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How to Make Rolled Ice Cream At Home

How to Make Rolled Ice Cream At Home

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Have you heard about the new trend in desserts known as rolled ice cream? It is quite popular on the East Coast, but it is making its way westward as this trend gains momentum.

You may know rolled ice cream by one of its other names- stir fried ice cream or ice pan ice cream. It’s all the same thing, and it is all delectable and scrumptious.

You can trace the origin of rolled ice cream back to Thailand, sometime in 2009. It came to the US in 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

It’s very trendy in New York, thanks to some enterprising individuals who decided that rolled ice cream would be a great food to offer to tourists and visitors. They also took their business over to California as well and created rolled ice cream recipes for Californians made from organic ingredients.

The health food, organic eating trends are big over there, so they wanted to capitalise on that with this new food sensation.

Rolled ice cream is so fun to make, and you can do it yourself with just a couple basic ingredients. How to make rolled ice cream at home? I want to show you how, because there may not be a rolled ice cream eatery near you, especially if you don’t live in a major city.

Why not learn to make it on your own and then share it with others? You can start a trend right where you live.

Rolled Ice Cream Recipe

Rolled Ice Cream
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Rolled Ice Cream Recipe

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  • 1 cup cream
  • ½ cup condensed milk


  • Mix your two base ingredients together on a baking tray. If it is too difficult for you to mix them on the tray, just mix them on a bowl and then pour them onto a baking tray. Obviously, you will need a baking tray with a little depth to it to keep the liquid from pouring off.
  • If you are adding anything to the ice cream for flavoring (strawberries, chocolate, diced peaches, vanilla, etc.), then mix them in at this stage.
  • Place the baking tray into the freezer and let it freeze overnight or at least for five hours.
  • Take the tray out of the freezer and place it someplace flat. You may want to put it onto a kitchen mat or tea towel to keep it from moving as you roll out your ice cream.
  • Your ice cream is going to melt quickly, so you need to work quickly. Use an offset spatula and place it underneath the ice cream. Roll the ice cream in one straight line from one side of the tray to another, forming a spiral. Do the same thing again for all the ice cream until it is all in spiral rolls on the tray.
  • Use tongs to pick up the rolls of ice cream from the tray and place them in a bowl or cup.


You can top your ice cream with strawberries, shaved chocolate, whipped cream, caramel syrup, or any other topping of your choice. That’s how to make rolled ice cream at home, and as you can see, it Is not difficult.

It’s a really simple and delicious type of ice cream that’s a bit different from what you might be used to. The tricky part is adding in the flavourings and different textures that make this ice cream so much fun, and I will show you how to do that next.

Rolled Ice Cream- How to Make with Flavours

I only gave you the recipe for basic rolled ice cream so far. If you want to add in some other ingredients to give your ice cream some flavour and personality, then you have tons of options. I will give you some ideas for what you can do as well as some guidelines for how to do it so that your rolled ice cream turns out great.

The mixed in ingredients will need to be crushed to fit into your ice cream, since it will be very shallow. You don’t want them poking out too much. You can use Oreo cookies, graham crackers, sprinkles, fresh fruit (or frozen fruit), cinnamon sticks, chocolate bars, candy bars, and more. Find a great recipe for how to make a giant Oreo cake and serve with some Oreo rolled ice cream!

If you are using a powdered or liquid flavouring, just mix it with your ice cream when you are putting the base together. For solid or chunky items, you can sprinkle them into the ice cream on the pan before you freeze it and then push them into your ice cream with a spoon or spatula.

All ingredients should be added at the initial stage, before the ice cream is placed into the freezer. Toppings and garnishes can be added later, once the ice cream comes out of the freezer as solid.

I’ve given you one way to add in your mix-ins, and another way is to crush them all and spread them evenly on the pan as your first step and then pour your ice cream mix over top of them.

This is a great way to ensure that everything is distributed evenly and to prevent any mess. You can use a spatula to press down your mix-ins onto the pan and ensure there is an even distribution.

How to Make Thai Rolled Ice Cream

You might be wondering if they make this dessert differently in Thailand. After all, Thai food is known for being spicy and potently flavoured, but that’s not the case with this ice cream. It’s made there pretty much the same way people are making it in the US. You take your cream and condensed milk and mix them together, then pour them onto a very cold pan.

These may sometimes be mixed with flavourings to give them colour and a different taste. After they are frozen, the ice cream is rolled and placed into cups. Then, it is topped with whipped cream, fruit, or chocolate sauce.

This is served throughout Thailand and parts of Asia on the streets. It is sold in small cups for individual serving size. Because the ice cream melts so quickly, cups are the best serving containers for them.

Why Rolled Ice Cream?

What makes rolled ice cream so special? Part of the allure is simply how it looks once you make it. Rolled into small spirals, it makes for great pictures and can easily be prettied up with some garnishing.

People love to snap pictures of their rolled ice cream creations and purchases and post them to Instagram and other social media sites. Because this kind of ice cream isn’t very common yet, it makes for a great social media post that gets shared often.

Another reason that this ice cream is so special is that it is really simple to make at home. As you can see from the recipe above, it is quick and easy to put the ingredients together and then pop them in the freezer.

Even adding flavourings and other things to the ice cream is a simple matter, so people who are not very experienced at making desserts or anything at all in the kitchen can whip some together pretty fast.

Then, when the ice cream comes out of the freezer hours later, it can be rolled to look very impressive. It makes for a spectacular dish that not a lot of people are making at home yet, so it’s a good way to impress family members and friends.

The layers are another special factor that rolled ice cream has and regular ice cream does not. The layers create a different texture to the ice cream than what you get with your typical regular ice cream.

You can actually chew through the layers, so long as you are not someone with sensitive teeth. You can even eat the ice cream with chopsticks, if you make it cold enough. How awesome is that?

Of course, making your own ice cream gives you so much room to experiment and try new things. You can make some wonderful creations and test out some different flavours to find something that you love.

This is a great way for you to get creative with something that is tough to mess up and that really lets you stretch yourself artistically in the kitchen. You could even come up with a flavour combination that no one has ever tried before.

Now that you know how to make rolled ice cream, you may want to try some variations on it. After you get comfortable with the simple recipe I have posted here for you, you can try your hand at making it with gelato or making a vegan-friendly one that uses no dairy.

There are some great variations on this basic recipe that you can try to make with your rolled ice cream. I just want to encourage you to give them a try.

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