A Guide to Essential Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is one of my favourite places to be. From prepping new dishes, to cooking and baking, my kitchen is where I feel most at home.

My passion for food means I’m always on the lookout for the best kitchen equipment, so if you’re in need of some inspiration when it comes to the kitchen, you’re in the right place!

I’ve whipped up a selection of the most handy kitchen gadgets, utensils and affordable finds.

Kitchen Equipment List

Stir some style into your home with these handy kitchen utensils and my list of must-have kitchen equipment to enhance your home.

Utensils & Gadgets

Cooking Utensil Set

I always try to buy kitchen utensils that are of a high quality. You don’t want to end up re-buying kitchen items because they haven’t lasted as long as you’d like.

kitchen equipment

This fantastic Home Hero cooking utensil set is wonderfully versatile and is made from high-quality non-stick silicone and wood to ensure your kitchen equipment lasts.


Wooden Spoons Set

Made of solid beech wood, these sturdy spoons are designed with comfortable handles and are safe for non-stick cookware.

kitchen equipment

So if you’re in search of quality wooden utensils, this OXO Good Grips Utensil Set is ideal for your kitchen.


Whisk with Good Grip

A kitchen isn’t complete without an effective whisk that is also comfortable to hold. Your whisk should offer a good grip so you can whisk without worrying about it slipping.

kitchen equipment

This OXO’s Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk is designed to ensure you can whisk quickly and effectively with ease, and has become my go-to whisk when I’m baking.


Kitchen Tongs

An essential piece of kitchen equipment, it’s well-worth investing in a good pair of tongs. These tongs by StarPack Home do just the trick for getting to grips with your food!

kitchen equipment

The stainless steel kitchen tongs with high heat resistance and a non-stick silicone tips are perfect for cooking and serving, especially for BBQs and salads.


Cookware Pots

If you’re in need of handy and affordable cookware, the following set is ideal for you – it’s also fantastically affordable if you’re sticking to a budget.

kitchen equipment

This sleek black cookware set by AmazonBasics includes the pans you’ll need for frying and cooking, so whether you’re making a stir fry or a soup, you’ll have the kitchen equipment you need to get started.


Available in a range of colours, this higher end cookware set by Rachael Ray is fantastic for kitchens with a modern or rustic theme. The nonstick pots and pans have been designed with durable aluminium and hard enamel porcelain exteriors.


Pizza Cutter

I’m a big fan of making pizzas from scratch – they just taste so much more authentic. However, when it comes to cutting the perfect slice of Italy, things can get a little messy! Luckily, I stumbled upon one of the best kitchen gadgets for pizza lovers.

kitchen equipment

This popular and practical KITCHY pizza cutter has been a life saver in my kitchen and will ensure that your pizzas are perfectly sliced every time.

A Quirky Alternative…

I love this bicycle shaped pizza cutter for when I’m cooking for guests and want my dinner table to look perfectly presented. It also makes a fabulous gift for someone who loves novelty kitchen equipment.

kitchen equipment

This quirky pizza cutter by HanDingSM doesn’t just look good – it’s also very practical, with a firm handle and simplistic design that is easy to clean for next time.


Salad Spinners

The next piece of kitchen equipment on my list is a high-quality salad spinner. After testing multiple for my guide to the best salad spinners I found this product really stood out.

kitchen equipment]

My go-to salad spinner is this compact and convenient design by OXO. It is very easy to use, non-slip and is also a nice enough bowl for serving delicious salads to guests.



Another staple piece of kitchen equipment is a ladle that will last! And this particular ladle has served me well over the years – it is perfect for when I’m making warming soups during the winter.

kitchen equipment
The silicone and stainless steel ladle by Cooler Kitchen is my go-to recommendation for an affordable, sizeable and high-quality utensil.


Wooden Cutting Board

A quality cutting board is essential in my eyes when it comes to the best kitchen equipment. Wooden cutting boards are fantastic and also look lovely in the kitchen.

kitchen equipment

This was a fantastic find online! Designed by Royal Craft Wood, I went for their organic bamboo cutting board because of the glowing reviews online and the fact it is 100% organic. I’m so pleased to say that it lived up to the reviews – expect plenty of space and a board that doesn’t dull your knives.


Easy Prep

Pancake Pan

Pancakes are one of our favourite breakfasts in my house – they always go down a treat with my kids, so being able to make multiple at the same time has been a game changer!

kitchen equipment

This fabulous pancake pan has made my mornings quick and easy, so if your household loves this tasty breakfast just as much as we do, I recommend  this handy Gourmia Blini Pan.


Vegetable Chopper

My go-to vegetable chopper has really been a life changing addition to my kitchen equipment – the 4 interchangeable blades are ideal for slicing veg quickly and efficiently.

kitchen equipment

One of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve used, this vegetable chopper and spiralizer with container means I can cut everything from potatoes to carrots and cucumbers with ease! This product is so handy and affordable.


