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How to Thicken Up Chili: 6 Methods

How to Thicken Up Chili: 6 Methods

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You may think that every thick chili has the best flavour. It is not true because thickness can never define the flavour, but the taste does. I am going to guide you in the best ways on how to thicken up chili without losing its taste.

Additionally, it will not be good to have watery chili, so; you will have to learn how to make thick tasty chili. Read on to find the six delicious ways to retain your chili flavour, as discussed below.

1. Use Tomato Paste

Tomato paste blends so well with chili. It is one of the most recommended ways on how to thicken up chili and retain its flavour. It is an excellent idea since you will not have to add water; instead, you will add 7 ounces of tomato paste. In case you have not tried this, you are missing one of the tastiest thick chilies.

The addition of tomato paste happens when the chili is about to cook. You need to add the tomato paste in small portions to avoid using excess. Also, make sure that you stir thoroughly to come up with the best solution.

You can find tomato paste in your local shops at an affordable cost. Do not worry about the quality as most tomato paste is from fresh tomatoes with very few additives meant to preserve it for a long time. The additives cannot affect the chili flavour.

I cannot specify the type of tomato paste you are supposed to pick from your food store since any tomato paste is okay. However, you have to taste and feel whether it is bitter or sweet. If it is bitter, make sure you add granulated sugar to make sure you do not retain this bitter taste.

2. Use Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is said to be excellent when it comes to making other liquids thick. So, you do not have to worry about how to thicken up chili and maintain its flavour. This gum is a type of sugar that is from natural cereals such as corn wheat, soy, among others. Therefore, you do have to worry about the safety of xanthan gum.

Additionally, this gum thickens other products such as ice cream, chewing gum, toothpaste, among others. This gum is not harmful to human consumption. You do not have to worry about the flavour of your sauce since it will remain intact as xanthan gum has no flavour.

Your chili will get thick and retain its original flavour. I highly recommend you try this gum if you want to feel the unique taste of your chili after thickening it. To come up with a smooth solution, you will have to add some water to xanthan gum. Dilute xanthan gum before you mix it with your chili then stir thoroughly to bring out a smooth solution.

3. Use Potato Masher

Using a potato masher might seem strange to you, but it is one of the easiest ways on to thicken up chili. You will thicken your chili directly in the food you want to take that day. On this day, you will not mash potatoes, but it shall be time to mash beans.

First, make sure that the beans are soft enough so that the mashing process can be easy and quick. I prefer that you mash the beans first before you mix with chili. Mash them thoroughly and take your time to come up with a thick liquid.

The process has to happen right in your cooking pot to avoid too much transfer, which can ruin the whole process.

When the mashed beans are ready, make sure that chili is cooking. Add the chili in small portions and mix thoroughly to make sure that the whole bean source has enough chili.

Enjoy your hot and fresh chili source, which is very yummy. You can recommend to your friends who love spicy food to try the most delicious and most thick chili sauce.

4. Use Masa to Thicken

Masa is mostly known for its ability to thicken soups, and most chefs say it does not disappoint. If it can perfectly thicken the soup without having to interfere with its flavour, it can also do the same to chili. The process of thickening chili will be made easy by using masa.

To obtain masa, you have to soak corn in lye and water. It will produce a product called hominy after getting dry. So, when cooking your chili, add masa powder in a small portion and make sure you stir thoroughly.

Do not confuse masa with cornmeal since it is whiter and tastes different. Make sure you do not overuse masa to maintain the original taste of your chili. Also, be very alert when you add masa since it tends to make chili thick faster than you expect.

Store your chili at room temperature to make sure that it lasts longer. The best thing about this chili is that you can use it with varieties of foods at home. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the expiry since you can take it with any meal before it is pronounced expired.

5. Use Tortilla Chips

If you are looking for a side dish to thicken chili, tortilla chips are a great option. They are made from maize flour and can be baked or fried to come up with its delicious snack taste. You will need you to use water, corn, vegetable oil, and moderate heat.

In the process of preparing your thick chili, break the tortillas into small pieces so that they can absorb the chill fast. Note that you cannot put all tortilla at the same time since the chili can become extra thick. You need to be moderate by adding small portions and stir thoroughly.

To obtain the best thickness in your chili source, add tortilla 30 minutes before you finish cooking your chili. I would advise you not to add any salt or anything else so that you can retain the original chili taste.

Practice makes perfect; therefore, to come up with the ideal and thick chili, you will have to practice regularly. You will be able to make the best that can bring you extra income if you sell to friends. Most people love tasty thick chili with original flavour. Creating additional income at the comfort of your home is impressive.

