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Best Rolling Pin for Baking – Crust, Cookies, Dough & More!

Best Rolling Pin for Baking – Crust, Cookies, Dough & More!

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The tools you use determine your results. That’s just as true in baking as it is in any other field. Having the right kitchen tools on hand can help you make high quality food that looks appealing and taste great.

Having the best rolling pin for baking helps you to make pastries, breads, pies, and other baked goods that turn out great every time. You want a high-quality rolling pin that you can count on, that helps you work the dough evenly and it won’t frustrate you as you use it.

Trying to use a substitute for a rolling pin often doesn’t work out. You can find kitchen tips online from people who swear by using some sort of substitute for the standard kitchen rolling pin, but if you actually tried to put these suggestions into practice, you may find your results lacking.

There are a few different kinds of rolling pins, and you might not be familiar with more than just the most common type. Having the best type of rolling pin is essential if your food is going to turn out great. If you have the best rolling pin for baking, you will be able to make your food just the way it’s supposed to be.  

There are a few different kinds of rolling pins, namely straight or cylindrical rolling pins, tapered rolling pins, and handled rolling pins.

The Best Rolling Pin for Pie Crust

What is the best rolling pin for dough and pastry? The tapered rolling pin is the one to use for yeasted doughs and for pastry dough. Those tapered ends are very easy to grab hold of, making it easy for you to move the dough where you need it to go and to stretch the dough as you move it.

This tapered rolling pin allows you to work the dough vigorously when necessary. A tapered rolling pin with a slight taper is ideal, and you don’t need one with an extreme tapered design.

The Best Rolling Pin for Cookies

What is the best rolling pin for sugar cookies? I would suggest straight rolling pins when you are working with cookie dough. This is the best type of rolling pin for a dough that isn’t expected to rise very much, like cookies and flatbread.

If the dough you’re working with doesn’t need to be a certain size or shape, then straight rolling pins are perfect. They are very easy to work with but may not make a perfect circle. When you are making cookies, you don’t need a perfectly circular dough to work with. You can use the cookie cutters on dough of any shape, so the straight rolling pin works fine for this kind of dough.

The Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

The other kind of rolling pin you could use are rolling pins with handles. This kind of rolling pin is very easy to work with and ideal for people who are not very experienced in baking. They’re easy to grab ahold of, but the downside is that it’s harder to apply pressure with them when you are rolling out a thicker dough.

It is very comfortable to use, especially over long periods of time period. I recommend them for people making homemade pizza.

If you’re working with a very thick dough, like a bread dough, I wouldn’t suggest a rolling pin with handles, but the best rolling pin for pasta or pizza for your average cook is one with handles. It lets you work the dough over a long period of time without feeling discomfort, and since you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure on those kinds of dough, it works just fine.

For someone who bakes for a living or who does a lot of baking, I wouldn’t suggest a rolling pin with handles. What is the best rolling pin overall? It would have to be the straight rolling pin, and if you only have one rolling pin, that’s the one I would recommend.

The Best Rolling Pin for Fondant

The type of material used in the rolling pin is important as well. For instance, if you are rolling fondant, the best kind of rolling pin to use is a silicone one. Fondant rolling pins tend to be smaller and lightweight, so they are perfect for smaller scale projects where you have to be more precise.

Once again, I want to remind you that using the best rolling pin for each baking job will give you the best results.

Best All-Purpose Rolling Pin

If you look at rolling pins used in different countries, they vary from what you might expect to be the standard rolling pin. The best French rolling pin, for example, is a long wooden rolling pen with no handles at all.

This is the same rolling pin the French have been using for generations, and while it may be slightly tapered on the end, it doesn’t have the handles that most people expect rolling pins to have. This is a very versatile kind of rolling pin, and if you can only have one kind of rolling pin, this is the one I would suggest.

It’s long enough to accommodate any size of dough, for the most part, and also lets you get right close to your work. This kind of rolling pin foregoes handles completely, which makes it more useful in a larger variety of situations.

This kind of rolling pin is also considered the best rolling pin America’s Test Kitchen determined. That site examined a number of rolling pins and found the classic long French rolling pin to be the best out of all the available options.

What Is the Best Material for a Rolling Pin?

Rolling pins can be made from a number of different materials, including wood, marble, silicone, and others. A heavier rolling pin may be ideal for springy or for tough dough. The silicone or lighter weight rolling pin would be better for lighter dough or more precision work. But overall, it’s the wooden rolling pin that takes the cake.

What is the best wood for rolling pin? Maple and beech woods are used most often for rolling pins, and that’s because of how durable and affordable they are. They also tend to have the kind of weight that’s expected of a rolling pin and that’s ideal for most uses of the rolling pin. If your rolling pin is too heavy or too light, it might not be as easy to use, and might frustrate you as you try to roll out your dough.

A marble rolling pin can be helpful when you want to keep your rolling pin cool for longer. The best marble rolling in will have a balanced weight to it and not be so heavy that it’s difficult to use. It will be made of high-quality materials, so if you are looking for a marble rolling pin, be sure to look at reviews and find out what people have to say about their experience with the rolling pin.

I hope this information is helpful to you as you try to choose the best rolling pin for your needs. Most people don’t need more than one rolling pin, but if you do want to branch out and have a few rolling pins on hand, I would suggest starting with the long French rolling pin and then adding a fondant rolling pin and perhaps a heavier marble rolling pin as well for your collection.

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