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How to Save Costs with the Right Commercial Dishwasher

Are you an existing restaurant owner? Or are you planning to put up a new one? If you are, chances are you are also already on the look-out for a good commercial dishwasher.

In planning, a commercial dishwasher is very important. Don’t select just any dishwasher. Remember, it is a huge investment. You want to ensure you are buying one that fits your needs. Consider a quality dishwasher that can last a long time.

Other than this, the cost is also very important. Not all cost savings are seen outright during purchase. There are commercial dishwashers that may seem a bit more expensive upfront. But it guarantees to save you on long-term costs.

What do we mean? There are commercial dishwashers that operate with very minimal water wastage. This means you can operate with a very high capacity. It will be of best interest to you and your business to think of the long-term savings on water expenses. Imagine that you can plow back the savings on the water to your other business needs.

Saving Water

One example of a commercial dishwasher that can do what we just mentioned is Washtech. With a Washtech wash system, you can definitely save big time on operating costs, such as water bills. If you compare, washing by hand can easily consume 50 liters of water. By using a recirculating dishwasher or glasswasher, you can cut water consumption drastically.

In cleaning dishes, water goes down the drain. Thus, it is important to limit the amount of water to save. Washtech helps address this. They have developed a more efficient way of cleaning. Washtech aims to further reduce water consumption without sacrificing quality in cleanliness.

Washtech is certified both locally and internationally. Washtech operates with a very high standard of efficiency level. It consumes as low as only 1.5 liters. Other models like the M2 Passthrough dishwasher uses 2.4 liters of hot water per cycle.

Washtech also boasts of an innovative filtration system. This enhances wash performance using active control of water. In the process, it ensures that there is fresh hot rinse water in every cycle.

With all these, you can keep your kitchen operating more efficiently. Washtech retains valuable energy. It also reduces chemical requirements. Hence, it makes the whole system very efficient.

You can also save on your staff’s time in washing dishes. They can do other things with less time spent on cleaning the dishes.

Long-Term Financial Gains

A good commercial dishwasher can last a long time. It is a quality system that you know does not easily break down. As a businessman, it is easy to be tempted into buying the cheapest commercial model. Not all brands and products are created the same. You may think you are saving on money for a relatively unknown yet cheaper brand. Only to find out that after a while, it breaks down.

Thus, there are repair costs. At worst case, you may need to replace it altogether. Make sure you look at buying a commercial dishwasher from a long-term perspective.

Get a product guaranteed to last a long time despite heavy usage. Washtech products are built to last. It has copper rinse boilers and very durable doors. They have also had the 5-2-1 Promise warranty. It means 5 years parts warranty on the cabinet, 2 years parts warranty on the wash pump, and a comprehensive 1-year parts and labor warranty.

By investing in the right dishwasher, you can benefit from this long-term. After buying one, compute your water bills prior to using your new dishwasher. If your staff has been washing by hand, you can immediately see the results. If you have been using another dishwasher, it is also important to compare your water savings.

Consider the water savings in relation to the number of guests or sales. Check the percent ratio of your water bills versus your sales. This can give better meaning to your savings. Don’t compute based only on the water bill. You may have a very low water bill because there are hardly any customers to serve. Always check this versus in perspective of your sales.

For the long-term savings, you can either pocket this on your financials. Or you can divest it for another operations improvement you want to do. You may have been planning on investing in new kitchen equipment. Given the savings, you may already be able to buy that equipment you wanted.

What else can you do with the water savings? One option is to divest that on R&D (research and development). You can also opt to invest that savings back to your people.
Giving staff bonuses and incentives go a long way.

The employees will feel more valued. Tell them where you got the incentives. Who knows, they will become even more conscious of savings on other operational matters. Because they know that when they save, it also benefits them.

The Benefit to the Environment

With Washtech, you not only save on your water bills. You can also help benefit the environment. How? By reusing water to clean your cutlery and dishes, you can help save mother earth with less water usage. Would it not feel great that you know you can help the environment?

Water is not an infinite resource. We all have our share of helping the earth. We need to be more careful with how we use water. Thus, by investing in the right commercial dishwasher from Australia’s leading supplier of commercial dishwashers, you know you are doing your part.

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