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How to Preserve Zucchini in Freezer


  • Start by washing the squash and cutting it into small rounds- about half an inch thick. Part of the reason to cut the zucchini this small is so that you can take out of the freezer only what you need when you need it rather than taking it all out at once. You’re less likely to waste any squash this way, and it’s very convenient for long term storage.
  • Take a large pot of water and fill it with water and a few dashes of salt.
  • Bring that to a boil and prepare a large bowl filled with ice water on the counter.
  • Once the water in the pot starts to boil, you can add in the zucchini slices. Let them sit in there for about two minutes- long enough for them to change colour and become tender.
  • Next, drain the squash pieces and put it all into the ice to stop them from losing nutrients.
  • Once they have cooled, you can take the zucchini slices out from the ice and drain them.
  • I would advise packing them into freezer bags of about one or two-cup serving sizes.