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How To Make Giblet Gravy With Eggs?


  • Fry The Giblets
    Take a pan and put two tablespoons of butter. Then fry the giblets until both sides of the giblet turn brown.
  • Add Veggies
    Now add onion slices to the pan. Fry till the onion becomes soft. Then add half a cup of diced carrot and celery to the pan. Stir everything at least for three to four minutes.
  • Add Garlic
    Now add minced garlic to the pan and saute for another one minute.
  • Add Water
    You need to add one bay leaf and thyme to the pan and then stir for some seconds. Then add five cups of water to the pan and simmer for at least two hours. You should partially close the lid of the pan during simmering.
  • Strain The Mixture
    The neck of the turkey takes a lot of time to cook. After two hours, you will check the tenderness of the giblets. Now, if all the giblets are adequately cooked, it’s time to strain the mixture. Now keep the turkey stock aside.
  • Cut The Giblets
    Separate giblets from the mixture and try to chop them into small pieces. No one wants to have a large piece while having the gravy.
  • Add Flour On Pan
    After chopping the giblets, you need to move to the pan. First, scrape off the pan. You will see a lot of fat. Try to remove some of the fat if possible. Then add some flour to the pan and stir for a few minutes until it turns brownish. Please don’t go away from the pan as it may burn the flour and hamper the taste of your giblet gravy.
  • Add Giblets And Turkey Stock
    Now it’s time to add chopped giblets and turkey stock to the pan. Stir it continuously till the gravy becomes thick. It will take around two to three minutes.
  • Add Salt and Black Pepper
    You need to salt according to your taste and half a tablespoon of black pepper into the gravy.
  • Add Boiled Eggs
    Now cut the boiled eggs into small pieces with the help of a knife and add to the gravy.
  • Serve Hot
    Now serve the giblet gravy on a plate.