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Sweet Cream Cold
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Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Brew Recipe

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  • Coffee
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Heavy cream
  • 2% milk


  • Start by brewing your coffee. You want a strong cup of coffee with very little water. This should be pure, concentrated coffee, so if you are using a standard coffee pot, you only want a small amount of water- less than a cup.
  • You may want to let the coffee get cold before mixing it up in this drink and trying to make the Starbucks sweet cream recipe. If you don’t wait for it to cool, you can always add more than a few ice cubes to cool the drink down enough, but that will dilute the flavor. You can make things quick and easy on yourself for when you want to make this drink by planning ahead and making your coffee the day before, then put it into the fridge to get cold overnight. It only needs about two hours to get cold enough in the fridge for the Starbucks sweet cream recipe to be perfect- just like the barista makes it.
  • Fill the cup halfway with the milk of your choice. Starbucks uses 2%, but you choose whatever you like. Just keep in mind that the heavy cream is already rich, and you may want to stick with 2% milk to keep the fat at a reasonable level. Fill the other half with heavy cream. Then, finish it off with three pumps or squirts of vanilla syrup.