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How to Cook Scallops

How to Cook Scallops

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Have you ever tried to cook scallops at home? Maybe you felt intimidated by them because they’re not something you see people make at home very often.

I want to assure you that this is a great at home food to try making, even if you’re not an experienced cook.

Here are just a few of the best reasons to make scallops at home:

  • They’re really tasty
  • They’re easy to make
  • They’re great source of protein
  • They’re very filling (so you don’t have to cook a lot of other food to go with them)

Let me share with you a simple method for how to cook scallops, and I think once you give it a try, you’ll agree to that this is an easy dish to make that you will want to add to your meals time and time again.

How to Cook Frozen Scallops

Before you cook the frozen scallops, you’ll want to either defrost them or let them thaw out. The best way to cook scallops is always to thaw them out first, and then usually to cook them on the stovetop.

The pan searing method gives you the most traditional scallop appearance and texture.

Make sure you clean your scallops first and take them out of the shell, if the shell is included in the package. After you take the scallops out, rinse them under cold water to get rid of any debris. Make sure you’re only using cold water.

The scallops can thaw in the fridge for about 24 hours. You want to take them out of their packaging and shell and put them in a bowl with a plastic wrap to cover.

If the scallops are still frozen the next day, they should be allowed to thaw longer, but you do want to use them within a day or two of thawing them.

Here’s how to cook scallops on the stove:

  1. Pat them down using a paper towel until they are dry.
  2. Season your scallop tops with salt and pepper. You can rub that in to help them absorb the flavor better.
  3. On a medium-high heat, warm up two tablespoons of oil in a skillet on your stovetop. This method for how to cook scallops in a pan works best with a nonstick pan.
  4. Once the oil heats, you can put the scallop into the pan. Don’t crowd them, though.
  5. Cook the scallops for two to three minutes on each side. They’re ready to flip when they come off the pan easily. The internal temperature should read 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long to Cook Scallops?

Depending on the method you’re using to cook the scallops, your cooking time will vary. You’ll also need to take into consideration how thick the scallops are and how many you’re cooking at a time.

Pan frying them takes about four to six minutes, but other methods may take longer.

You will know the scallops are done when they have a golden brown exterior, but you should also check the internal temperature. If it’s not up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit yet, they’ll need to cook for a little longer.

How to Cook Scallops in the Oven

It’s pretty easy to make this dish in the oven as well. I’ll share with you how to cook bay scallops and other types of scallops in the oven with this quick and simple method.

  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Dry the scallops by patting them with a paper towel and get rid of the side muscle as well.
  3. Then, put the scallops onto a baking dish in a single layer, allowing for a little space between each of them.
  4. Season with parmesan cheese, butter, oil, and breadcrumbs.
  5. Bake the scallops in the oven for about 15 minutes, until the topping browns and the scallops become opaque.

How to Cook Scallops on the Grill

You can also cook scallops on the grill, and just use the following method for how to cook sea scallops outdoors:

  1. Dab them dry with a paper towel
  2. Season with olive oil and other seasonings (like garlic and citrus juice).
  3. Preheat the grill on medium high.
  4. Oil the grates and then grill the scallops for two to three minutes on each side.

How long do you cook scallops on the grill? You want to continue cooking them until they become opaque. Smaller scallops will cook for about 2 minutes on each side, and larger ones will need about 3 minutes.

How to Cook Scallops in Air Fryer

I like to season my air fryer cooked scallops with salt, black pepper, and lemon pepper.

  1. Start by dabbing the scallops dry and preheating the air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Once it’s warm, spray cooking spray on the air fryer basket and place your scallops inside. Be sure to give them enough room to cook.
  3. They should cook for about 6 minutes and be flipped about halfway through their cook time.

Air fryer scallops can be served with melted butter. Be sure to get rid of the tough side muscle before serving.

How to Cook Bacon Wrapped Scallops

If you want to put a twist on the traditional scallop dish, you can wrap them in bacon. You might be surprised how well bacon complements the taste and texture of scallops.

  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper.
  3. Get rid of the side muscle from the scallops and pat them dry with a paper towel.
  4. Using half a slice of bacon for each scallop, wrap the scallops in bacon and push a toothpick through the scallop and bacon to secure the bacon in place.
  5. Drizzle a little olive oil on each of the scallops and then sprinkle salt and pepper on each of them. Place the scallops in a single layer on the baking sheet, with a little space between each of them.
  6. Bacon scallops for 12 to 15 minutes. You know when they’re done because the bacon will be cooked all the way through and the scallops will be tender when poked with a fork.
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