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Ways to Cook Potatoes for Breakfast

Ways to Cook Potatoes for Breakfast

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Potatoes for breakfast are a great way start the day off, with hearty starch to go alongside some sausage and eggs, perhaps. Whether you are cooking them fried, baked or boiled, you have some options.

Let’s talk about how to make potatoes for breakfast and some of the different ways you can prepare them. You may have a preference for a healthy method or you may want something quick and simple. I’ll share a few different methods for you to pick from.

How to Make Fried Potatoes for Breakfast

I think most people go with the fried option when it comes to breakfast potatoes. That’s an easy way to make up the potatoes at the same time as the meat and eggs. The potatoes cook for a bit longer, so you want to start with them, but it’s simple to add your other items to the same skillet after the potatoes have cooked for a while.

How to make dice potatoes for breakfast- Breakfast potatoes are usually diced, and you’ll get more fiber and nutrition from them if you keep the skins on. Start by scrubbing the potatoes clean under running water and then slice them into small cubes.

Then, heat up two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan. Once the oil is hot, toss your potatoes into the frying pan and cook on medium heat. This method for how to cook potatoes on the stove for breakfast cooks them very quickly. They will cook in about 8 minutes.

Make sure you move the potatoes around in the oil using a spatula and turn them over as best you can while they cook. This ensures that they cook evenly on all sides.

Once the potatoes start to brown lightly, you can add in eggs and precooked meat, like sausage or ham. Move your food around as it cooks until the eggs have set and are no longer runny.

Once the eggs are done cooking and the potatoes are medium brown, you can remove the skillet from the stove. Then, season with salt, pepper, and perhaps a little parsley or ground chili.

How to Cook Potatoes for Breakfast Burritos

If you are making potatoes to be used in breakfast burrito, you can use the same method above for how to cook potatoes for breakfast. The same scramble of eggs, meat, and potatoes works well with breakfast burritos. Adding some shredded cheese and taco sauce will finish off the dish nicely. Then, just wrap everything in a heated tortilla shell for an amazing breakfast.

You may want a healthier method of cooking the potatoes, though, and you can boil them instead. To do that, just heat your diced potatoes in a pot of water on the stovetop instead of frying them up. Heat on high heat to have them cook faster.

The water to potato ratio does not matter. You just need enough water to cover the potatoes so they can boil easily and thoroughly. Don’t crowd your pot, and use a large enough pot to accommodate all of your potato pieces.

Once the potatoes have cooked until they are tender enough to slide a fork into easily (about 15 minutes), you can drain out the water and mix them in with the rest of your ingredients. To make the eggs healthier, cook them in a nonstick skillet with a little water in the bottom of the skillet rather than oil.

How to Make Fried Potatoes and Onions for Breakfast

Another method for cooking up potatoes for breakfast is to heat them in the stove. This is a healthy way too, as no oil needs to be involved, but it takes the longest out of any of the methods.
Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then once again dice up the potatoes the same way as before. You can season the potatoes after placing them onto a baking sheet, using salt, pepper, and a little red pepper flakes or ground chili for spiciness.

To make this a potato and onion dish, add chopped onions to the baking sheet as well and place it into the oven to bake for 18-20 minutes. Once the potatoes are tender and browned, they are done cooking.

How to Make Shredded Potatoes for Breakfast

Another breakfast potato favorite of mine is shredded potatoes, which is an easy homemade substitute for hashbrowns. Just use a cheese grater to grate the whole potatoes and then cook them up in the oven or in a skillet on the stove. I don’t recommend boiling shredded potatoes.

Use the same cooking direction as above that you would use for diced potatoes, but be sure to move the potatoes around as they are cooking so that they don’t stick to the pan. If you are baking shredded potatoes, grease the pan first to prevent sticking.

How to Season Potatoes for Breakfast

I’ve given you a few suggestions for seasoning your potatoes already, but you can try some other ideas as well.
You may want to cook them in olive oil or coconut oil for added flavor.

If you are boiling the potatoes, melt some butter into your boiled potatoes along with some salt and pepper for a very flavorful dish. If you are eating the potatoes without any other foods mixed in, you may want to add shredded cheese and even a dollop of cold sour cream for a richer flavor.

For added flavor, try garnishing with parsley, red pepper flakes, celery powder, ground chili, or paprika.

Now you have a few ides of how you can fix breakfast potatoes, and if you have only ever tried them one way before, maybe you will branch out a bit and experiment with some of the other methods.

If you are looking for a healthy way to eat potatoes for breakfast or a way to add some extra flavor or incorporate them into other dishes, I have provided all that for you. They are so filling and work well with so many different seasonings that there are an endless number of ways you can make a breakfast using potatoes.


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