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What Goes with Stuffed Peppers

What Goes with Stuffed Peppers

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Green bell peppers, roasted and stuffed with cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and other foods makes for an incredible dish. It’s probably not enough for a complete meal, though, and I want to share with you some ideas for what goes with stuffed bell peppers.

If you are looking for side sides to go well with green bell pepper or any kind of stuffed peppers, then you came to the right place. I love stuffed peppers as much as the next person, but I don’t think I would want to make a meal out of them.

I want some other foods to fill out the meal, and if you feel the same way about bell peppers, then maybe some of these side dish ideas will spark your interest.

I have tried to give you a variety of foods in a few different food categories so that no matter what your tastes or preferences are, there is something here for everybody. Keep in mind that some of these side dishes will go well with peppers that are stiffed with beef, while others will work best with peppers that are filled with rice, beans, veggies, or cheese.

Consider what your peppers are filled with or what you want to fill them with before you pick out side dishes. That way, you can be sure the sides you pick will complement your peppers nicely.

Garlic Toast

This is my go-to side dish for so many foods, and I think I just have a soft spot for garlic bread. Whether it is homemade garlic bread made from scratch or sliced white bread that has been slathered in garlic butter and baked or Texas toast prepared in the toaster, garlic toast of any kind makes for a complementary side to stuffed bell peppers.

When you ask what goes with stuffed peppers, this will probably be the first thing that comes to mind. The two dishes go well together because they offer different nutritional values and different textures and food groups.

Potato Wedges

You can make this side dish as healthy or as unhealthy as you like to pair with your bell peppers. What I mean by that is that you can fry up the wedges in oil or you can roast them in the oven. One way uses a lot more oil and is very unhealthy, so it’s up to you.

Either way, you have a great answer to the question of what goes good with stuffed peppers. I like my potato wedges to be roasted to where they have a dark brown outer skin and are soft and pillowy on the inside. I like to season them with pepper and salt, as well as a little parsley and ground chili flakes.


What goes well with stuffed peppers and is very healthy? I would suggest a salad if you don’t mind the overload of green in your meal. You can keep the lettuce in the salad to a minimum, though, and load up on tomatoes, cheese, croutons, and other components.

You can also make your complementary side of salad in few different ways, like using spinach and feta cheese with some light Italian dressing, or you can make an arugula salad and add pecans and cranberries with parmesan cheese on top for a really different kind of dish.

Your side of salad doesn’t have to be the same boring lettuce and tomatoes that most people will have. You can play around with this and try to figure out what might taste best with the stuffed bell peppers.

Stir Fry

Why go with a very simple dish as your side when you could opt for something more complex and ultimately more pleasing to your tastebuds? I think that if you are trying figure out what side dish goes with stuffed peppers and helps to make for a complete meal, then you can’t go wrong with a stir fry.

You can mix together beef strips, onions, garlic, cabbage, carrots, and soy sauce in a wok or a skillet and make up a stir fry in a matter of minutes. This bold combination of flavours makes for a great partner with your stuffed bell peppers. Feel free to make yours more interesting by adding some spicy red paper flakes or sweet and spicy sauce to the mix to boost the flavour.

Sauteed Mushrooms

When thinking about what goes good with stuffed bell peppers, I may sometimes look for a food that is very similar. Mushrooms have a similar consistency and texture, and I can make them up fast.

The bell peppers are a bit of work, so it’s nice to have a side dish that takes less than 10 minutes to make. From cleaning and slicing to cooking, the mushrooms are done very fast, so they don’t end up making my meal take much longer. I can cook them up quickly while the bell peppers are cooking.

Cooking them in butter gives them a wonderful flavour, and I may add in some seasoning or some minced garlic to make them more interesting.

Mashed Potatoes

This is one of those all-purpose side dishes that can go well with just about anything. What side dish goes with stuffed bell peppers and is simple to make? Mashed potatoes are a clear choice for me if I have any potatoes on hand.

It’s pretty simple to make these up as a side from scratch, simply boiling the potatoes and then using a hand mixer on them after they drain. Add in a little salt, milk and butter and you have creamy mashed potatoes that make for the perfect side dish for the stuffed peppers.

Roasted Tomatoes

This is another side that is quick and simple to make and can be made at the same time the peppers are cooking. What goes good as a side dish with stuffed peppers that is very similar?

I like how these two pair, and while they have some similarities, they also have very different levels of acidity. That helps the roasted peppers to stand out as a side dish and I don’t feel like I am just eating more of the same when I switch from eating the roasted tomatoes to the bell peppers.

I like to keep the seasonings simple for roasted tomatoes, with just a little salt, pepper and perhaps some garlic.

Now you have some ideas for what goes good with stuffed green peppers. If you spent a lot of your time and energy to make the bell peppers as good as possible, you want side dishes that work well with them. You might feel like you are out of ideas of what else to have for your meal, so hopefully this list will help you out.

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