The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Food
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Does adding coconut oil to your food have health benefits? A lot has been written about the health benefits of coconut oil over the past few years. And yes, adding coconut oil to your food can have health benefits. However,


How Long Does Chilli Last Once Cooked?
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With its impeccable belly-warming qualities, the chilli con carne (or chilli for short) is my favourite Mexican dish. Best of all, you don’t have to prepare small portions every day. You can cook a large pot, store it in the


16 Healthy Foods with Natural Umami Flavour
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You must have relished on Pimento Cheese Macarons, Shrimp and Goat Cheese Beignets, Carrot Crepe, Foie Gras Floating Island Soup, Sweet Potato Toaster Pastry, Falafel Waffle, Broccoli Fritters, Hushpuppy, Corn pudding, Stromboli and what not. They all are the prominent


Foods That Can Be Eaten And Enjoyed Raw
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Some foods taste wonderful when they’re cooked, but unfortunately, they lose much of their healthy nutrients in the process. While other foods contain indigestible substances when they’re raw, and as they’re cooked, they get rid of these toxins. You might


6 Kitchen Staples for Nutritious Meals Every Day
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One of the most important steps to ensuring a healthy lifestyle is to stock your fridge and pantry with nutritious kitchen staples. These are not only good for your body but they also ensure that you are not tempted to


20 Easy Breakfast Sides to Bulk Up Breakfast Time
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The main breakfast dishes are protein-filled. You will need something less meaty to accompany it. There are plenty of easy breakfast sides that you can add to your breakfast. Some breakfast dishes have plenty of carbohydrates. Accompany such a dish


20 Quick & Healthy Ideas for Breakfast on the Run
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You can agree with me that most people go to work without eating breakfast. There is another group who buy take away breakfast on the way. Did you know there are simple breakfast ideas you can use to prepare and


Almond Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Body
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What Are Almonds? Almonds are edible oval-shaped nut-like seeds that come from the almond tree. It’s believed that Almonds are native to North Africa, Middle-East, and Asia. The almond nut is considered a delicacy with several health benefits. You can


15 Unusual Uses for Potatoes
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Potatoes are a staple in numerous cuisines across a lot of cultures. You can have them fried, baked, roasted, sautéed, or as part of your soup or salad or you can make the perfect chip shop chips. In fact, they


10 Most Popular Salads In America
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Discover the most popular salads in America with my round up of delicious salad inspiration. America boasts a range of diverse cuisines, influenced by people of different backgrounds and cultures. Most Popular Salads in America Salads are among the foods

eating eggs on bread

Pros and Cons of Eating Eggs
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Thinking about my favourite dish – full English breakfast, and trying to imagine it without eggs, pretty much ruins the entire dish. I probably speak for many other people, and not just foodies. I’ve long since been made wise to

20 Crunchy Salad Toppings
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Prepared properly and made as fresh as possible, even the most carnivorous of meat-lovers amongst us loves a good salad. Whether it’s a sizeable helping for dinner, or a smaller serving enjoyed as a side, it’s the crunchy salad toppings

beer and food

Keeping Drunk Munchies Under 250 Calories
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I started drinking alcohol when I left home for college. I made friends quickly, and I was soon introduced to the mayhem of college parties. We would get together every Friday night and hit the town, going from pub to