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  • Italian Steak Marinade
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    Easy Steak Marinade without Soy Sauce

    Most steak marinade sauces include soy sauce, but you can make steak marinade without soy sauce. I’m going to share with you a few different recipes you can use for marinating your steak, to make it succulent and flavourful, none of which include soy sauce. These kind of recipes can be helpful when you just […] More

  • Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya Recipe
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    Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya Recipe

    Chicken and sausage jambalaya is one of those quintessential Cajun foods. it’s a dish that offers you a lot of versatility and options, as you can add in so many different foods to it. The variety it offers means you can change up the recipe in a lot of different ways to suit your tastes. […] More

  • Birria Tacos and Consommé
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    How to Make Birria Tacos

    Birria is a Mexican stew made using either lamb or beef and with a number of spices. It is usually served with onion and cilantro in a consommé broth. How can a stew be a taco? I am going to show you how to make birria tacos in a traditional way so that you can […] More

  • Canned Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup
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    Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

    There’s two words I would use to describe corn beef and cabbage soup- comforting and simple. This is a fairly light meal that is pretty quick to throw together and is often served with crackers. Dinner rolls and Italian bread work really well with this dish, and you can fill out the soup with enough […] More

  • Turkey Breast in Air Fryer
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    Cooking Turkey Breast in Air Fryer

    Would you like to be able to cook your turkey breast quickly and easily in the air fryer and be sure that it comes out tasty and perfectly cooked every time? Cooking turkey breast in air fryer means cooking it in far less time than it takes to cook in the oven. You do not […] More

  • Turkey Bacon
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    How to Cook Turkey Bacon in the Oven

    I never considered cooking any kind of bacon in the oven until I read about someone else doing it online. After trying it out, I’ve become a convert, and I want to share with you how to cook turkey bacon in the oven perfectly. There are definitely some advantages to cooking turkey with this method. […] More

  • Stew Beef Cubes

    Recipes Using Stew Beef Cubes

    I’m the kind of person who prefers stew beef cubes to a steak, and that’s primarily because of how versatile these cubes are. There are so many recipes that I can throw them into and make a quick meal that is different from the one I ate the day before. I want to share with […] More

  • ground beef
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    How to Season Ground Beef

    If you’re like most people, you season ground beef by sprinkling some seasoning over the ground beef as it cooks. Most people don’t measure out how much seasoning they use with this method, nor do they season the food consistently. This works okay sometimes, making a surprisingly delicious beef dish from time to time. Other […] More

  • eye of round snake
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    How to Cook Eye of Round Steak

    What makes eye of round steak stand out is how lean it is. In fact, it is one of the leanest steak cuts you can find, meaning it is healthier for you than most others. There is no need to trim the fat when the cut is already this lean. The low fat and low […] More

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