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Method 1: The Classic Burrito Roll


  • Add enough content over the tortilla.
  • Join the front and bottom ends together and lift the tortilla up, then set it back down with an open face, so you get the content exactly in the centre and packed as much as possible.
  • Using your thumbs, pull the left and the right flaps of the tortilla to be exactly over the tortilla contents leaving enough space between the flaps over the centre. Pull them gently to avoid ripping the tortilla apart.
  • With the remaining fingers, pull the top flap of the tortilla (the end that doesn’t face you), and tuck it in towards the burrito content. This one should be pulled enough to cover the content of the burrito.
  • Rotate the burrito while keeping this form so that you can roll it outwards.
  • Fold the burrito forward carefully while pressing the tortilla tightly as you go.
  • Wrap the entire burrito in foil to keep it insulated and hold the burrito together as you eat.
  • Rip off the foil from where you want to eat.