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How to Make Campbell’s Tomato Soup Better

How to Make Campbell’s Tomato Soup Better

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Campbell’s soup is already pretty good, and even though I like to make a lot of foods myself from scratch, I don’t feel bad about popping open a can of Campbell’s and having it for a meal sometimes. But at the end of the day, it’s still canned soup, with all of its shortcomings and limitations.

There is more that could be done with it, and you don’t have to accept its limitations and eat the soup as it is. You have more options than just adding either milk or water to the condensed glob of “soup” that sometimes comes out of the can.

For years, I have been adding things to my canned soup purchases, trying to spice them up, make them more interesting, and ultimately, make them taste better. It took some trial and error at first, and I got some advice and ideas from other cooks as well to make sure I was using the best possible ingredients.

Over time, I became more confident in my additions to the soup, and now I can turn an ordinary bowl of canned soup into a gourmet meal. You can do the same, because the ingredients I want to share with you are not hard to work with and are not difficult to incorporate into the soup. They can make a world of difference, though, and you may be able to fool people into thinking they are eating homemade soup rather than canned soup.

One of my favourite comfort soups is tomato soup, and Campbell’s makes a decent if unspectacular one. There is nothing seriously wrong with it, but it doesn’t try too hard either.

How to make Campbell’s tomato soup better? I have a few methods I think you might want to know about that will transform an ordinary tomato soup in a deliciously savoury one. Instead of settling for the canned tomato soup, you will look forward to it, knowing what great ingredients you can add to it to make it more interesting and tastier.

Make It Chunky

My biggest problem with any kind  tomato soup is how think and watery it is. Not all tomato soups are like that, and none of them have to be if you add the right ingredients. I like to add stewed tomatoes or diced tomatoes to mine. These add a heft and a solidness to the soup that I think it benefits from.

I like my tomato soup to be creamy like most people do, but I also like to experiment and I do enjoy the occasional chunky tomato soup. You can turn any creamy, watery or thin tomato soup into chunky soup with this simple addition. It’s a great way to sue up those tomatoes from your fridge before they go bad, since we often buy more than we need at once.

Make It Creamier

How to make Campbell’s tomato soup taste better without adding a bunch of chunks to it? You could make it thicker and creamier. I do this by adding some sour cream, and then topping with a few pinches of parsley or fresh basil leaves.

I love how the green colour makes the soup really pop. The sour cream is the real star of this modification, though. It adds a little tartness and some smoothness to the soup, making it creamier and pleasantly thick. It is the ideal way to handle tomato soup that is too watery. If you put too much water in the soup when you made it, then adding sour cream can help with that. Just stir it up and mix it in thoroughly before eating.

Make It Savoury

I like adding herbs and spices to just about any soup to give it more of a gourmet feel. I think a lot of canned soups are missing flavour. They taste okay to us because we eat them hot, but everything tastes better hot. They are often bland and we don’t really notice that much because we are used to how bland they are and we probably don’t expect much from our soup.

I say that we should expect more from our soup, and if it doesn’t deliver, then we should enhance it ourselves. I like to do this by adding some spices and herbs to my tomato soup. How to make Campbell’s tomato soup better with the right herbs and spices?

I add thyme, parsley, basil, or some other greenery to it to give it a dash of flavour and some much needed colour. Maybe the strong, red colour of tomato soup bothers you as well, but I really feel like I need some variety in the colour, so why not add something tasty and flavourful to it as you give it some colour?

I also like adding in some pesto or red Thai curry paste. These will change the consistency and the texture a bit, but they are a great way to enhance the soup beyond its boring limitations.

Add Some Gluten

Soup and bread or soup and crackers are common pairings we are all familiar with. It’s very traditional to have tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, for example, in the United States. I think of that as a meal for children usually, and I prefer my tomato soup’s bread companion to be Italian bread. I like the herbs and flavour it brings to the dish.

I also like adding croutons to the soup, which goes very well with some parsley and cheese. That makes for a hearty soup that is easy to make, and it is one of my favourite ways to have tomato soup.

Another addition I like to have sometimes is salted crackers. Saltines or some other rectangular, salted, dry cracker is a good addition to the soup, and I will sometimes add some onto the top of the soup or just have them on the side and use them for dipping.

Just about any kind of bread is a good addition to tomato soup, making it more filling and adding a nice starchy counterpoint to the acidity of the soup. If you feel that tomato soup is a little too acidy for your liking, some bread or crackers will really help balance that out.

Make It Meaty

Have you ever considered adding some meat to your tomato soup? In my research for Campbell’s tomato soup- how to make it better- I came across the idea of adding some meat on it. This seemed novel to me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about the notion, but once I tried it, I was absolutely sold.

You need the right meat, obviously, and you want to add it in sparingly, in most cases. I like dried, crispy bacon in mine, and even bacon bits will do. It doesn’t hurt to add in some herbs to go with it and perhaps some sour cream to give the soup a creamier, thicker texture that works very well for the meat. I prefer my meat soups to not be watery, but you may have different preferences.

Another meat that works pretty well is shrimp. Little bite-size baby shrimp are perfect, and if you use larger shrimp, you should really slice them up to make them easier to eat. If I am adding shrimp to may tomato soup, I prefer to add some Cajun flavouring or other spicy seasoning. The Thai red curry paste is a good choice for that, as is ground chilli.

These are just some ideas to experiment with, and I am sure you will come up with some great ideas of your own or some modifications on what I have given you so far. Like I said, it doesn’t take much to take an ordinary tomato soup and make it pretty fantastic.

You can start with these ideas and use them as a springboard to even better ones. I think you will enjoy trying out some new recipes with your tomato soup and taking it from bland to exciting with the addition of a few key ingredients.


What ingredients can I add to Campbell’s Tomato Soup to enhance its flavor?

You can add a variety of ingredients to Campbell’s Tomato Soup to enhance its flavor. Adding a dash of cream or milk can make it richer and creamier. A spoonful of pesto or a drizzle of olive oil can also add a burst of flavor. Some people like to add a bit of grated cheese, such as cheddar or parmesan, for a savory twist. A sprinkle of sugar or a small amount of baking soda can help balance the acidity of the tomatoes.

Are there any specific spices or herbs that pair well with tomato soup?

Yes, there are many herbs and spices that pair well with tomato soup. Basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary are all good choices. If you prefer spices, consider adding a dash of paprika, cayenne pepper, or even a bit of curry powder for a different flavor profile. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper to taste!

Can I add proteins or vegetables to Campbell’s Tomato Soup? If so, what would you recommend?

Absolutely! Adding proteins or vegetables can make the soup more filling and nutritious. For protein, you could add cooked chicken, beef, or tofu. For vegetables, consider adding sautéed onions, bell peppers, or mushrooms. You could also add cooked pasta or rice to make it a more substantial meal. Just remember to add these ingredients after the soup has heated up to maintain their texture and flavor.

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