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How To Boil Asparagus On Stove

How To Boil Asparagus On Stove

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Typically, Asparagus is cooked and is served as a side dish. It tastes even fancier when mixed with pasta, salads, chicken, etc. Its flavor depends on the place it was grown. It adds green freshness to every dish it is served with.

There are different ways to cook Asparagus. Some people like them grilled, prepared as a soup, or baked into a frittata. However, the best way is to boil Asparagus on the stovetop. Now, the question is how to boil Asparagus on a stove? Well, there are different ways to do so. Here’s a method that is easy and fast: 

One way is shallow boiling to cook the Asparagus. This is a medium method between steaming and boiling. In this method, you do not need ample water. Thus, it saves your time to boil the water for heating purposes.

Also, there is no need to submerge the Asparagus entirely into the water. If the water is not enough to cover the Asparagus, you can use a lid to cover the pan to steam the Asparagus. There are some other alternatives as well. Refer to the details below on how to boil Asparagus on the stove.

Health Benefits Of Asparagus

Asparagus has excellent health benefits. It contains very few calories and has abundant nutrients, fibers, folate, and vitamins A, K, and C.

  • If you are looking forward to a healthy body shape, Asparagus will help you to lose weight.
  • If you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea, Asparagus improves digestion and helps in regulating bowel movements.
  • It positively impacts children’s health and helps in their growth and development. It can also prevent neural tube defects in pregnant women.
  • It helps to lower blood pressure.
  • It helps to clear toxins and is an excellent remedy for a hangover.
  • It helps in treating urinary tract infections, obesity, and joint pain.
  • When you cook it on the stove, it just takes a few minutes. On the stove, you can easily control the temperature. Some people like to have it crispy; some like to have it soft. When it comes to how long to boil Asparagus on the stove, you need to cook it for at least three to four minutes.
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Instructions to Follow

Prep Time3 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes


  • 1 pound fresh asparagus
  • 1-2 tbsp  butter or olive oil
  • 2-3 cloves garlic (minced)
  • salt and pepper (According to your taste)


  • The stalks of Asparagus should touch the bottom of the pan. 
  • Avoid putting them in layers. 
  • If you cannot cook all of them at a time, cook them in batches. You can also garnish with grated Parmesan.
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How To Boil Asparagus On The Stove?

When you are boiling Asparagus on the stove, you need to make sure that you are well aware of how long to boil Asparagus on the furnace for a soft consistency.  You need to boil it for at least 15 minutes to soften the Asparagus.


  • First, wash the Asparagus and trim their bottoms (1-2 inches).
  • Use a skillet and heat olive oil or butter on a medium flame.
  • Add garlic and stir it so that garlic gets coated with butter or oil.
  • Add the Asparagus to the skillet. Cook for 5 to 9 minutes, stirring it occasionally until they become tender.
  • Sprinkle pepper and salt to taste. Now, delicious Asparagus is ready to serve.
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How To Trim The Asparagus?


  • Hold the ends of Asparagus in your hands and bind them until the ends are detached.
  • It is the point of differentiation between the wooden and tender parts. Take the snapped Asparagus and trim their ends with the knife.
  • This trimming depends on the toughness of the bottom of the Asparagus.
  • You can chop off the end where the Asparagus starts turning light purple or white.

For How Long You Can Store It?

  • You can store it for 3 to 4 days in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
  • You can also freeze it and keep it for three months.

Other Methods:

Blanched Asparagus: You can also go for blanched Asparagus. Blanching is a method that involves boiling vegetables till they are crispy and tender. Then stop cooking them by putting them into ice water. This process keeps the color of vegetables intact and gives a better taste. 

Here the Asparagus is boiled in a big pot and then kept in ice water. You can also use it in salads. But the boiled Asparagus is even more delicious.

Grill Asparagus:

  • Grilling asparagus helps in preserving the grassy flavor.
  • Mix Asparagus in vegetable oil and put them on a hot grill.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes until they turn brown and tender.
  • Sprinkle with lemon juice or salt. Now it is ready to serve.

Microwave Asparagus:

  • Keep the Asparagus in a microwave baking dish and set the temperature.
  • Add water (2 tbsp), cover it, and then set the temperature to high for about 2-3 minutes until it looks tender. 
  • Leave covered and let stand for about 3 minutes.

Roast Asparagus:

  • You can roast Asparagus in the oven.
  • Cook asparagus until it is brown and looks tender.
  • You can also add oil to it to prevent it from drying in the oven.
  • Sprinkle the dish with lemon juice or salt to taste.

Steam Asparagus:

  • You can cut the Asparagus into small bite-size pieces. Either you can steam them whole or in smaller sizes.
  • Set it over boiling water and place the Asparagus on the steamer plate.
  • Cover and cook for 4-8 minutes. It depends on the thickness of the stalks.
  • You can also sprinkle it with salt or butter.

Try out these delicious recipes and let us know which type of Asparagus you like the most.

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