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Creamy kabocha soup
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Kabocha Squash Soup Recipe Coconut Milk


  • Take a baking dish, place a medium kabocha squash that is cut side down and add little water and place it in the oven that is preheated at 400º F. Roast it for forty minutes in the oven, then remove it, and once it cools, scoop all the flesh leaving the skin. 
  • In a soup pot, heat oil, add chopped yellow onion and little salt and pepper and stir for three minutes. Now add three stalks of lemongrass, a quarter cup of ginger, and one tablespoon of minced garlic and cook for two minutes. To make the soup add four cups of squash, one kefir lime leaf, and the five cups of vegetable stock into the pot and heat it on sim for thirty minutes. 

After thirty minutes:

  • Take the leaf of lime out and add the remaining mixture into a blender to get a puree.
  • Add this puree into the pot, heat over low to medium heat, add fourteen ounces of coconut milk (unsweetened) and turn the heat off after ten minutes.
  • Serve this Kabocha squash soup with coconut milk hot, after adjusting the seasoning of salt and pepper and garnish with basil leaves.