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How to Make Pork Chop Marinades and Sauces

How to Make Pork Chop Marinades and Sauces

The mild taste of pork offers a palette for spicing in which you can create an international cuisine of dishes. Let’s look at some basic ideas for your next main course whether that be pork chops, grilled pork or a classic hog roast.

Marinades And Rubs

If it is Asian style pork you have a taste for, teriyaki marinade made with brown sugar, a beer that has gone flat, soy sauce, and ginger with a few chilli peppers if you like it with a punch. Chill covering pork for a few hours to enhance the flavour.

Take a trip to the islands without leaving your kitchen when you add pineapple juice to your basic teriyaki sauce or combine soy, crushed pineapple, honey, vinegar, and spices. Place pork in marinade and chill for several hours before cooking.

Make your rub using a curry mixture, Italian seasoning, onion salt, garlic, as well as your favourite dried herbs, rub the meat down with the mixture, and chill overnight for best results.

If you need a quick and flavourful meal, stir fry is a way to go. Mix chopped pork with a combined marinade of sherry (or rice wine) soy sauce, minced scallions, sugar, and corn starch. Let rest at least 15 minutes before cooking your stir fry. Good time to chop the veggies.

The Best Drinks to Pair with your Pork

It’s also worth considering the best wine to pair with your pork dish as well as the different types of alcohol that go well with your chosen option. Lagers such as Bud, Pilsner or Kolsch tend to go well as part of a BBQ hog roast and are associated with being outdoors especially during the summer months.

If you’re looking at wine then remember that white and red can both go well with your pork but will depend on the flavouring used with the dish.

For pork chops consider Riesling, whilst if you’re using an apple sauce then a Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc tend to be favoured with the guests at weddings, parties and special occasions.

As a hog roast tends to have a lot of fat then a Chianti Classico or Rhone are often fairly effective as a pairing. Remember that whatever drinks you chose will effect your guests opinion of the dish as a whole.

Best Sauces for Pork 

Let’s start with the classic apple sauce made with tart and crisp Granny Smith apples combined with fresh lemon juice and rind, and water. Place in a saucepan, bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to a simmer.

Cook till apples are soft (falling apart). Add lemon rind and a small amount of castor sugar. Let rest for 5 minutes, then blend until smooth. It will stay fresh when sealed in a jar and chilled for up to a month.

Let’s think Spanish and whip up a Salsa Verde sauce for a change of taste. Start with 2 slices of bread without crusts. Tear into small chunks, put into a mixing bowl, and cover with a small amount of olive oil for 10 minutes.

Using the food processor, blend the bread mixture, 2 cloves of garlic, over a cup of flat-leaf parsley, 3 chopped fillets of anchovy and lemon juice to taste. Whiz till smooth, then season with pepper and salt. If you are going to chill, make sure the surface is covered with oil.

A very quick BBQ condiment is mixing ketchup with a bit of mustard and Worcestershire sauce, and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Good for that traditional hog roast.

Do It Yourself or Hire an Expert

Often it’s great to have a go yourself and create delicious pork dishes, this gives you a real sense of achievement and bragging rights when it comes to friends and family.

However should you want to hire a professional then just remember that there are many catering companies that specialise in certain dishes. Wedding caterers will offer full meat carverys with a selection of veg whilst other caterers will specialise in BBQs and hog roasts that can often be cost effective for large groups and less time consuming than a DIY solution.

Buy Your Pork Locally 

When sourcing meat such as pork, always try to keep it local to support local businesses. As you’ll be purchasing fresh meat this will ensure that not only a great tasting final product but also enhanced marinade and full flavour. If cooking for a large gathering then consider local venues where you can meet and your friends and family can try your delicious food compliments of your new found cooking skills!

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