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A Quick Guide on How to Make Peep Rice Krispie Treats at Home

A Quick Guide on How to Make Peep Rice Krispie Treats at Home

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Rice Krispie treats are a joy to make, and they also taste pretty great. Yet, to add a bit more fun and colour to the recipe, Peep Rice Krispie treats might be perfect for Easter.

Because kids love these tasty creations for their extra sweet flavour, we’ll tell you all about how to make Peep Rice Krispie treats at home.

Are you ready to dive in?

Making Peep Rice Krispies: A Step-By-Step Guide

After following these tips, you’ll find that making these treats takes almost no time. Even better, your kids should have a great time helping you out as well.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

The best thing about Peep Rice Krispies is that they only require three ingredients to make. Before you start with the recipe, make sure that you have butter, Peeps, and Rice Krispies cereal.

Because we’ll be making layered Peep Rice Krispie treats, you’ll need to buy multiple Peep packages of every colour. Of course, you can choose only three or four colours to include, or go for more than that for an extra dose of colourful.

Once everything is on the counter, you can call for your kids so that the fun can begin.

Step 2: Take Out Your Microwavable Bowls

Each Peep colour will need a separate microwavable bowl to melt in. Just remember to go for tall bowls because your Peeps will expand to an impressive degree.

If you choose shorter bowls, the Peeps might spill over the rims. Pretty messy, right?

Step 3: Add Some Butter and Melt Them Together

In the bowl, combine a 3-ounce package of Peeps with a tablespoon of butter. Then, melt the mixture in the microwave for 45 seconds. When it’s done, take the bowl out and give the contents a little stir.

Repeat this step with each Peeps colour, then proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Add Rice Krispie Cereal to the Bowls

Add a cup and a half of Rice Krispie cereal to the bowl that contains the melted butter and Peeps. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the cereal is fully coated, then press everything into a baking pan lined with foil.

Do the same with all the different Peeps colours.

It’s always a good idea to keep a can of cooking spray nearby when working with anything that includes marshmallows. You can spray some of it on the foil before placing the treats there so that they won’t stick.

Also, you could use some cooking spray on your hands to make pressing the treats effortless. Believe us, no one wants sticky hands, no matter how fun the recipe is!

Step 5: Let the Treats Cool

Leave the Peep Rice Krispie treats to cook slowly at room temperature. When they’ve cooled, you can remove them from the pan, pile them into layers, and cut them into various shapes.

To store these treats, just put them in an airtight container so that they’ll remain as crispy as everyone loves them to be.

Step 6: Explore More Serving Ideas

Sometimes, changing the way you serve a dessert or treat can add a nice twist to it that everybody will enjoy. For example, you can serve layered Peep Rice Krispie treats as pops. Here’s how to do it.

First off, you’ll have to wait until the treats have cooled completely on your kitchen counter. Then, take each layer off the pan and, using a serrated knife, cut it into 1-inch thick slices. After that, cut each slice in half and trim the sides so that they’re even.

Second of all, add a lollipop stick to each piece of Peep Rice Krispie and you’re done.

This serving method can be great at parties, Easter gatherings, or little gifts for your neighbours. No one could resist an adorable Peep Rice Krispie pop!


Can I replace Peeps with marshmallows?

Of course. If you’d rather not use Peeps and experiment with marshmallows and food colouring instead, go ahead. However, this recipe might take you a while to get everything right, especially with the different colours you’ll be making.

See, the thing about using Peeps is that they result in brightly-coloured treats and a perfect degree of sweetness. On the other hand, working with food colouring may not give you similar results, but that’s okay if you’re willing to try.

Follow the same steps that we’ve mentioned earlier, but divide the ingredients by the number of colours you’ll be using. Next, prepare each colour in a separate bowl, adding a few drops of food colouring until you reach the desired effect.

After adding the cereal to each bowl, leave the treats to cool before layering and serving.

Why do my Peep Rice Krispies turn out hard?

A lot of people face the problem of their treats becoming too hard to munch on. The main culprit behind this is high heat, which you can easily avoid by melting the butter and Peeps mixture over low heat.

We know that this adds another step to the recipe, but the results should be worth it!

What are some other ingredients that I can add to this recipe?

There are many things that you can add to this recipe to make it even tastier. For more variations, you can experiment with:

Also, you can try swapping Rice Krispie cereal for other types of cereal to see how it goes. We’re pretty sure that the results will be mouth-watering!

To Wrap It Up

Ever wondered how to make Peep Rice Krispie treats at home?

Well, after reading this article, you have your answer! All you’ll have to do is get your ingredients, prepare your bowls, and choose your favourite Peeps colours. With the help of your microwave, these treats should be ready in less than an hour.

Once you’ve mastered this recipe, you can always try your luck with other variations. Before you know it, you’ll be the designated Easter treat-maker!

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