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How to Cook Yellow Split Peas

How to Cook Yellow Split Peas

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So let’s say you bought yourself some yellow split peas while grocery shopping in the supermarket, and while on the way home, some questions fill your mind. How long does it take to cook yellow split peas? What other dishes can you possibly cook using it?

What to Do With Yellow Split Peas?

Like some of you, I, too, have experienced having a random craving in the middle of the day. I often develop a sense of appetite for some specific dishes, including yellow split peas.

In my case, I use split peas as a typical ingredient for soup or baked peas, and I usually eat them on rainy days, spring days or brunches with a slice of toasted garlic bread to soothe my hunger.

But before anything else and before deciding what to do with your yellow split peas, it is better to know what they are and their uses. Peas, regardless of color, either green or yellow split peas, are loaded with countless health benefits.

These dried, peeled, and split peas are abundant in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals and are low in fat in nutrition.

I highly recommend these peas for people who want to lose or maintain their body weight but still want to eat healthy food. A short trip to the supermarket or some local health food shop should be able to provide you with whole and split peas.

How Do You Cook Yellow Split Peas?

Preparing and cooking yellow split peas does not involve a complicated, complex process of recipes, as others might think. Preparing them is an easy process. Like boiling an egg, you can also cook yellow split peas by boiling them down, depending on if they are pre-soaked or not, taking them out, and setting them aside.

An optional way of preparing the yellow split peas before cooking them is to soak them in water. This method can help soften the yellow split peas before you cook them and lessen the crunchy texture of the peas.

How to Cook Yellow Split Peas Without Soaking?

One of the most common questions I often get about yellow split peas is if they need to be soaked as preparation. Soaking peas before cooking them is just an optional method you may use if you prefer to eat them with little to no crunch texture.

Simply saying, yes, it is possible to cook yellow split peas without soaking them first. Yellow split peas, like lentils, can be cooked fast even when not pre-soaked. Now that this information enlightens you, you might wonder how to cook yellow split peas without soaking.

Even if you won’t be soaking the peas before cooking them, it is important to clean and wash them first.

What happens if you skip this step and decide not to wash them before cooking them? Your dish will have some dust particles or residue floating around the mixture from the peas themselves that you didn’t remove.

So if you don’t want your dish or soup to look like a dust-filled soup, clean your yellow split peas before boiling them in water, and while you’re at it, look out for tiny marbles or stones that may have been included during the drying process.

Remember that the suggested ratio for water in cooking peas is 2:1. This means you should use 2 cups of water for every cup of yellow split peas, especially if they are not pre-soaked. You may also add a half teaspoon of salt into the water mixture.

How Long to Cook Yellow Split Peas

Remember that pre-soaking yellow split peas is optional. However, if your concern is to shorten the time to cook these peas, I suggest soaking them overnight. This practice will save you time, and it will also help you easily chew the yellow split peas because of the softened texture.

To do this, simply wash your yellow split peas thoroughly, and in a bowl big enough to hold them, let them submerge in water. Ensure that you soak all the peas in water and set them aside overnight.

Now, let’s say you have finished soaking them and are now ready for a boil. Since the peas are pre-soaked, expect a lesser cooking time than directly boiled yellow split peas. Boil them for three to five minutes, then decrease the heat to medium-low and simmer for another five minutes or until the yellow split peas are soft.

Remember that yellow split peas cook easily if they are pre-soaked. However, unsoaked peas require at least 1 to 2 hours of boiling or braising to soften up, not including the simmering time of around 30 to 45 minutes.

How to Cook Yellow Split Peas?

Again, cooking yellow split peas is straightforward and needs the right proportion of water to cook well. You can boil them in a pot with the pot lid off and a salt mixture to a boil. You will know the peas are done because they are soft and mushy when you try to pierce them through a fork.

However, there are also times when the yellow split peas take too long to soften up, and some don’t soften up. There are possible reasons behind this. You may have included too much salt or stock in the mixture, or maybe your yellow split peas are too old or too dry.

If you think about it, cooking and preparing yellow split peas is relatively easy. You can even cook them with or without soaking. Just remember to add some salt to your water mixture, boil and simmer for a few minutes, and you can now enjoy your delicious yellow split peas.


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