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  • bbq-sauce

    Homemade BBQ Sauce without Ketchup

    If you ask most people what barbecue sauce is made out of, the first ingredient they list will likely be ketchup. However, you can make homemade BBQ sauce without ketchup and I’m going to show you how. Most barbecue recipes for homemade sauce that doesn’t use ketchup will still use it tomato base. That’s essential […] More

  • Shrimp dip with cream cheese and mayonnaise
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    Shrimp Dip With Cream Cheese and Mayonnaise

    Do you often find yourself scrambling to cook something delicious when unexpected guests arrive? Or would you want to skip an arduous cooking session and go with an easy yet delicious appetizer that can please fussy eaters?  I am sure that you will have some of the best memories if you cook this mouth-watering and […] More

  • Dark Rye Bread Recipe
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    Dark Rye Bread Recipe

    Are you suffering from blood sugar? If yes, adding rye bread or rye to your daily diet will help reduce your blood sugar levels. It acts as a dietary fiber that helps improve the digestive system. Rye itself is an excellent source of vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, protein, and more. Rye flakes are a rich […] More

  • Popcorn
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    How to Pop Popcorn without Oil

    A lot of homemade recipes for popcorn call for oil and cooking on the stovetop. This works fine and makes beautiful, tasty popcorn, but what if you want your popcorn to be healthier? You can make this snack in a way that doesn’t use a lot of oil, or any oil, for that matter. I […] More

  • stuffed peppers
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    What Goes with Stuffed Peppers

    Green bell peppers, roasted and stuffed with cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and other foods makes for an incredible dish. It’s probably not enough for a complete meal, though, and I want to share with you some ideas for what goes with stuffed bell peppers. If you are looking for side sides to go well with […] More

  • Enchiladas
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    What to Serve with Enchiladas

    The cheese and sauce smothered Mexican dish enchiladas are delightfully chewy and bursting with flavor. There are a lot of different things you can fill enchiladas with and cover them with, and they are often made with chicken, beef, or pork.  There are traditional sides that are often served with enchiladas as well as less […] More

  • Caramel Frappe
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    How To Make a Caramel Frappe

    You can make a delicious caramel Frappuccino at home using just a handful of ingredients and it can come out tasting just as good as if you got it from your favorite coffee shops. You will pay a lot less for it by making a frappe at home. Of course, if you make it yourself, […] More

  • Pesto Sauce with Spinach in a Blender

    How to Make Pesto with a Blender

    While some sauces are quick and easy to make and just require mixing up a few ingredients with a whisk, others require a little more effort. Pesto falls into that latter category. Lot of pesto recipes will call for you to use a food processor to make it. Not everyone has one of those, and […] More

  • Crispy Tofu
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    How to Make Crispy Tofu

    Tofu is one of those foods that most people either love or hate. I think the reason some people dislike tofu is not because of the food itself but because they just haven’t had it cooked properly. The spongy, chewy tofu that most people are used to is not my preferred way to have it. […] More

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