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Wild Garlic
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How to Find Wild Garlic

If you've heard about the delicious whipped soup of wild garlic and its edible flowers and leaves, what comes to mind next is always where and how to find it. There is no better time to go looking for wild garlic than in the late Spring.
And you want to start your forage in old woodlands. You might need to ask for permission from the property owners, so you won’t be accused of trespassing. Study foraging law as well because wild plants are protected by law.


  • When your search begins, you'll probably notice first the dense clusters of its flowers and the green leaves. They often grow in damp places where they easily develop in plenty, making them easy to notice.
  • Move closer and make sure they are what you are looking for. You then want to pick responsibly without destroying them permanently. It is advisable to pick in places with a lot of supply.
  • Don't be greedy, take enough for yourself and leave some for wildlife. While you conduct your wild garlic search, make sure you don't disturb habitats.
  • Wild garlic is edible from its leaves, flowers, to the bulbs. Once you've got it, take whatever you need on the plant and go home prepare some pate sandwich or any other meal you desire because it is edible just like other alliums.