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How to Steam Asparagus in the Microwave

How to Steam Asparagus in the Microwave

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The smell of steamed asparagus is a signal of spring for some households. When asparagus is ripe and growing plentifully, a lot of people start looking for fresh asparagus to add to their dinners of chicken and mashed potatoes.

Asparagus is known as a superfood, thanks to all of its nutrients and health benefits. It’s also very easy to prepare and is versatile enough to be made into a number of different dishes. Is asparagus so easy to make that you can steam it in the microwave, and if so, how long do you steam asparagus in the microwave? These are questions we are going to answer for you, and we think that once we do, you will love this fine veggie even more than you already do.

Why Steamed Asparagus?

We love fresh vegetables as much as the next healthy person, but there is something to be said for steamed veggies as well. They retain a lot of the same nutrients and benefits, and they are so much easier to eat. The soft texture makes them a better choice for kids who might be picky about their food and who may have a tough time crunching through fresh veggies than they would soft, steamed veggies.

Steamed asparagus makes for a great addition to a vegetable medley, mixing with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to create a healthy dish that can be seasoned and garnished to make it palatable for everyone.

How to Prep for Microwave Steaming

If you want to know how to steam asparagus in a microwave, you first have to start by preparing the asparagus. You need to rinse the vegetables first, and you can do that under some cold, running water. Then, place them on a cutting board and trim off the ends. Just cut off those woody ends, and you could just snap them off if you like. Don’t bother to dry the asparagus off afterwards- the extra water just makes streaming easier.

How to Steam Asparagus in the Microwave

All you need is your microwave to make some delicious, steamed asparagus. No steamer or special apparatus is required, and you don’t even need any steaming bags. Asparagus is so simple to steam, which is part of why we love it. No-fuss dishes are our favourite, as you can add them to just about any meal without increasing your workload by much.

Place the asparagus onto a microwave safe dish. It doesn’t have to be deep- a plate will work. Then, wrap the asparagus lightly in a damp paper towel. You don’t need to soak the paper towel in water- just make sure it is damp.

Next, roll your asparagus up unto a bundle. If you were to lay it all out flat, it would not cook evenly. So, bundling it up is one of the secrets to how to steam fresh asparagus in the microwave.

How Long Do You Steam Asparagus in the Microwave?

Your asparagus probably just needs about four minutes to cook in the microwave. Any longer than that and it will start to burn and dry out. It needs to cook long enough to soak the water into it, though, and if the microwave is set on high, then that should be long enough.

The answer for how long to steam asparagus in the microwave depends on how much asparagus you have and how high your microwave heat setting it at. 3-4 minutes should be enough for a bundle of about one pound of asparagus. Your ideal cook time will vary based on the quality of the asparagus, how wet the towels are, and the kind of microwave dish you use.

Can You Use a Steamer for Asparagus?

Did you know there is a kitchen implement called an asparagus steamer? We’ll show you how long to steam asparagus in microwave steamer.

You just cut your asparagus to make sure it will fit in the steamer and then cover the steam and start it up. Cook your asparagus for 6-8 minutes, until it becomes crispy. Thick asparagus take longer than thin asparagus, so keep that in mind.

This requires no microwaving, but neither method is very difficult or lengthy, so if you have no steamer, it’s not a problem. We have already shown you how to steam asparagus in microwave without a steamer.

How to Serve Steamed Asparagus

Once your asparagus has been steamed, then you need to season it slightly to give it some added flavour. You can go with salt and pepper for a very simple seasoning to bring out the best flavour of the asparagus. Or you could go with some garlic butter or garlic salt to give it some extra flavour. We also liked the idea of topping it with parmesan cheese, which pairs nicely with other steamed veggies for a medley.

Keep in mind that steamed asparagus is slightly crispy, so it goes well together with dishes that offer a different texture, like soft and creamy mashed potatoes or tender lamb chops. It works well with all kinds of breads as well, and you will probably find tons of combinations that work well for you. You’ll discover that steamed asparagus makes a versatile side, going well with most dinners.

Health Benefits of Steamed Asparagus

What we like about steaming vegetables is how a lot of their nutritional value is kept, even when you cook the asparagus in the microwave. Asparagus is naturally low in calories and a great source of numerous vitamins. It is rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as folate and fibre.

Eating asparagus regularly benefits your digestive system and helps you keep your blood pressure low. It is also a healthy part of many kinds of diets, helping you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. If you want to stay fit and feel your best, steamed asparagus is a good side dish for your dinner. Now that you know how to steam asparagus in the microwave, it’s easy to add to any meal, and we highly recommend it.


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