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How To Make A RootBeer Float?

How To Make A RootBeer Float?

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How To Make A RootBeer Float

Root beer float has innovative recipes across the different restaurants across the world. Many believe that it came into existence in 1893 in Chicago. Frank J. Wisener was the first person to prepare the concoction of a root beer float.

He called it the Black Cow. Over the years, the recipe has taken its twists and turns, and you will see different variants of root beer floats across restaurants. We will discuss How to make a root beer float in detail in the following sections. 

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How To Make A RootBeer Float?

Root beer float can be called a drink, a dessert, and even a snack. If you want to know How to make a good root beer float, you will require the ingredients and follow the steps listed below. 


  • 2-3 scoops Vanilla Ice-cream You can add more if you like.
  • 1 can or bottle Root Beer
  • Whipped Cream Freshly whipped


  • Chill the beer mugs in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Take the beer mugs out from the chiller and add the scoops of vanilla ice cream to them.
  • Push ice cream into the beer mug tightly to the bottom.
  • Pour the root beer gently over ice cream and stir it lightly. 
  • You will be able to see foam in the glass and ice cream start floating. 
  • If you do not wish to have foam in your glass, tilt the beer mugs slightly while pouring the beer. It reduces the formation of foam on the beer.
  • Top the glass with the whipped cream for additional effect.
  • Serve it cold.
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Tips For Making A Great RootBeer Float

There is a difference between any rootbeer float and the perfect rootbeer float. Learn how to make a perfect rootbeer float by keeping in mind the following tips.


  • Use a tall float glass instead of a small glass or even a beer glass, for that matter.
  • To get an additional frosty experience, freeze the glasses in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes before the preparation.
  • If you like foam in your drink, pour the root beer directly over ice cream. Whereas, if you do not wish to have your root beer float with foam, tilt the glass slightly to the side while you pour the beer. 
  • In both the above cases, pour the beer slowly to avoid foaming and overflowing the glass. 
  • Use good quality vanilla ice cream and root beer for the root beer float for the best taste.
  • Garnish it as you like. You can add whipped cream, cherry, or any other toppings to your root beer float.
  • You can serve it with a straw, a spoon or let your guest chug it straight from the glass. 

rootbeer with whipped cream float

Alternative Recipes

4 Minute How To Make A Root Beer Float Presentation

The presentation of a root beer float is essential if you serve it to someone. You would want people to appreciate not just the taste but the look of your drink too. Preparing the root beer float takes not more than 10 minutes, and you can spend another 4 to 5 minutes garnishing it for your guests. To present it, you can use the following:

  • You can use whipped cream.
  • You can use cherry to top a dollop of whipped cream.
  • You can add colorful sprinkles to your root beer float.
  • You can add chocolate chips or chocolate shavings on top of your root beer float. For this, you can also add chocolate as the base of your root beer float instead of vanilla.
  • You can add a layer of chocolate syrup to the rim of the glass before preparing the drink.
  • You can add some vanilla bean extract to the drink for an additionally strong vanilla flavor. 

How To Make A Root Beer Float Slushie?

You can make your root beer float in a different process than ordinary. For this, you can take the same ingredients as in the original root beer float and blend them in a blender to form a smooth mixture.

You can serve the root beer with whipped cream and cherry for a great experience. You will find multiple ways on how to make a root beer float presentation. Try each one of them to decide which you like best.

How To Make An A And W Root Beer Float?

If you want to know How to make an A and W root beer float, let me tell you, the process is the same as any root beer float. The only difference is that you must use an A&B root beer as the ingredient along with good quality vanilla ice cream for the preparation.

A&B root beer is one of the best-known root beers available in the United States and Canada since the 1919s, and it has a distinct taste. The root beer gives an additional flavor and a distinctive taste to the root beer float when used.

How To Make A Rootbeer Float Without Foam?

Many prefer to have their root beer without foam, but every time you pour your beer over the vanilla ice cream, foam forms and sometimes even overflows the glass. So, How to make a root beer float without foam?

mom pouring rootbeer on glass with ice cream

As a pro bartender would tell you, there is just one way to avoid the foam. Keep the glass tilted to one side when you pour the root beer. It will prevent foam formation. Also, to avoid overflowing the glass, make sure that you pour the beer very slowly into the glass. Let the drink settle down before you pour more to fill the glass to the brim. Enjoy your beer float with foam or without your choice.

Make your root beer float with the best quality root beer and vanilla ice cream, and garnish it as you like to have a great time.

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