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How To Store Fresh Cilantro?

How To Store Fresh Cilantro?

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Cilantro is a herb that has immense health benefits. It has vitamins A, C, and K. It can be  used as a garnish or as an ingredient in various dishes.

Cilantro has a high amount of water content. If kept outside, the warm air will absorb moisture from the cilantro. That is why cilantro wilts within a short span of time, which results in having to throw it away. But you can easily extend its shelf life by keeping the cilantro at a temperature lower than room temperature. 

This article will discuss how to store fresh cilantro in more detail, which will help in keeping cilantro fresh for a more extended period. 

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How To Store Cilantro In Fridge?

You can store cilantro in your fridge which can extend its shelf life. Follow the steps below for proper storage. 


  • Try To Buy Fresh Cilantro
    It’s very important to buy fresh cilantro that has not wilted or has any yellow leaves. Fresh cilantro can be purchased at your local supermarket or a farmer’s market.
  • Wash The Cilantro With Cold Water
    Start by trimming the stems, and then wash the cilantro thoroughly with cold water and some vinegar. Try to keep the cilantro leaves in cold water for a few minutes. It will remove all the dust and dirt. 
  • Dry The Leaves
    Use paper towel to dry the leaves. Your leaves should be completely dry as some residue water can rot the entire herb.
  • Use An Airtight Container For Storage
    Use an airtight container and place some paper towels inside it. Place the dry cilantro inside the container, and then add paper towels on top. Then close the lid.
  • Keep The Air Tight Container In Fridge
    Store the airtight container in the fridge. This process can prolong the shelf life of cilantro for at least two weeks. Paper towels are necessary for the airtight container as they will create a moist environment for the cilantro.

How To Store Cilantro In Freezer?

When you freeze cilantro, you can extend its shelf life for several months. However, the leaves will not remain fresh. So you cannot use them for garnishing, but you can use them as an ingredient in several dishes.

Fresh Cilantro

There are two methods to store cilantro in a freezer. But both methods involve cleaning the leaves of cilantro properly in cold water in order to remove all the dust followed by drying. You need to dry the leaves thoroughly with a paper towel.

First Method 

The first method involves freezing cilantro in a cubical form. You need to grind the cilantro with a food processor or mixer along with adding some water or olive oil. Then pour the mixture into an ice tray and freeze it.

Once it freezes, remove the cubes from the ice tray and put them in a plastic seal bag. Then put the bag of cubes in the freezer. You can add these cubes to juice, soups, or your favorite dishes, which enhances the flavor of your beverages or meals.

Second Method

The second method involves putting the leaves of cilantro in a freezer bag. First, take out all the leaves from the stem of the cilantro. Your leaves should be dehydrated.

Then, you need to take two freezer bags and place one freezer bag inside the other. Put the dry leaves of cilantro inside the inner bag and then seal tightly. Then keep the freezer bag inside the freezer. Whenever you need leaves, remove some leaves from the bag and then put it back in the freezer.

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How To Store Cut Cilantro?

To store cut cilantro, you have to follow the following steps.


  • Clean The Cilantro Thoroughly
    Once you purchase cilantro from the market, cut the ends of the cilantro with a knife and then clean with cold water.
  • Dry The Leaves
    Dry the leaves thoroughly with a paper towel or leave them to dry. 
  • Use Container Filled With Water
    Use a container or a bowl filled with water. Then put the cilantro in the water such that all the stems are fully submerged while the leaves are exposed above the water surface. 
  • Cover Cilantro With Plastic Bag
    Take a plastic bag or polythene and cover the top of the cilantro. But do not tighten it with a rubber band. 
  • Keep The Container In Fridge
    Keep the glass bowl or container with cilantro in the fridge. You will observe that this process will increase the shelf life of cilantro.
  • Change The Water Periodically
    The water becomes discolored after a few days, which may affect the shelf life of cilantro. So you need to change the water within two to three days.

Chopped Cilantro

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How To Store Chopped Cilantro?

To store chopped cilantro, you have to follow the below process.


  • Clean And Dry Cilantro
    The first step is to clean the cilantro properly in water. Then you need to dry the leaves properly because moisture on the leaves can wilt or rot the cilantro within a short time.
  • Chop Cilantro
    Chop the dry cilantro leaves with a knife.
  • Use an Airtight Container
    Place some paper towels in  an airtight container. Then place the dry chopped cilantro leaves on the paper towel, and then above the leaves, place some more paper towels. Then close the lid.
  • Keep The Airtight Container In Fridge
    Keep the container frozen. Check it periodically. If you see any yellow leaves, then discard them immediately.


Cilantro has many health benefits. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduces weight, and is good for our vision, immune system, etc…. Cilantro also helps in enhancing the flavor of any dish or drink. You need to store cilantro properly to improve its shelf life.

I hope this article has guided you on how to store fresh cilantro. 

Comment below your suggestions on cooking with cilantro!

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