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How to Cook Shrimp Scampi

How to Cook Shrimp Scampi

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If you love seafood, you’ve probably had shrimp scampi before, and you’ve likely heard of this Italian-American classic. It may sound like a classic Italian dish, but it’s actually quite different from the traditional recipe.

While it has Italian origins, shrimp scampi is very much American in origin. The recipe can be prepared to fit the tastes of almost any crowd. In this article, I’ll show you how to cook scampi shrimp and what to serve alongside.

How to Make Shrimp Scampi

This recipe combines the flavors of fresh seafood, pasta and lemon juice. The shrimp should be pink but test the temperature to ensure it is cooked.

Add garlic and red pepper to a pan. Stir to combine. Pour wine and lemon juice. Reduce to half. Add butter and cook until it melts. Add shrimp and cook for 5 more minutes. The sauce should be thick. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to a day.

The sauce can be served over chicken, fish, or pasta. It also pairs well with a leafy green salad and broccoli. The sauce also goes well with angel hair pasta. It can also be served over rice. It takes just five to 10 minutes to prepare. Whether you’re preparing this dish for a party or dinner, this dish will impress everyone. If you’re unsure how to make shrimp scampi, check out our recipe below and see how it’s easy to prepare!

In shrimp scampi, the classic combination of garlic and white wine brings out the best flavors of the dish. The white wine, usually a dry variety, adds a hint of spiciness and savory notes. For extra flavor, you can add a dash of red pepper flakes or chopped parsley. It takes just two to three minutes per side to cook shrimp scampi.

Scampi is also a great choice for weeknight cooking. It looks pretty and tastes great! With a few simple ingredients, you can make shrimp scampi for your family. The ingredients are easily available in your pantry or freezer. This recipe takes just a few minutes to prepare and serves a large crowd. You can even prepare it a day or two in advance. And because it’s so easy to make, you’ll have plenty of leftovers for your next party.

How to Cook Shrimp Scampi

If you’re wondering how to cook shrimp scampi, keep reading. Here are a few helpful tips. Shrimp and scampi sauce come together in one pan. Simply follow the instructions on the package to ensure the shrimp are cooked to perfection. While the shrimp should be al dente, you don’t want them to be overcooked. Once the shrimp are cooked, reduce the sauce to a simmer before adding the pasta.

The sauce is a simple, yet rich, preparation. Lemon juice, garlic, white wine, and red pepper flakes are all important components of scampi. While reducing the alcohol in the sauce, it retains a subtle flavor that makes it a classic dish. You can also use equal parts of chicken broth instead of white wine. Also, scampi is best served with large raw shrimp.

To make the sauce, add a little butter to a pan with olive oil. You can also add Land O Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt to make a “buttery” shrimp scampi. When the shrimp is cooked through, it should be pink and the sauce will have reduced by half. While it’s cooking, turn the shrimp over. If they are still grey, remove them and serve.

When buying shrimp, make sure to buy large ones (between 31 and 35 shrimp per pound). You can purchase frozen or fresh shrimp, but make sure to thaw them first. For the best flavor, buy shrimp with peel on because it helps protect the shrimp from overcooking. While this can be expensive, fresh basil tastes much better than packaged. If you’re using chicken broth, you may have to add more lemon juice.

While shrimp scampi can be cooked in a variety of ways, the classic combination of garlic and butter will make it a popular dish. Shrimp scampi is served over pasta, such as spaghetti, angel hair, capellini, and spaghettini. To enjoy a light garlic-butter sauce, serve the shrimp over pasta. You can also double the sauce for a larger meal.

What to Serve with Scampi

If you’re wondering what to serve with shrimp scampi, you’re not alone. The Italian classic is always on the menu of a decent Italian restaurant. While chicken is a good choice for this dish, shrimp is more expensive. A plate of shrimp scampi can cost over $20. The sauce is a mixture of garlic, butter, white wine, and lemon juice. It should be served over fluffy ginger rice.

To add more flavor to your scampi, make a lemon sauce. Add a bit of lemon juice and a splash of white wine, or simply leave it out altogether. Freshly ground black pepper adds a subtle kick to the dish, and a pinch of dried red pepper flakes gives it a more savory flavor. Freshly chopped parsley adds color to the dish and a peppery taste.

For a more rustic meal, you can serve the shrimp scampi over a bed of pasta or rice. Depending on how much sauce you want to serve, you might want to serve some cheesy garlic bread and sauteed broccolini to mop up any extra sauce. 

If you’re looking for a side dish, roasted red potatoes are an excellent choice. These potatoes are not only easy to prepare but they have all the flavor and tenderness you’re looking for. The perfect accompaniment to shrimp scampi is a tangy Korean sauce. 

If you’re serving shrimp scampi to a large group, you may wish to try a salad. A simple, creamy polenta salad goes well with shrimp scampi. For a lighter version, serve it with a side of salad dressing and roasted red potatoes. If you’re serving shrimp scampi to a kiddo, serve it with roasted broccoli or cauliflower instead.

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