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Coffee Shop Favourites Worth Making at Home

Coffee Shop Favourites Worth Making at Home

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Many coffee drinkers are faced with a dilemma: they can’t get their favourite coffee shop treats and drinks whenever they choose. How many times have you daydreamed about enjoying a biscotti on the couch with a cup of tea? Or maybe you miss chatting with the barista about the everyday hustle and bustle.

There are many reasons you can’t visit your local coffee shop. Maybe you’re on a budget and coffee runs didn’t make the cut. Maybe you’re busy with work and can’t spare the time.

Luckily, there’s a reasonable solution to this problem. With a bit of practice, you can begin making your favourite coffee shop classics in the comfort of your home. Here’s a list of popular sweets and drinks worthy of making in-house.

Iced Coffee

If you can brew regular coffee, you can easily make iced coffee. All you need is a cup of ice, coffee, and the cream and sweetener of your choice. If you’re worried about the ice watering down your coffee’s strength, you can make ice cubes out of brewed coffee.


Lattes are a coffee house staple. Many people go to coffee shops because they’re intimidated by making frothy milk. If you want to make a latte at home, all you need is strong brewed coffee and a pan of warm milk. To create foam, you have to whisk the milk as it heats. Once the milk and froth separate, spoon the foam onto the top of your steamed milk and coffee.

If you like iced lattes, start with a cup of ice. Follow up with your strong brewed coffee and milk. If you like foam on your iced latte, you can either add foam to the bottom of the cup before the other ingredients or at the end.

Chai Latte

If you prefer tea-based drinks, you can make chai tea lattes at home. Whether you use a store-bought mix or brew the spiced black tea yourself, you can make this delicious drink without the fancy and expensive machines.

Once you’ve brewed your chai tea, add your steamed milk and you’re all set.


There’s nothing like enjoying a croissant with a freshly brewed cup of Joe. With an easy recipe, you can make these flaky pastries whenever you want. Believe it or not, the majority of the ingredients are already in your pantry.


The coffee shop may have been your favourite place to enjoy a scone, but that can easily change. Scones, often categorised as quick breads, have a crispy, flaky outside with a tender inside. With a bit of practice, you can make these slightly sweet pastries like a pro.

There’s something liberating about learning to make your coffee shop favourites. Now, you may not be the next Oliver Brown, but with the right recipes, you can make your own mini coffee shop, no barista included.

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