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How to Make Cream Cheese Wontons

How to Make Cream Cheese Wontons

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Whenever I whip up Chinese food for dinner, it’s the cream cheese wontons I look forward to the most. I love the sweet and sour chicken, the fried rice, and the vegetable lo mein I usually put together for my Chinese dinner spread, but the cream cheese wontons are my favorites by far.

Have you ever tried to make a cream cheese wonton before? It’s really simple and very delicious. The crispy outer wrapper and soft, creamy center make for an excellent combination.

It’s a clash of textures that works so well together, and when it’s served hot, just out of the frying oil, there’s probably nothing better.

How to Make Cream Cheese Wonton

What is a cream cheese wonton? You only need three items to make these wontons at home, and that’s water, cream cheese, and wonton wrappers, also called wonton skins. Putting them together is a really simple process, and I’ll show you how to do it.

You want your cream cheese to be slightly chilled or at room temperature so it’s easy to work with. It should be soft enough that you can scoop it out with a spoon. If it isn’t, it may need to sit out at room temperature for a while and warm up.

You could also take the cream cheese out of the foil wrapper that is usually inside and warm it in the microwave for just a few seconds. Don’t warm it for long, though, as it can melt quickly.

Wonton skins often come frozen at the grocery, and you want them to be at room temperature or chilled as well.

Make sure you put your frozen wontons in the fridge to defrost ahead of time so that they are ready when you’re ready to make the cream cheese wontons.  They are great when served with some crispy spring rolls.

Once both your wontons and cream cheese are at the right temperature, you could prepare a cutting board or counter to work with and have a small cup of water standing by.

Prepare your cream cheese wontons by taking a single wonton skin and putting a scoop of cream cheese in the center.

You only want about a teaspoon or two teaspoons inside one cream cheese wonton. Then, fold the edges of the wonton skin over the cream cheese and seal it shut by dipping your fingers in water and pressing on the part of the skin where the four corners meet.

Don’t use too much water, as you want just enough to create a seal when you press down but not enough that the hot oil will spatter when you put the wontons in.

When your wontons are ready, heat up a part of cooking oil. Wait until the oil gets really hot and then put your wontons in. You can put a few of them in at a time as long as they don’t overcrowd the pot. It only takes a few seconds for them to cook.

You should see them change color and maybe puff up a little bit, depending on the kind of wonton skins you have.

Once the entire wonton has changed color and gotten a little darker, you can pull it out of the oil with tongs and set it onto a plate with a paper towel lining.

Take out all the wontons as soon as they finish cooking, because they will burn quickly in the hot oil.

How to Fold a Cream Cheese Wonton

The folding is probably the trickiest part of making wontons at home. Make sure your cream cheese scoop is centered and then start from one corner and fold it over the cream cheese.

Do the same with the next corner until all four corners are folded over and meet in the middle. There should be a little overlap between each of the corners.

The flaps of the wonton corners may want to lift up, so dip your fingers in some cold or room temperature water and press down gently on where the corners meet. This will seal the wonton shut.

How to Make Cream Cheese Wonton Filling

I typically use plain cream cheese for my wonton filling, but if you want something a little fancier, I have a suggestion for you.

You can make your own cream cheese filling by combining cream cheese and diced shrimp. Putting small pieces of shrimp in there adds a fun little texture and some extra protein to the dish, making it a more filling dish.

How Many Calories in a Cream Cheese Wonton?

Are you concerned about the calorie count when it comes to cream cheese wontons? This small dish maybe bite sized, but it packs a lot of calories. A single serving of wontons, which consists of two of them, equals 227 calories.

As I usually say, the way you make your food and the kind of ingredients you use will determine the calorie count, but this is a pretty good average. You should consider cream cheese wontons a high calorie food.

How to Make Cream Cheese Wonton Sauce

There are several different sauces you could use for dipping your cream cheese wontons in. I prefer mine without any sauce, but you could use soy sauce, duck sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or plum sauce. These are all traditional Chinese sauces that go well with cream cheese wontons.

If you want to make your own, you could try making homemade sweet and sour sauce, which is a combination of pineapple, vinegar, corn starch, water, sugar, and tomato paste. Or you can take soy sauce and thicken it up by adding a little ketchup and possibly some sugar.

For any of the sauces I’ve listed above, you can thicken them by adding some sugar or ketchup to them or even a little cornstarch. You can thin them out with a little water.

You may even want to make a spread with several sauces for dipping wontons and to make your wontons the highlight of your meal.

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