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How to Make Chorizo Burgers

How to Make Chorizo Burgers

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Chorizo is a type of spicy Mexican sausage, and when combined with ground beef, it makes for a tasty burger with a little bite to it.

The chorizo burger is a Mexican delicacy packed with mouthwatering flavor, and I’ll show you how to make chorizo burger at home using raw ingredients.

What Is a Chorizo Burger?

There are quite a few different ingredients you could use to make a chorizo burger, but you always start with burger patty that uses the spicy sausage chorizo as well as raw ground beef, mixing them together and cooking them up to make your burger patty.

They are usually combined with breadcrumbs to hold everything together.

Ground beef is required in this burger because of how intensely powerful the chorizo sausage’s flavor.

To keep it from overpowering everything else, ground beef is put in there, as it balances out the flavor really well. If you don’t want to use ground beef, you can use ground pork instead.

How to Keep Chorizo Burgers from Falling Apart

I mentioned already that breadcrumbs serve as the binder in the patty, which means they hold the patty together. What about the other parts of the burger that make up your sandwich, though? They may fall apart as well.

If you’re going to prepare the burger ahead of time, you want to have all your parts lined up on top of each other properly, and they could tend to slip a little bit.

To keep them from slipping, you can plunge a toothpick all the way through the sandwich.

Another good way to keep your chorizo burger from falling apart is to put the cheese on it cold and then warm everything in the microwave or on the stove top for just a few seconds.

Cook it long enough to melt the cheese, which can serve to hold things together too.

How to Season Beef Chorizo Burger

The chorizo sausage is spicy enough that it has a lot of flavor on its own, but you want to season your burger well to give it that authentic Mexican flavor.

What kind of seasonings do you use when making chorizo burgers? You don’t need a lot of seasoning, and I suggest a mixture of salt, pepper, and chili peppers or ground chili.

This mixture of seasonings will work together to make the flavor practically burst out and smack you in the face, as I heard one person say about preparing the chorizo burger.

You may want to accentuate the spiciness, which you can do by adding some jalapeno juice to it or cooking spicy peppers into the burger patty. Bits of pepper showing through your patty can give it some color and help enhance the flavor.

How to Make Chorizo Burger Patties

Let’s start with how to cook chorizo burger, making the patties from scratch, and then we can get into how you assemble the sandwich and what you put into it.

You should use about twice as much ground chuck or ground beef as you do chorizo sausage, and I’m using one pound of ground chuck and one half pound of sausage for this recipe.

I suggest mixing together ground chuck, chorizo sausage, a pinch of salt, chopped green chilies, and pinch of black pepper. Mix all of this together in a bowl until it is combined and then take about a quarter of that and make a disc from it.

You can make four disks from you meat mixture and then put about two tablespoons of olive oil into a skillet. Heat up the oil and add your patties. You want the heat to be at about medium, and you should cook the patties for about four or five minutes on each side.

If the patties are too thick when you put them in the pan, you can smash them down with a spatula, flattening them to the ideal thickness of about half an inch.

You can determine how long you want to cook the burgers and how well done you want them. Most people prefer a pan seared look, where the burgers are slightly blackened on both sides and have a healthy brown color all around.

If there is a little bit pink in the middle still, that’s good, as it means you have a very tender, juicy, and succulent burger patty.

How to Make Beef and Chorizo Burgers

I’ve told you how to make the burgers using ground beef and chorizo sausage, but that’s just putting the patty together. There’s more to the burger than that, and a classic chorizo sandwich has a few key ingredients. One of those that really stands out is the fried egg.

You make your egg in frying pan the same way you would a sunny side up egg, but the trick is to keep the middle a little bit runny, just like classic sunny side up. You don’t want to go for easy over or anything. That would mean cooking the egg all the way through.

When you bite into the perfect chorizo burger, the egg yolk should be running all through the burger, keeping everything moist and flavorful.

The rest of the ingredients will probably be up to your preference, but I recommend some crispy lettuce, crispy bacon, a slice or two of tomato, a slice of Colby Jack cheese, and some mayonnaise. Put these together and you have a burger that is absolutely heavenly.

A lot of people will have theirs without the cheese, as the egg makes for a good substitute, but I think all burgers should have cheese in them if possible.

How to Make Pork and Chorizo Burgers

I mentioned before that you can use ground pork with chorizo sausage to make this burger. Just use the same ratio as you would use for the ground chuck, with a pound of ground pork and half a pound of chorizo sausage.

Remember that the sausage is really spicy, and you don’t want it to overpower the rest of your burger flavors.

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