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Mexican Chicken In Red Sauce Recipe


  • Boneless chicken breasts
  • Onions (white)
  • Large Tomatoes 
  • Garlic pods according to taste
  • Chicken broth
  • Mexican Chiles
  • Salt according to taste


  • As mentioned above, you need to do the same this time with chilies. Please take all the seeds out, dried out the veins, and soak them in the boiling water. Keep it aside after 15 minutes of boiling and let it be cool.
  • Take a pan, add some oil to it, and fry the boneless chicken until it gets a bit brown. After 3-4 minutes of frying, take the pieces out and cut them into long strips, and keep them at the side to cool down. This will helps the breast to absorb the spices later and gives a better taste. 
  • Add the onions and tomatoes( before adding them, cut them into small dices or in halves) and cook them till you get a transparent texture of the onions. It means you can go for the next step, frying the tomatoes until the skin gets wrinkled.
  • Now take all the ingredients, put them in the blender, add garlic and soft chilies and make a smooth paste. Then take that mixture and strain in an oversized conical filter to get a fine blend. Add the chicken and the stock and mix it with the other ingredients until you get the puree’s smooth texture.
  • You can also add some oil according to the taste and a touch of tomato and chili paste and a little more chicken stock if it remains. Make sure you make the pure thick enough to go with your rice or bread.
  • Before putting off the gas stove, seasoned it with oregano and green spring onions for garnishing. Serve it in a pot or rectangular serve plate for better presentation, and there you go!