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Tips For Making Steamers Great

Cooking a steamer is not as simple as it looks. You need to keep in mind a few things to ensure that the clams are cooked to perfection. Now that you know how to cook steamers clams, you need to follow the tips given below to cook the steamer and serve it to your guests. 


  • Add enough water to the clams, cover them with cold water up to 2 to 3 inches.
  • Add around 1 cup of salt over it to clean the clams from within.
  • All loose dirt and grit can be removed from the clams when they are placed in salt water. You need to soak the clams in water for at least one hour. It works best when you leave the clams overnight in the saltwater.
  • While choosing the clams, look out for cracks and broken shells. If there are cracks, do not use them. It is a sign of the clams not being fresh enough.
  • Do not use already dead clams for cooking as they might not be very tasteful.
  • Do not overcook the clams. It spoils the texture and taste of the clams.
  • For shells that are open, slightly tap on them; they will close immediately. If they do not close, the clams are dead. Do not use them. 
  • If on slight tapping the shell breaks, do not use these clams as they tend to be spoilt.
  • Try to cook your steamer as soon as you bring them from the market.
  • If the clams do not open up after cooking, they are either not cooked or is spoiled. Discard them immediately and do not use them for cooking.