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kitchen grill working/infomercial cooking products

Best 5 Infomercial Cooking Products of All Time

Most people don’t give a second thought about infomercial cooking products. I was like you until I discovered the power behind infomercials. I have significantly reduced my window shopping time. I can now dedicate that precious time to more productive activities like playing with my kids and trying out new recipes. Before settling to buy […]

garlic bulbs for garlic press

Best 5 Garlic Presses

If you are reading this, you are likely looking for the best garlic press. A garlic press is one of those gadgets that I just can’t live without. In the last few years I have tried many different types, and today I can tell you about the best 5 garlic press. But why garlic press? […]

Salad prepared in Salad spinners

My 4 Absolute Favourite Salad Spinners

I cannot stand a soggy salad; when the vegetables are limp and wet I immediately lose my appetite however tempting the ingredients are. That’s why salad spinners are a must in my kitchen. Over the years I’ve had quite a few – some good and some not so good.  If you’re new to cooking (or […]