6. Use Cornmeal

There are different ways on how to thicken up chili using cornmeal. In this case, do not use cornstarch because they are different. However, cornmeal produces a better taste with perfect thickness. You can add some water in cornmeal and stir to make a paste that will later be mixed with chili to make it thick.

Also, you can wait until your chili is ready, then start adding cornmeal in small portions. This cornmeal should be in powder form hence the need to add small pieces. Make sure you stir thoroughly to avoid leaving lumps.

Add the cornmeal until you find the perfect thickness in your chili. In case the chili can last for many days, you will have to wait for it to cool. Transfer it in a clean container and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you do not mix the cornmeal with chili thoroughly, you will have the original flavour in chili. Make sure that you are keen on the process to get the most delicious homemade chili.

Benefits of Chili

You may be wondering why I have discussed so much on chili and what its benefits are. However, chili has so many benefits to human health that you can ever think they exist. It may be hot to your tongue, but the fantastic health benefits that come along with it will make you overlook its spicy nature.

Dealing with chili is not a walk in the park since it will irritate your skin as you prepare it. Make sure you clean your hands with a lot of water to ease the irritation, and with the time you will get used to it.

Helps to Deal with Intestinal Diseases

Constipation is one of the intestinal problems that affect most people. You may have tried taking a lot of water, supplements among others, but you still have indigestion. Chili has Capsaicin, which helps to heal heartburn and set your intestines free from blockage.

You will experience this if you make chili available in every meal. The best feeling ever is having easy digestion and a bloat-free stomach. Chili intake can also heal Pylori since it has antifungal and antibacterial components.

Helps in Weight Loss

Do you want to achieve that waistline and keep off from a heart attack? I recommend that you start eating chili regularly. Make sure that you take some with every meal, especially lunch and dinner.

You can boost the weight loss process by jogging or taking part in your best sports activity. Excess weight gain will not be in the list of your worries anymore.

Helps to reduce Blood Pressure

Chili is known to have a component known as potassium that helps to relax blood vessels and make sure the blood has normal pressure. Additionally, spicing your foods regularly with chill will keep you safe from a heart attack since the blood flow rate will always be at a standard pace.

Prevents Cancer

Today the whole world is worried about cancer, and everyone wants to know how to avoid it. Capsaicin is found in chili and is said to have the ability to prevent breast cancer, kill leukaemia and all cancer cells.

Make sure you take chili regularly to keep safe. The Capsaicin can relieve any kind of a pain in the human body. Therefore, cancer patients will be able to use it to ease the pain that comes along if they take chili regularly.

Helps you Look Younger

If you consume chili more than 6 times a week, you will not show signs of getting old even in the ’40s. It is because Chili can increase the level of IGF-1in your blood. IGF-1 is a hormone that helps prevent wrinkles and grey hair formation.
To boost this look, you have to take regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Too much of anything is poison. So, eat chili in moderation to avoid the adverse effects that come with overconsumption.

Boosts Immunity and Clears Nasal congestion

If you make chili for the first time, you will realize that your eyes get teary as well as your nose. In case you have a blocked nose and you have not found a perfect solution, then use chili. The Capsaicin has antibacterial agents that inhibit your nose to get runny at once, releasing all the mucus. It helps to relieve a blocked nose instantly.

Additionally, you will be able to be safe from diseases if you take chili regularly. The red pepper is rich in vitamins A and C that helps to keep up your immunity high. Therefore, your body will be able to fight any incoming disease.

Helps Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Healthy eyes mean that you are not short-sighted or long-sighted. Vitamin A found in chili helps to keep your eyesight sharp. You do not have to struggle at night with dim lights. However, to achieve this, you need to take chili regularly.

Final Word on How to Thicken up Chili

I love how chili makes food delicious and nutritious. You need to try any of the six ways on How to Thicken up Chili without changing the taste. You will be able to obtain thick chili with an original taste only if you follow the steps given. Additionally, you cannot come up with such chili if you prepare in haste.

Be calm and composed with all the ingredients at your kitchen table. Make sure you do not skip any step given above, and you will surely love the product you will make. You are not restricted to using only one way to retain flavour so you can try all until you eat one that pleases you most.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful in discovering new ways to thicken up chili without losing its wonderful taste.

Now, it’s your turn to share your thoughts and experiences.

Feel free to leave a comment below or, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can contact me directly with any questions or feedback.

I would be more than happy to hear from you and help you create the perfect chili. Together, let’s explore the world of delicious, thick chili with all its flavors and benefits!

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