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How to Make Steamed Milk at Home – 2 Ways

How to Make Steamed Milk at Home – 2 Ways

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I need my cup of coffee in the morning to boost my energy levels and wake me all the way up, and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. Some people need a couple cups in the morning just to get started, but I don’t have it that bad, yet.

I like my coffee with some milk in it, as that enhances the sweetness of the sugar I put in there too. Yes, I am one of those who loves to put all sorts of stuff in their coffee and flavour it into oblivion. Of course, my favourite way to prepare the milk for coffee is to steam it, and I often order lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites, all of which use steamed milk.

I know a lot of people rely on Starbucks and other coffee shops to their steamed milk drinks, but you can actually make steamed milk on your own at home. How you make it will depend on what kind of apparatus you have, and some people have nothing specifically designed to make steamed milk, but even so, there are ways they can make it. I want to share with you a few ways how to make steam milk at home. It’s not the easiest thing to make, but you do have options if you would like to save money and make it yourself.

Use a Steamer

Did you know that you can buy a kitchen appliance that is specifically designed to make steamed milk? It’s called a steamer, and it comes in handy not just for making steamed milk for coffee, but also for other drinks. Some people like it in that hot cocoa, as it gives it a rich and creamy feel. If you have had any drink with steamed milk in it before, then you already know that.

Frothy milk and steamed milk are different things, so please don’t confuse the two. Frothy milk has big, puffy air bubbles, but it ultimately makes for a light drink. It doesn’t really add to the richness of your coffee or other beverage. The creaminess of steamed milk is great for enhancing coffee flavour and giving it a thicker, richer feel.

A steamer, or steam wand, can be used to make steamed milk at home on your own. It isn’t very expensive, and it works very well at steaming the milk effectively and quickly. I want to show you how to make steam milk for latte at home with a steamer. It is definitely the best way to do home milk steaming.

First, you’ll need to fill with milk a pitcher designed for steaming milk. A metallic picture with a pour spout is the best thing for this. Make sure not to fill it all the way up, or you may end up with overflow as you steam.

Next, use a steam wand by submerging it into the milk, just enough for it to be covered by the milk. Turn it on and let it steam for about five seconds. Certain kinds of drinks may require more steaming, but five seconds is usually enough for most drinks. As the milk steams, you will hear a hissing sound, like you would commonly hear in a coffee shop. That’s the sound of milk being steamed.

The next step is to move the steam wand deeper into the milk. The initial steaming for five seconds is enough to increase the volume of the milk and pull it or stretch it out. Putting the steam wand down deeper into the milk will create a whirlpool effect, if you are doing it right. Find the perfect spot near the middle of the milk to place the wand to create a whirlpool, and you will know that the milk is steaming like it should.

How long to keep on steaming the milk like this with the steam wand? When it becomes hot to the touch or it reaches a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is done. Once you have stopped, you want to get rid of some of the smaller bubbles. You do that by tapping the jug softly. If the steaming has been done properly and your milk has the right consistency, it should look similar to melted ice cream.

You can then add the steamed milk to your coffee. It should be thick and creamy enough to make latte art, if you like, but pulling off a real design could take some practice.

Use the Stove

What if you don’t have a steamer or steam wand and don’t want to spend the money to buy one just for making steamed milk for your coffee? How to make steam milk at home without a steamer?

It’s not going to be as quick and easy, but you can do it with a pot on the stove and a whisk. Use the same kind of whisk you use for beating eggs and start by pouring your milk into the small cooking pot on the stove. Turn the heat on medium and start heating the milk. As it heats, whisk it rapidly. Keep on whisking the milk until it becomes frothy, creamy and thick. Once it reaches the right consistency, then you can turn off the heat and use the steamed milk.

This is going to be a tough way to make steamed milk, since you have to stir the milk by hand. Stir it too slowly and the milk will not reach the right thickness or consistency. You can’t use an electric mixer either unless you want to create a big mess.

There is a way to do this with an electric mixer, but you need to be smart about it. You can partially cover the pot on the stove and stick the mixer in under the cover. This is tricky, and if you don’t have the right setup, you can make a mess, but it could work if you want to decrease your workload to make steamed milk without a steamer or steam wand.

There are other kitchen tools you can buy to make steamed milk with as well, like a French press, hand frother, automatic milk frother, and even the microwave. There is a way to make steamed milk no matter what you have, and some methods are easier and some tools make the work a lot simpler. Don’t think, though, that you need to go to a coffee shop to get steamed milk or that you need to buy an expensive piece of equipment to steam your milk. All of that isn’t necessary if you know the methods for making steamed milk at home with some of the other kinds equipment I mentioned.

A lot of frothing and steaming equipment is made specially for that purpose, and you might not use it often unless you drink coffee regularly and prefer your coffee to have steamed milk. So, it doesn’t make sense to pay good money for a new kitchen tool you will only use occasionally. Try making the steam milk on the stove or in the microwave first and see how that turns out and if it is easy enough for you.

How to make steamed milk with the microwave? You can shake up the milk in a sealed jar first and them warm it into microwave until it is hot to the touch. Remember that 140 degrees Fahrenheit is your ideal temperature here. Then, pour the milk from one container into another until it reaches the right rich and thick consistency. That’s all there is to it, but it won’t be the same as if you made it with a steamer wand.

You might not be very happy with the results you get by making steamed milk any other way than with an actual steamer. Not everyone can tell the difference in consistency, though, comparing using the steamer to using the stovetop.

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