermoplastic external, Motouch is which is uniquely designed. Unlike other control panels that use a button, Motouch, it detects pressure or fingers. You don’t have to touch it.

  • Smart brain – It uses a highly advanced system of induction heating to produce perfect results in cooking.
  • A more extended warranty is made of durable, high-quality material and offers a more extended warranty of 2 years.
  • Easy to clean – The removal parts are easy and quick to clean
  • Comes in only two colours

Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Rice Cooker
Technology (0,54l / 425W) for up to 3 Persons

Cuckoo CR-0351F electric rice cooker It comes with a fuzzy logic technology and can serve up to a maximum of three people.


Aluminium inner pot – The aluminium inner pot helps to conduct heat much faster and reduces the cooking time

Nonstick coating prevents the rice from sticking at the bottom and making it easy to serve.

  • Cooks faster-the aluminium conducts heat and speeds up the cooking time
  • It is easier to use because of the safety features
  • Fuzzy logic technology that it uses gives the best results of tasty rice.
  • Comes in only one colour

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-TSQ10

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-TSQ10
Micro Computerised Fuzzy logic technology - Prepares perfectly cooked rice every time.

Zojirushi rice cooker is a stainless steel rice cooker with 220-230V.


Fuzzy logic technology– it has a microcomputer fuzzy logic technology that cooks perfect tasty rice.

It has a capacity of 51/2 cup rice.

The double steamer- is versatile and can handle different steaming needs.

  • It has a versatile steamer.
  • You can cook different kinds of rice-white, brown, sushi, and sweet.
  • It comes in one color.


Cooking rice may seem like a simple task, but a lot of work goes into it. Korean rice cookers are the best for simplifying cooking at your home. You can choose from a variety of fantastic rice cookers for tastier nutritious rice.

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