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5 Tips to Becoming a Professional Grocery Shopper

5 Tips to Becoming a Professional Grocery Shopper

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Are you an organised and meticulous individual who is interested in earning extra income? The grocery business is one of the fastest-growing businesses and you could be useful as a shopper.

You might even want to be a professional grocery shopper.

A professional grocery shopper can earn a five-figure annual salary, making it a lucrative job opportunity. But before you get all excited, let’s see what it entails.

Food is a necessity in our lives, and whether you enjoy shopping or not, the thought of a good hearty meal is great and will force you to go out there and buy stuff.

The good news, one can now get groceries delivered at their doorstep by a professional grocery shopper at a specific time and place.

How to Become a Professional Grocery Shopper

The target clients of grocery shoppers include;

  • Professionals like doctors, managers, or lawyers
  • The elderly and sick who struggle to leave their houses
  • People with severe disorders and anxiety and unable to leave the house
  • Families with vacation homes and need a stocked kitchen on arrival

Now that you have a better understanding of the grocery business, how do you kick start your business to become a professional grocery shopper?

Build a Website as a Professional Grocery Shopper 

Large and small corporations are now making use of websites to communicate to a larger audience about their services.

It also applies to the food industry; however, before setting up a website, it is essential to understand the important website features for your grocery business.

Good grocery website helps to inform prospects about your services, availability, delivery time, charges and provides a standardised shopping list.

You need to ensure the order placement is simple by setting up a standardised list. Also, include various communication channels for order placements, it could be through email or a phone call.

Another factor to consider is the fees for the deliveries, set up prices based on the size of the grocery list. Include mileage, delivery, shopping in more than one store, or even picking up coupons before shopping.

This fee should not include the cost of the grocery. However, to ensure the prices are friendly, offer discounts or bonuses.

More website features to ensure your business stands out include; a blog, where you write about your grocery services, recipes, and ingredient lists; this ensures your clients find value in your services.

Business logo; a logo, sets your business apart from others as customers identify your brand.
Use a tagline, mission, and vision statements; to ensure your business is memorable to visitors. Including a mission and vision also increases loyalty among your customers.

Tip; you can get a good logo for as low as $5, as well as great blog posts, from freelancers. Although outsourcing writers may require much more, it helps to put your business in the limelight, thus increasing sales.

Market Your Services as a Professional Grocery Shopper 

Marketing your services is one of the most ideal approaches to becoming a professional grocery shopper, market your services on social media platforms, use word of mouth to tell your friends and family, and flyers as well.

Make the flyers stunning and beautiful and include essential information on them, for instance, have your contact information and your charges.

Setting up business social media pages is easy and fast and allows you to reach a broader market.

For instance, Facebook has an estimated 2.4 billion monthly users. From this number, around 1.6 billion Facebook users log on to Facebook daily, making social media ideal to share the word about your services, using social media also creates a community where people can share their experiences.

Use Referrals to Acquire New Customers

According to a Harvard business review, about 84% of new sales are gained through referrals. For a referral program to be successful where customers share their experiences.

For the business to grow, it is essential to have new and repeat clients and a referral program ensures you have new clients each time.

Making use of social media as a tool to communicate your credibility and build a community will also help in increasing your customers. Besides, include a referral and customer experience program on your website.

List on Job Boards

Another tip to becoming a professional grocery shopper is by listing your services on job boards such as craigslist. You would be surprised at how many people seek professionals in various fields on job boards.

Use these job boards to list your price, availability, and location. Listing on job boards is, in most cases, free making it ideal for startup businesses.

Have Your Services Listed on Google Places

Google places is a perfect option for local businesses as it allows customers to access local businesses. This service also enables companies to reach a wider audience for free. Google places also allow you to include pictures and descriptions on your profile.

You can also link your website with Google places, ensuring more prospects know more about your services, discounts, and fees.

Bonus Tip to Becoming a Professional Grocery Shopper

Find out more about your competition, before embarking on a grocery delivery business. It is important to understand your competition and how the market works. If there is an existing grocery delivery service provider in the area, create a market niche.

For example, if your competition does not offer services on weekends, then provide the service. Such a move will not only help you attain new customers but also places your company ahead of the curve.

Why Becoming a Professional Grocery Shopper is a Lucrative Business Opportunity

  • Cost-effective

Starting a professional grocery shopper business requires little to zero start-up capital. As mentioned earlier, you can easily market your business on free listing pages, social media, or use word of mouth.

  • Part-time job

Professional grocery shopping is an ideal opportunity to earn extra income; the joy of setting up a business is the ability to plan your time. Make use of those free hours as a professional grocery shopper. 

  • No need for an office

As a professional grocery shopper, all you need is a good vehicle to deliver goods on time. Doing this saves you that extra cost of having to pay for office space instead, invest in a good business van.

  • Has immediate pay

Though the pay varies, professional grocery shoppers are paid immediately. The fee depends on the size of the grocery, ranging from $25 for a small list to about $100 for a larger list. 

  • No need for special training

One does not need specialised training to become a grocery shopper. But to stand out in the business, it is essential to be trustworthy.

It also helps to build upon your knowledge by learning about groceries. Sharing your knowledge with your clients will help to build trust.

Tips to Become a Professional Grocery Shopper

  • Timely delivery

Timely delivery is one of the factors that sets you apart from others, always ensure you deliver the products in the agreed time and shape. Factor in stuff like the number of shops you buy stuff. Do you need to pick up coupons before shopping? These factors will help you allocate appropriate time limits for each client. 

  • Make a list

Another tip to becoming a pro grocery shopper is by always making a list, having a checklist ensures you do not forget crucial details requested by the customer. A list also makes it easier for you to move more efficiently in the store, saving on time.

Use visual reminders; a long shopping list may be confusing. To prevent this, consider using visual reminders, take pictures of some of the items on the list. Doing this is especially ideal for clients who seek your services often. 

  • Shop for dairy and meat products last

Meat and dairy products may get spoiled if left non-chilled for long. To prevent this, always pick these items last. 

  • Pick eggs, fruits, and vegetables from the back of the shelf

This tip will turn you into a pro grocery shopper and keep customers coming back for your services. The logic behind this tip is new stock is placed behind the shelves, while shopping, try to reach for products behind the shelf as they stay fresh for longer.

  • Be keen on details

Remember, each client has a preferred brand.

Bonus Tip:

Avoid shopping for groceries in the middle of the day; instead, plan your pick up in the morning hours. You get to pick up the freshest products as most shipments are delivered in the mornings.

Key Things to Remember

Professional grocery shopping is a lucrative and rising business. However, like any other venture, it is essential to have long and short term plans and goals. Find out what you want to achieve from the business. If you need extra income, then have a plan laid out to accomplish this.

However, if you are looking to set up a long term business, consider building your brand, building a brand helps increase your credibility in the market. Additionally, remember building a successful business takes time. However, to ensure the business grows to foster good relationships with your clients, be patient and persistent.

Giving your business four to six months to grow allows you to learn more about the market, and helps you in making informed decisions.

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