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Best Way to Grate Ginger

Best Way to Grate Ginger

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Best Way to Grate Ginger

My day starts with a cup of ginger tea, and most of my recipes have ginger as the main ingredient. But peeling and using the ginger daily requires patience as 30 grams of raw ginger makes only one tablespoon of grated ginger, which is less.

So I started searching for ways for easy grating and storing it. And it landed me up with many easy techniques which worked the best for me. I have given some of the best ways to grate ginger below which may be of use.  

Best Way To Grate Ginger

One of the simplest ways to grate ginger is by using a Microplane grater. You can either grate the ginger with the peel. If you do not want the peel, follow this easy method to peel it off using a spoon.

For peeling, hold ginger root in one hand and spoon in the other hand. Now, using the edge of the spoon, scrape the spoon’s edge against the ginger to peel the skin off. Continue the process until you get the desired quantity.

You can store the rest in the fridge with the peel on as it will last long. Take the Microplane grater and start grating across the ginger’s fibers. 

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Tips For Choosing Ginger When You Want To Grate It


  • Pick the ginger having thin skin, as thick skin indicates that the ginger has dried and is old. 
  • Unwrinkled and firm skin is an indication of fresh ginger. You can easily scrape the skin using a fingernail.
  • If you want to store the ginger, place it in an air-tight bag and store it in the refrigerator. 
  •  You can identify fresh ginger through its flesh color, which is bright yellow. Fresh ginger has a spicy taste and spicy aroma. When ginger starts spoiling, it will lose its firmness and color. 

Best Way To Grate And Freeze Ginger

The following way of freezing ginger will help you store the ginger for about six months. If you are grating the ginger and freezing it, use the above method to grate the ginger and scoop or spread the ginger on a parchment-lined tray, or you can also freeze in teaspoon portions. 

Now freeze the ginger until they are solid and now shift these into a sealed bag or container. You can also freeze the ginger after mincing it. For this, cut the peeled ginger into coins. Stack four ginger coins and cut them like match sticks.

Now to mince the ginger, line the matchsticks together, and go for crosswise cuts to get small pieces. You can freeze these on a parchment-lined tray as above. This freezing method makes it easy for any stovetop cooking, and you can directly put the frozen ginger into the dish. 

But if you are using frozen ginger for baking a dish, then thaw the ginger first and then add it into the dish. It is best to freeze and use ginger as it saves time and makes cooking easy.

Best Way To Grate Ginger- Large Amount

Pick ginger that is solid and has no soft spots. This will help to avoid rotten ones. Taking a sharp knife, cut the ginger’s edges on all sides to have a better grip while holding it. 

peeling ginger using spoon

Do not cut off large portions as this will waste the ginger. Using the vegetable peeler or same knife and standing the ginger on its ends, start peeling by slicing towards a cutting board and removing ginger’s skin. You can use a spoon like mentioned above to remove the skin. Using the spoon will make it comfortable to peel off the skin at rounded knobs as it is difficult for the knife to reach those areas. 

If you have time, freeze the ginger as it hardens up and makes it easy for grating. You can immediately grate once you take it from the freezer. But remember to freeze in a sealed container. Using a box grater or handheld one, you can grate the ginger. To grate the ginger, hold it in a way where the fibers stay perpendicular to your grater. 

Remember to grate in a way that fibers do not get clogged in the grater. For this, you have to avoid grating from the bottom or top as fibers run in these directions. So hold the ginger’s side against the grater’s teeth and start grating. 

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Tips For The Best Way to Grate Ginger


  • You can store unpeeled ginger for three months in the freezer. But before you peel it, allow it to thaw. 
  • Choose a grater having fine etched holes and a large surface area, and it will make your work easier.
  • Do not pick a grater with metal teeth or nubs as they consume more time and are inefficient.
  • If your grater gets clogged, using a sponge, rub the ginger residue after running the grater under warm water.
  • Avoid or be careful while using small pieces of ginger while grating, as you can have accidental cuts while grating.
  • To have even shreds of ginger, apply even pressure when you are grating the ginger. I prefer to make short motions while rubbing the ginger on the grater.

grating ginger

What’s The Best Way To Grate Ginger

Having a metal fork in your kitchen makes your work simple. To grate the ginger using a fork, place it on a cutting board with its tine towards you. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the fork and hold it tight to avoid movement; use the dominant hand to hold ginger and give even constant pressure to the ginger while dragging the ginger across the fork’s edges.

To grate the interior fibers start pulling the ginger in every direction. While you continue to do this, you can see grated ginger on your cutting board. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to for getting a clear idea.

Tips while grating ginger using a fork:

If you want small ginger pieces, then use the fork with small tines.


The health benefits of ginger make it a must to have as an ingredient in our daily life. It helps us to improve our overall health and keeps us strong. So, make this magic ingredient a part of your daily routine. To make things easy for you, use the best way to grate ginger and tell us which worked for you the best!


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