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Smoked Sausage Recipes with Potatoes

Smoked Sausage Recipes with Potatoes

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There’s so many good pairings with smoked sausage that help bring out the salty, savory flavor. Potatoes are definitely my top choice first smoked sausage partner, and I’m going to share with you some smoked sausage recipes with potatoes.

While you could easily in the microwave, I recommend against it. The best way to have them is chopped and pan fried or grilled. Adding some char marks to the outside of the smoked sausage really enhances flavor and the texture.

You can cook up your potatoes the same way or cook them together in a crock pot or a pot of water on the stove. It’s definitely healthier to boil your smoked sausage and potatoes than it is to fry them up, and I’m going to share with you some recipes with smoked sausage and potatoes that you can cook in a variety of ways.

Breakfast Scramble

Let’s keep things simple with a quick and easy recipe for your next breakfast. This is simple enough that anyone can make it, and it’s really hard to mess up. If you overcook it a little bit, that’s no problem, but the important thing is that you cook it enough. You don’t want your potatoes to be too soft.

You can add your potatoes to this dish raw as you cook it on the stove or you can boil the potatoes ahead of time to precook them a little bit. I’m going to assume for the sake of this recipe that they’ve been precooked and boiled in water for about 20 minutes before being added to this recipe. That allows them to cook much faster in the pan and cook with everything else at the same time.

So, just chop up potatoes and smoked sausage, and then prepare your potatoes by boiling them in salted water for about 20 minutes. Add a little bit of oil to the inside of a frying pan and crack a couple eggs in there. Scramble everything around with a spatula and cook on a low to medium heat.

As your food is cooking, you can add some seasonings too. Salt and pepper can be added at this point or at the end the cooking process. If you are going to season your food with some spicy seasoning, I suggest cutting it in while the food cooks. You can add in chilli flakes or red pepper flakes for a little spicy heat. You can also sprinkle your food with some parsley or garlic powder.

Cook your potatoes, eggs, and sausage for about 5 to 10 minutes, until the eggs have cooked all the way through and the potatoes and sausage are slightly charred. You can top with shredded cheese as in garnish.

Roasted Smoked Sausage, Potatoes, and Peppers

This is another fairly easy recipe and it’s a lot healthier than the one I just gave you. You can cook up this dish and the oven if you want to. Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use raw potatoes for this, and they do not need to be pre-cooked.

While the oven is warming, chop up your peppers, potatoes, and smoked sausage. Drizzle them with olive oil and season with paprika, pepper, and salt. Toss all of your ingredients together to make sure everything is evenly distributed and well coated.

You can put this onto a baking sheet and no additional oil or grease is needed. You do not need a layer of parchment paper either. The oil you used already will be enough to keep the food from sticking to the pan.

Bake for about 45 minutes and give them a stir every 15 minutes. You know they are done cooking when the potatoes have turned golden brown and are tender. How do you tell if your potatoes are tender? Poke them with a fork and see if the fork slides in easily. If there is a lot of resistance, they will need to cook for a little while longer.

There are many other smoked sausage recipes with potatoes and peppers you can try, but this is one of the simplest and best, in my opinion.

Boiled Smoked Sausage, Potatoes, and Green Beans

I believe this recipe tastes best with high quality smoked sausage, as most of them do. You don’t have to look specifically for Eckrich smoked sausage recipes with potatoes, but I definitely suggest you use this brand or another high-quality brand of smoked sausage. You can use fresh or canned green beans with this.

Smoked sausage recipes with potatoes and green beans like this can be boiled in a pot of water on the stove. Keep in mind that can green beans are already cooked, so they won’t take long to boil. Raw potatoes and raw green beans can take a while and can all be cooked together, with the smoked sausage added in later.

Most people are going to want to make this with canned green beans and potatoes, though. That means you need to cook the potatoes first.

Heat a large pot of water on the stove and add in some salt. Chop your potatoes and put them into hot water as soon as you’re done cutting them. Allow them to cook in the hot water for about 15 minutes. You don’t want them to cook quite all the way through.

You can check them to see if there is still some resistance when you try to poke a fork through them. If there is, can you cook them for about 15 minutes, as that’s the perfect time to add in your smoked sausage and your green beans. Be sure to drain the beans before adding them to the hot water.

Cook your beans, potatoes, and smoked sausage for an additional 5 minutes. Then, drain the water out and season. You can use salt and pepper, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, shredded cheese, or parsley for seasoning and garnish. All of these are great toppings for smoked sausage recipes with potatoes and green beans.

These are a few of my favourite simple recipes with sausage and potatoes, and there’s tons more if you have both of these lying around in your kitchen and want to do something with them. I love having them boiled, roasted, or fried up, and which one you choose may depend on how healthy you’re trying to be and what other foods you want to cook with them.

When you garnish your dish, be sure to use at least some salt and probably some pepper as well. You don’t have to add anything else to it, as this is already a pretty flavourful combination.

I would suggest having something green or yellow to go with your sausage and potatoes for colour. You can add in peppers, cheese, a variety of vegetables, or side of rice to make a complete meal.

Smoked sausage cooks very quickly, so you don’t need to worry about testing it to see if it is cooked all the way through.

It usually takes much longer to cook your potatoes than it does the smoked sausage. Smoked sausage can be added to all of these dishes and recipes either thawed out or frozen. Just keep in mind that it will take a little longer to cook if it is frozen.


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