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How to Make Boba at Home

How to Make Boba at Home

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I am going to share with my recipe for how to make boba at home. Boba pearls are made from tapioca and a few other basic ingredients and often used in Chinese tea or South American dishes. Some people use boba pearls to make pudding, smoothies or taro milk tea.

Once you know how to make bubble pearls at home, you can use these versatile ingredients in all sorts of dishes. You can use the starchy cassava-based or tapioca-based boba pearls to make a flavourful drink that can be topped with all sorts of ingredients.

It can be served in so many different ways that it is as open to personalisation as coffee is. So many people in certain parts of the world are drinking boba tea every day. They can make it a little bit different each time or find the way that they like the most stick with that.

Boba tea is especially popular in parts of California, where many restaurants offer a large menu of boba tea options. Once you know how to make boba tea at home, however, you can save yourself some money and enjoy them whenever you like, however you like.

How to Make Boba Balls at Home

Looking thing about making boba balls and boba tea for yourself is that it only takes a few ingredients. However, it does take a while to make. One thing to know about how to make boba milk tea at home is that you can make it a few different ways. Most people use either cassava starch or tapioca starch to make their boba balls.

Brown sugar is also one of the main ingredients, and you can use either brown sugar or dark brown sugar for this component.

Another thing to know about how to make black boba pearls at home is that they may have trouble holding together and staying round if you overcook them. This is one of the biggest issues that people run into when making these for themselves.

Follow the recipe precisely, but don’t be disappointed when they don’t turn out perfectly the first time. These can be a little challenging to make.

Boba Pearl
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How to Make Boba Balls at Home

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To make the pearls

  • 1 cup of tapioca starch, and 2 tablespoons more to make adjustments or to coat
  • 60 grams of brown sugar
  • 6 tbsp of water
  • 4 cups of milk
  • Flour for coating

To make the syrup

  • 1 cup To make the syrup
  • cup and 1 ½ tablespoons of water
  • 1 brown sugar slab


  • For how to make brown sugar boba milk at home, use a small pot and heat up the water and brown sugar on a low heat. The low heat ensures little loss of water. Keep cooking until the sugar is dissolved completely and stir occasionally. Continue heating the liquid until it is boiling.
  • Add in half of the starch and mix rapidly. This should take about 7 seconds. Remove from the fire and add in the rest of the starch. Combine quickly.
  • Coat a cutting board with flour and move your starch paste over there knead it into a ball of dough. Keep kneading until it becomes smooth, and be sure to work quickly. If you allow the dough to cool down all the way, it will become difficult to work with.
  • Cut your dough into four approximately equal portions. Cover the three you are not using with a plastic bag and shape your active portion into a lengthy log. Dice the log into small cubes.
  • Take each of the squares and round them into small balls. Then, spread some flour on a play coat each of the balls with flour, using enough to keep them from sticking together. After you have made all of the boba balls, get rid of the excess flour. Your coated boba balls can be packaged in an airtight container or bag and frozen for later use.
  • To make this work, take 2 slices of the brown sugar slab and a cup of brown sugar and melt them in a small pot with 100 milliliters of water. Keep heating until large bubbles form. You can skip this entire step and just use brown sugar syrup, if you wish.
  • To cook the boba pearls, boil enough water to make up six times as much water as there are pearls to cook. Cook your pearls for about 25 minutes. From there, move the balls into cold water. This will cause them to shrink. Use running water to wash the pearls and then drain them. Mix in 2 tablespoons of honey, sugar, or brown sugar syrup. You want to add it from sticking together.

How to Make Thai Tea Boba at Home

To assemble your boba balls and make a tea from it, pour some of the brown sugar syrup into a small cup in turn the cup to make marbles from the syrup on the wall of the cup.

Add in your boba pearls and pour milk in as well. Then, shake or stir before drinking. This is how to make boba Thai tea at home from your boba pearls.

Once you have made your boba pearls, be sure to use them within the next few hours. Otherwise, they won’t still be good to use.

This is a great tea to use to have for breakfast to energise you for the day. It has enough sugary sweetness to boost your energy levels, similarly to coffee but without the caffeine. When you make it yourself, you can control the sugar levels and make it as sweet or unsweet as you prefer.

This tea is also known as popping boba tea, and now you know how to make popping bubble at home. You can save time to making this team by using pre-made tapioca balls, but I wanted to share with you the recipe for how to make it from scratch if you would prefer to do that.

You can also mix it with various teas to give it a different flavour and to personalise this drink for yourself.

If you are using pre-made tapioca pearls, only cook up as many as you were going to use right away. As the pearls cool down from cooking, they will start to harden and will be difficult to use. You can’t store them overnight in the fridge. Instead, you have to use them right away.


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