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Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

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I love how quickly and easily the Instant Pot can make meals. If I want to make a meal without spending a lot of time on it, the Instant Pot is convenient for me. I tend to use it throughout the week to throw together a bunch of stuff to make a meal quickly and simply without having to put a lot of effort into it.

One of my regular comfort quick meals for weekdays is Instant Pot chicken and rice soup. This one is pretty easy to throw together, and it tastes great and is filling. I believe that means it meets all the qualifications for a midweek meal.  

The secret to making any kind of Instant Pot meal is to prep your food ahead of time so it can go right into the instant pot and cook to completion in there. I’ll show you how to do all that with my Instant Pot chicken and rice soup recipe.

How to Make Chicken and Rice Soup Instant Pot

It doesn’t matter whether you use thawed or frozen chicken for this recipe, though the frozen chicken will take longer to cook, as the pot will take longer to come to pressure.

You need to mix your ingredients into the pot on sauté mode, which will be used to soften up the celery, carrots, and onions. Then, add in herbs and garlic for seasoning. Before you seal the pot and set the pressure to high, make sure you add in your chicken broth, the chicken breast, and your rice.

After the chicken rice Instant Pot soup has cooked (which takes about 10 minutes), let out the pressure release for a full 5 minutes. From there, use the quick release on the Instant Pot.

If you use chunks of chicken breast, then once the soup has cooked, you can shred the chicken pieces. It will likely be necessary to shred them at the end of the cooking cycle, if you used frozen pieces of chicken breast.

There is no need to cook the rice beforehand, because it cooks in the instant pot. Do you see how easy it is to make this meal in the pot? There is very little prep work to do ahead of time. Chicken and the rice cook at about the same time in the Instant Pot, so you don’t have to separate them and put one in after the other.

Most Instant Pot chicken and rice soup recipes call for a number of herbs and spices to season the soup. You can use rosemary, thyme, garlic, parsley, and salt and pepper to season.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup Instant Pot

You can make this recipe with wild rice rather than with white rice or brown rice, if you like. Wild rice has more of a woody taste to it and is actually a grass rather than a rice grain.

The good news about trying to cook Instant Pot chicken and wild rice soup is that you don’t have to change the way you put it together. The rice and chicken can still cook for the same amount of time.

Most every Instant Pot chicken and wild rice soup recipe will recommend that you put in your rice and the chicken all together and don’t bother to cook them separately. Set the instant pot to high and cook for 35 minutes.

Instant Pot Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup

You can make this recipe very creamy if you want, using cream of mushroom soup or another kind of creamy soup mix. Any kind of canned soup will work that will give you the creamy texture you’re looking for.

That’s kind of the quick cheat method to make a creamy chicken and rice soup. If you’re using the Instant Pot, you’re obviously looking for a quick way to make the meal, which is why I’m suggesting using the canned soup.

To make Instant Pot chicken and rice with cream of chicken soup, you should spray down the sides of the Instant Pot with cooking spray lightly. Then, add in your ingredients.

The order you add the ingredients in is important for Instant Pot and rice with cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup. You want everything to mix fully and to be cooked properly.

If you’re using Campbell’s can soup, why not use their website’s own Instant Pot recipe? They recommend putting the chicken down first, insuring it is already seasoned. Next, add an onion powder, rice, and ¼ cup of grated cheese.

From there, pour chicken broth and your cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup.

It is important that you not stir your ingredients until after the chicken and mushroom soup has cooked fully. Set your pressure on high after you lock the lid, and then let the soup cook for 6 minutes. It will take about 10 minutes for it to reach pressure.

So, factor that into your total cooking time. When the soup has finished cooking, you can press the cancel button and use the quick release method.

Your rice will not be cooked yet, but it will continue to cook inside the pot even though the pressure has been released. You can add in another quarter cup of cheese at this point as well as broccoli, if you want that. After about 10 minutes of sitting in the pot, the rice and broccoli should be fully cooked and tender. At that point, you can stir your soup and season if necessary.

These are just a few ways you can make Instant Pot chicken and rice soup very quickly and easily. For any recipe you make in the Instant Pot, be sure to follow the recipe exactly, particularly the details about how to layer all of the ingredients and when to stir.

That is important if you want everything to cook all the way through add to have the right flavour, texture, and consistency.

There are tons more meals you can make with the instant pot, and the rice and chicken soup is just one example of that. As you can see, the Instant Pot is really easy to use, and it is just a matter of adding your ingredients in the right way as well as knowing which pressure setting to use and how long to cook the food for. You can look up recipes for tons of different meals for the Instant Pot online as well as on this site.

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