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10 Interesting Scone Flavours to Try at Afternoon Tea

10 Interesting Scone Flavours to Try at Afternoon Tea

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There are few equals to the humble British scone. As they’re so simple to make, I often whip up a batch to serve to overnight guests as a fresh breakfast option.

They are often served with the morning and afternoon coffee or tea and used as a staple in most homes. Scones are not just a Brits thing.

They are found in many parts around the world as well. No wonder, there is a plethora of scone flavours one can choose from.

As a sampler and food explorer that I am, I have tried tons of recipes from around the world and made up some of my own to come up with this list of quirky scone flavours. Before I mention these scone flavours, here is what to consider to make the perfect scones all the time in your kitchen.

What To Consider When Making Scones

To get the best quality scones, you should know how to select your ingredients and prepare them.

  • Use good quality ingredients
  • Cold butter will help raise the scones higher
  • Use a well-drained fruit but don’t defrost a frozen fruit
  • Reduce the amount of sugar if you are using other sweeteners like chocolate and fruit
  • Reduce the amount of butter mild if you are using mashed bananas, canned pumpkin, and the rest
  • If you are using fruits for your scone flavours, choose fruits that are in season to get fresh ones and the best quality
  • Use unsalted butter if you have self-rising flour
  • Don’t use a food processor for mixing the dough. Too much mixing results into a tough scone
  • Add a little buttermilk in a crumbling dough
  • Add more flour if your dough is sticky

Here Are Some Scone Flavours You Should Try:

Plain Scones

Plain scones allow the spread you use to shine. Whether you apply jam, cream, marmalades, honey, cheese, or lemon curd, this scone flavour will be as delicious as what you use to spice it.

You can get as creative as you wish as long as you like how it looks and tastes. Make it fluffy to accommodate more of your favourite spread to take alongside coffee or tea. Plain scones can also be eaten with other foods at any time of the day.

Ginger-Orange Scones

These scones make use of ginger in the form of crystals and candied orange cover. They are easy to make and the taste is undoubtedly appetising.

You can cheaply prepare them when oranges are in season and get fresh orange peels. Serve them warm on a cold evening for the perfect teatime.

Raisin Scones

Raisin has curved its value in the scones industry for a long time. You can make them using dried grape, buttermilk, plus some additions of nutmeg to make a classic tasting scone. Your afternoon tea has no better companion.

Sun-Dried Tomato Scone

This scone is a combination blend of tomato relish, goat’s cheese and a slight touch of chilli. If you like sweet potato scones, then you’ll love sun-dried tomato scone because it’s better! And the bite is unique because it’s gluten-free.

Chocolate Scones

This would be an incomplete list without mentioning chocolate scones. Scones from chocolate are mostly vegan and if you don’t like milk or are dairy-intolerant, they are a great choice. Eating them alongside tea or coffee will make your mornings brighter.

10 Interesting Scone Flavours to Try at Afternoon Tea
Chocolate Scones by BBC Food

Savoury Scones

Scone flavours do not always need to be sweet. I have tried a variety of savoury ingredients and the results are mouthwatering. Savoury scones often come from cheese, mashed potatoes, onions, tatties, among others.

In some instances, butter and buttermilk find its way in some savoury scone recipes. These scones don’t just go well with tea and coffee for a yummy savoury breakfast option, but also with other meals.

Yoghurt Scones

If you have a sweet tooth, I recommend you try yogurt. You’ll love it. You can make these by using Greek yogurt, natural yogurt, or sour cream.

The end cake will be fluffy and very innovative. It is also possible to flavour it with dried fruits like cherries, dates, or berries to get a different twist of the original. Serve your yogurt cake with black tea.

Lemon Strawberry Scones

Those looking for a satisfying dessert or scones to eat each morning without growing tired of, then lemon strawberry scones is where you should begin.

It is tangy, sweet, and the inside moist. The berries need to be well dried to produce a tasty result. Serve them anytime you are having tea or coffee to enjoy every bit of it.

10 Interesting Scone Flavours to Try at Afternoon Tea
Lemon Strawberry Scones by The Cozy Apron

Caravan Sweet Scone

Meet the scone you can take any time of the day and feel full. You can prepare, pack these, and go backpacking without fear of getting hungry while there. It integrates ingredients like currants, butter, among others.

Whenever I make this scone flavour, I use my homemade lemon curd to flavour it further. I have tried it with coffee as well as tea and it’s delicious.

Dietary Requirement Scones

Some people would love to eat scones but can’t due to dietary requirements. Fortunately, there are scone recipes that can meet special dietary needs.

If you are watching your diet, have celiac disease, you are a vegan, or intolerant to lactose, you can choose among many scone flavours including coconut scone, low-calorie, low fat, blueberry scones, pumpkin scones, cranberry lemon scones, berry scones, among other scone flavours.

Most of these options can be served with black tea or even coffee.

What Should You Serve Flavoured Scones With?

Most people take scones with tea or coffee – that’s how afternoon tea is traditionally served. However, you should not box yourself in because that are many ways you can serve your scone. You can spice it up with your favourite fruit.

Also, savoury scones can be eaten during the main course like lunch or dinner. Some people can eat their scone with stew or just eat it alongside other foods. Whatever you serve with your scones, ensure you serve them while warm to enjoy.

If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, take a look at my roundup of 20 Delicious Scone Toppings.


What are some unique flavour combinations to try for scones at afternoon tea?

Some unique flavour combinations you could try include lemon and poppy seed, white chocolate and raspberry, or even something adventurous like bacon and maple syrup. Don’t forget about herb-infused scones such as rosemary and thyme scones.

How can I incorporate sweet and savoury elements into my scone recipes for afternoon tea?

One of the best ways to incorporate both sweet and savoury elements into your scone recipes is to play with the additions to your base scone dough. For example, you can add cheddar cheese and chives for a savoury option, or dried fruits and a hint of sugar for a sweet version. Another fun option is to create a sweet scone and serve it with a savoury spread, or vice versa.

What are some traditional British scone flavours I can try for my next afternoon tea?

Traditional British scone flavours often include fruit scones, which have raisins or currants mixed into the dough, or plain scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. You might also try Earl Grey scones, which incorporate tea into the dough for a unique twist on a British classic.

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