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Things to Do with Cherry Peppers: 5 Ideas

Things to Do with Cherry Peppers: 5 Ideas

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Cherry peppers are delightfully sweet and so cute. I just love these little guys, and they make for some great dish once you know how to use them. They cannot be cooked and prepared the same way as spicy peppers and then you expect the same result. Because of their sweet flavour, you want to use them in recipes that take advantage of that property.

There are tons of things to do with cherry peppers. Whether you are garnishing or pickling or stewing or frying, the cherry pepper should not be overlooked, despite its small size. I like how versatile these are and how there are a few varieties of them.

Not all cherry peppers are sweet, even though most varieties are. There are hot and spicy cherry peppers, but they are in the minority. There are things to do with hot cherry peppers, and I will show you some of that well.

Most people see cherry peppers as a nifty garnish or topping, since they are so bite size and tiny. They can just be popped in your mouth and eaten whole, but don’t dismiss them as only a food fit for garnishes. The taste is interesting enough that I urge you to try a few recipes. You might be surprised at how many tantalising ways you find to use cherry peppers and how much you like them once you start trying them.

Here are some ides to get you started.


Even though cherry peppers are already small, they can be chopped smaller, which will make them the right size for a salsa. Use them in your mix of green peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and spices and see how nicely they add some variety to the mixture. Dice the peppers for this, and consider using the hot cherry peppers when you make a salsa or any other food that could benefit from a little kick.

Tomatillos a used in a lot of salsa recipes, but you can substitute in the cherry peppers for that. They are about the same size and can add a little change in the flavour that you might find intriguing. I like to use them in novel ways and change out ingredients that are similar for cherry peppers.

Cherry Poppers

This is a fun little snacks to try to make. You can simply take out the stem and fill them with cheese and then fry them up. Bread them as well if you like, for a crispy, crunchy popper. It only takes about 30 seconds in the oil for the cheese to melt and the cherry tomato poppers to get soft enough to eat. Be sure to use hot oil when you fry them up for a short cooking time.

Poppers don’t have to be fried. I like to cut my calories and make the cherry pepper poppers better for me by baking them. I cover them in bread crumbs for a crunchy exterior and then just in the oven for about 20-30 minutes. You just pop these bits-sized treats in our mouth and enjoy. They are the perfect size for snacking, and adding some bread crumbs and cheese to the mix really helps to create a wealth of flavours. The texture of the cherry peppers after baking in the oven is pretty great as well.

Fast Pickled Peppers

I like a tasty pickled treat every so often, but I find a lot of recipes call for lengthy prep work, and I don’t always feel like doing that. I know pickling takes time, and I’m okay with that, but sometimes, you want to just get the food into the jars for pickling and not spend all day putting your ingredients together and preparing the food.

So, I came across a recipe for quick pickled cherry peppers, and this may be one of my favourite things to do with pickled cherry peppers. It is so easy and fast. You just mix together cherry peppers, peppercorns, garlic, white vinegar, and a dash of salt.

Cook them in a saucepan and bring that to a boil on medium heat. Cook at that heat for around 10 minutes mixing as they cook. Then let them cook and set them in the pickling jar. Refrigerate your jar of pickled peppers and enjoy them after a week. They will be so tasty that you will be amazed you made something that good in such a short amount of time and with so little prep work.

Roasted Peppers and Veggies

One of my favourite side dishes to have with steak is roasted vegetables. Cherry peppers can be roasted with all of your other veggies, in the same way. This kind of baking gives them a lovely exterior texture and makes them so soft and scrumptious on the outside. I don’t add a lot of seasoning to them- perhaps some salt, pepper, and a light oil. You can add more if you like, but I prefer to savour the taste of these flavourful peppers. Have these with some Italian bread, mashed potatoes, and meat for a full, delicious meal.

Bacon Wrapped Peppers

Everything is better with some bacon on it, right? I think bacon wrapped cherry peppers are just delightful. They are crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre, making for a wonderful treat. They are bite-sized too, so they are ideal for snacking.

You can fry these up or bake them, but I think we all prefer our bacon to be fried. You can also stuff the cherry peppers if you like for this recipe, giving them even more flavour (and more calories).

These are just a few thing to do with cherry peppers, and there are tons more. Take advantage of the bite size and the sweet taste to make snacks that are a delight and that everyone will want to come back for more of.

Why pass over the cherry tomatoes in the grocery or the market when there are so many great ways to utilise them? Whether you are whipping up a snack, making a salad, trying to find a new ingredient for a soup or spicing up a salsa, cherry tomatoes are worth picking up and adding in.


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Thursday 11th of July 2024

Where can I find your recipes for cherry peppers. I Want to pickle them with cauliflower. I would like to compare recipes yours and mine. My husband is growing me some, he says they’re going to be a lot of them so I want to pickle them as with cauliflower.