Instant Pot

My Instant Pot is another game changer when it comes to kitchen equipment. After reading the 5 star reviews for this amazing kitchen gadget, I knew I had to give it a go. So, what does it do? Well, this best-seller can serve up to 6 people, making it perfect for my family.

kitchen equipment

With multi-use features, this go-to gadget does everything from monitoring pressure to adjusting to the perfect temperature. This is essentially a pressure cooker, saute, slow cooker, steamer and warmer all in one. Check out the Instant Pot here.



If you’re stocking up on kitchen equipment essentials, I’d recommend a multi functional toaster that is easy to use and high quality.
kitchen equipment

This Hamilton Beach Classic 4 Slice Toaster has four fantastic functions for toasting, including the option to defrost, reheat and choose your ideal shade. The large slots have been great for mornings in my house, as we like to toast thicker slices of bread when I buy unsliced loaves or make homemade bread.


Crepe Maker

I love to make crepes throughout the year, but especially as a festive family treat throughout the lead up to Christmas! Crepes are one of my favourite treats and can be made sweet or savoury depending on your taste.

kitchen equipment

The CucinoPro crepe maker is ideal for making delicious crepes quickly and efficiently so you can sit and eat your crepes together.


Dough Blender

As someone who absolutely loves to bake, having a high-quality dough blender is a must for me. So if you’re the same, don’t miss out on this fantastic product.

kitchen equipment

My Spring Chef dough blender is one of my go-to kitchen gadgets – it is the perfect pastry cutter and has stood the test of time! This high quality piece works like a charm for cutting butter, blend dough and can even be used for mashing avocado and potatoes.



I cook a lot of pasta in our house – it’s one of my go-to meals to make after a busy day for my family. So when it comes to making the process a little easier, I’m all for it!

kitchen equipment

This clip-on strainer ensures that you can tilt your pot over the sink with ease, keeping the food safely in the pot while the liquid is emptied. Kitchen Gizmo’s Snap n Strain Strainer is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets ever.


Electric Egg Cooker

Eggs are a staple food for savoury breakfasts in our house, so when I saw this handy egg cooker, I decided it was time to give it a whirl. This is one of the most genius kitchen gadgets I’ve come across.

kitchen equipment

This amazing electric egg cooker can prepare up to 7 eggs at a time and can prepare everything from poached eggs to omelettes and boiled eggs. Is there anything more eggcellent?!


Taco Holders

Sometimes the best kitchen equipment is a simple idea, and that’s the case with these handy taco holder stands.

kitchen equipment

The Midelo taco holder stands with handles and free serving spoon has been a fantastic addition to my kitchen equipment, making Mexican nights easy to prepare and far less messy!


Avocado Slicer

It may be small, but this little piece of kitchen equipment is one of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve found in recent years. With avocados becoming a popular toast topping and sandwich filling, there’s a high demand for this avocado slicer.

kitchen equipment

OXO’s avocado slicer is such an effective tool that splits, pits and slices avocados, which has made my breakfast and lunch preps so much quicker! Gone are the days of struggling to remove the pit or making a mess trying to slice an avocado that isn’t soft enough.


Cheese Board Set

This piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for putting together a cheese board or a tapas-style meal without using lots of dishes.
kitchen equipment

I love to have guests visit for a night of wining and dining, and this is always my go-to way to prepare a starter. This practical cheese board features a hidden drawer including a cheese knife and utensils to make serving your sharing board all the easier.


Blending fruit and veg is one of the easiest ways to make your diet more nutritious. This is also my go-to method for making sure my kids get the vitamins they need.

kitchen equipment

I’ve had several blenders over the years but none have lasted as long or done the job better than my NutriBullet high speed blender. This sturdy piece of kitchen equipment is one of the most reliable kitchen gadgets I’ve ever owned, and works a treat with a wide variety of fruit and veg, including frozen ingredients which is a great money saving method!


Kitchen Scale

These electronic kitchen scales have been another game changer in my kitchen – this is the ideal kitchen gadget for baking fans and those that love to cook.

kitchen equipment
Making food prep easier, the display on this Exzact electronic kitchen scale is clear, and the bowl included is easy to clean afterwards.


Fondue Maker

The perfect kitchen gadget for parties or family nights in, this fabulous fondue maker is one of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment.

kitchen equipment
Nostalgia’s stainless steel fondue pot is ideal for dipping fruit or bread into chocolate, cheese or whichever fondue sauce you choose. This fondue machine is compact and easy to use. Plus, it’s heats quickly and holds a temperature well.


Kitchen Clothing

Oven Mitts

If there’s one piece of professional kitchen equipment you need, it’s a good pair of oven mitts. Safety in the kitchen is so important, so when it comes to choosing new oven mitts, I always do my research.


kitchen equipment

One of the best kitchen items I’ve found online, these extra long silicone oven mitts by Homwe are heat resistant and flame retardant. Plus, the extra long design ensures that your hands and wrists are protected. Not forgetting, you can pop these gloves in the washing machine, so they’ve nice and easy to clean!

I hope you’ve found my guide to kitchen equipment and essential kitchen utensils useful!

I’ll be adding to my guide when new products catch my eye, so make sure you check back soon for the latest kitchen items and must have kitchen gadgets to add to your collection.

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