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How to Cook Liver?

How to Cook Liver?

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One of the tastiest and healthiest non-vegetarian dishes we come across is the liver. Known as the powerhouse of nutrition, the liver is full of protein, minerals, and vitamins, which help in increasing immunity. However, though the liver is nutritious, many may not like how it tastes as it has intense flavors. Hence, there are some tricks to cook the liver in the right way to break down the flavors making the liver taste better.

Raw Beef Liver

If you are in search of simple recipes for liver, you are in the right place. In this article, I will help you with some easy recipes with minimal ingredients to help you make the tastiest liver. So, read the article further to learn more.

How to Cook Liver
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How to Cook Beef Liver?


  • 1 lb of beef liver
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • water 
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 medium onion
  • milk 


  • To prevent the bitterness of the liver, wash the beef liver with water and soak it for 1-2 hours in a bowl of milk before you start cooking.
  • Take the liver pieces in a bowl and pour milk until it covers the liver.
  • After 2 hours, remove the milk from the bowl and cut the liver into horizontal slices of 3/4 inches thickness.
  • Take a skillet, add some butter, and heat it on medium flame. When the butter melts, add onions which are cut as rings, into the butter. 
  • When the onions are soft, shift them into a bowl and leave the remaining butter on the skillet.
  • Now add liver slices into the skillet and put salt and pepper on them. Now, cook the liver pieces for 3-4 minutes on both sides.
  • After 4 minutes, add the softened onions into the skillet, and fry them along with the liver until the liver turns slightly pink. 
  • Once the liver turns pink, it is good to serve. Frying it longer will make it tough and spoil its taste.
  • So immediately shift liver pieces and the onions into a serving plate and enjoy the dish.

Tips for Making Beef Liver Taste Great

Always pick a beef liver that is lighter in color as it is from a young animal and is healthier. Soaking the liver in the milk will help make the liver tender by removing odd tastes and odor. You can also soak the liver in buttermilk. This will improve the texture and taste of the liver. 

Fry the liver only for less time to prevent bitterness and the chalky texture of the liver. To make the above beef liver taste better, you can mix some lemon juice, water, and Worcestershire sauce. Now you have to heat this liquid sauce mixture and pour it on the liver and onions and serve them. This is one of the best recipes for beef liver and onions, which you can cook without flour.

Alternative Recipes

How to cook chicken liver?

To cook the chicken liver, take all-purpose flour, egg, oil, milk, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. First, wash the liver and add it to a bowl of milk whisked with an egg. Now coat the liver pieces with milk and put it into a bag with flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and shake it. 

Fried Chicken Liver

Now deep fry these liver pieces in the oil for 6 min until you get a crispy golden color taste and serve them. It takes 5-6 min to cook chicken liver. The significant difference between the above and this dish is flour, which gives out the nutty flavor and crispy taste to the liver.

How to cook liver for dogs?

Get some fresh liver, wash it and bake it for 15 minutes in the oven at a temperature of 250F. Cover the liver with tin foil to prevent drying of the liver. You can cover the liver with tin foil and prevent it from drying out too much. After 15 minutes, remove the foil and cook again for ten minutes. The juice generated during this can be added to the dry food of your dog. 

Once the liver cools down, cut it into pieces when it is warm and store it. Use it whenever you want to serve liver to your dog. Don’t feed your dog with liver often as it may get toxic to the dog. As for dogs, you don’t add any seasonings that you add when you make it for yourself.

How to cook turkey liver?

Take four turkey livers and slice them into thin pieces. Take a skillet, add olive oil, one red onion with a bit of salt and white pepper, and stir them until they become soft. Shift these caramelized onions to a plate. 

Raw Turkey Liver

Now add ten strips of bacon and cook them until they turn crisp. Shift these bacon strips to a plate. Now mix a little salt, flour, pepper, nutmeg, and paprika in a bowl. Coat the liver pieces with this flour mixture, fry the liver pieces in butter until they are brown, and shift them to a serving plate. 

Now season these liver pieces with caramelized onions and garnish the dish with bacon. Adding bacon and flour to this turkey liver dish will enhance the taste of your dish. 

How to cook deer liver?

Always remember to soak the deer liver in salt water for one hour to remove the pungent smell and draw the blood out. Then, add little salt and pepper to the sliced liver pieces and fry them on a skillet in oil. 

Once they are ready, shift them to a plate and fry one sliced onion and some mushrooms with little salt and pepper. When these are soft, add the liver pieces and add half a cup of vermouth and simmer on the stove for a few minutes. 

Now add half a cup of whiskey, light it on with a match, let the alcohol cook-off. Once the flames subside, add a little cream, cook for a few minutes, taste the dish and serve it hot. Adding alcohol to this deer liver will increase the aroma and enhance the taste of the dish.

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