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How to Use Silicone Baking Mat

How to Use Silicone Baking Mat

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Silicone mats are usually placed between baking sheets or whatever you’re cooking. They can be used as a substitute for greasing a pan or baking sheet. If you’re baking something that is messy or sticky, knowing how to use baking silicone mat can really help.

The mat can prevent your baking sheet from getting very messy, which makes for a much faster and easier cleanup when you’re done cooking. It’s no wonder experienced chefs use silicone baking mats from time to time.

There are definitely instances where the silicone mat is more useful than using a cooking spray, parchment sheets, or other methods of preventing food from sticking to pans.

Silicone Baking Mat- How to Use

You might be wondering if you can use silicone mats the same way that you would use cooking spray or parchment paper. Are they interchangeable?

For the most part, silicone mats can be used same way you use either of these. However, one thing you should know about how to use a silicone baking mat is that while silicone mats are often safe for baking with, sometimes they are made with toxins. That sounds pretty scary, right? It is bad as it sounds, and it’s definitely not intentional, but this is something you need to watch out for.

Not every company makes their silicone mats with the same materials, and some of them use fillers to keep costs low. Silicone mats are very popular for kitchen use, so it makes sense that a lot of companies would jump on the trend and make their own version of silicone mats.

However, not all companies adhere to the same levels of quality when manufacturing these, using lower quality components to fill out the mats. Some of these components can seep out into the air and into your food when the mat is heated up. You have to watch out for that and try to use only safe and environmentally friendly silicone mats in your cooking.

How to Use Silicone Mat for Baking

If you want to bake with a silicone map, there are a few things you should know about how to make it work just a little bit better for you. You can use the baking mat alone and usually get good results, but sometimes food will stick to it. If you want to prevent food from sticking to the mat, first put your mat on the baking pan and next spray down the mat with cooking spray.

This may seem redundant and like a waste of cooking spray, but it is a great way to ensure absolutely that your food doesn’t stick to the mat. It makes for easier cleaning when you’re all done baking.

The best method for how to use silicone baking mat is to use it as a pan liner. Simply line any cooking sheet or baking tray with silicone baking mat. Cooking spray is optional but can help reduce your mess and cleanup. After all, you will be reusing the silicone mat, so why not make things easier on yourself and use a little cooking spray?

Knowing how to use professional silicone baking mat makes things a whole lot easier for you in the kitchen. I definitely recommend using one of these mats if you are making a lot of food and don’t want to have a big mess to clean up later on. The silicone mat can really minimise the mess for you and ensure that you spend less time tidying up.

Different kinds of baking mats function identically. If you know how to use a Farberware silicone baking mat, then you know how to use an Imarku silicone baking mat.

The different mats may have different advantages, such as being made of varying sizes or thickness. Some of them are also designed to be more non-stick than others, negating the need for any cooking spray.

There are little advantages to the various silicone baking sheets that you can find, but for the most part, they’re pretty much identical.

How to Use a  Baking Mat with an Iron

Did you know there are other uses for the silicone baking mat then just baking? I found it is very useful for ironing clothes as well. This is one of those little known uses that a few people will absolutely swear by.

Here’s how to use the silicone baking mat to iron in your clothes. Just place the mat down on the ironing board or on the iron board cover. Then, place your clothes on top of the map and iron as normal. You don’t have to do anything different other than place them on an ironing board. So, how does the silicone mat help you in ironing clothes?

What it does is reflect the heat from the iron back through the clothes. That means you’ll iron clothes faster and neater. There’s less need for starch and other little helpful techniques people often use for ironing. You can iron your clothes more effectively and they’ll come up nicer looking when you’re done. This is why I suggest trying the silicone mat for clothes ironing.

Should You Buy A Silicone Mat?

There’s no denying how versatile a silicone mat is and how it can help you do things more effectively and keep your mess to a minimum. I think they’re worth the price just for how much money they save you over the long term.

Yes, a silicone mat costs more than parchment paper, but you can keep reusing it. Instead of buying new packs of parchment paper every so often, you can keep using the same silicone mat for years.

This is a great minor purchase for your kitchen, and it’s also environmentally friendly. I think everyone should have a couple silicone mats in the kitchen. I say a couple because it’s helpful to have a few of these on hand in case you want to bake multiple things at once.

You’ll definitely be thankful for how little mess you have to clean up afterwards and how easily the baking goes. It’s also really easy to take cookies, brownies, another baked goods off of the baking sheet and the silicone mat after they are cooked. They come off so quick and easily and leave so little mess behind that you’ll wonder why you didn’t use a silicone mat before. 

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