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How to Make Rice in a Rice Cooker

How to Make Rice in a Rice Cooker

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I know more and more people are using rice cookers to make their rice, and I don’t blame them. It’s a lot faster and easier than cooking your rice the conventional way, in a pot on the stove. The rice cooker is specially designed to make rice in the simplest way possible. Best of all, the rice cooker makes perfect rice each time, as long as you know how to use it.

Anyone who has tried to cook rice in a pot on the stove has probably run into a few difficulties from time to time. You have the rice that cooks too long and burns or at least dries out. That’s a tough problem to fix.

Then, you have the rice that doesn’t seem to cook no matter how long you cook it for, and you may be scared to overcook it and dry it out. Then, you have the rice that has too much water in it and that becomes mushy and more of a paste than individual rice grains once it is finished.

When you know how to make rice in a rice cooker, you will avoid a lot of these problems. So, the rice cooker is a great way to make rice simply without all the fuss. On top of that, the rice cooker is designed to be easy to clean, so there’s no mess to clean up.

Once you know how to make rice in a rice cooker, your rice will turn out fluffy and perfect every time. Are you ready to get started? Keep on reading to learn how to use this easy and very helpful kitchen appliance.

How to Use a Rice Cooker

Using the rice cooker is very simple, and I’ll show you how to make white rice in a rice cooker.

I always start by rinsing my rice. This helps to get rid of debris that may be in your bag of rice or attached to the rice. You can’t always trust the manufacturer to clean the rice for you.

So, start by rinsing your rice, and we’re going to work with two cups of rice for this method. You can use the same method for how to make sushi rice in a rice cooker. Sushi rice should be fluffy and fully cooked, just like your rice is going to come out.

Next, add 2 cups of water and two cups of rice to the pot. Then, close the lid over the pot of rice end turn on the rice cooker. You may have a quick or normal setting on the rice cooker, as well as other settings. You can use whichever one you want, and the simplest way will be to use the quick setting. This gives you cooked rice in the shortest amount of time.

There’s no need to open the lid of the rice cooker while the rice is cooking. Once it is done, you can open the lid and fluff the rice with a wooden spoon.

If you want to make steamed rice in the pressure cooker, then you just need to adjust the amount of water you use. How to make steamed rice in a pressure cooker? Just use 1 ¾ cup of water for every cup of rice. how long does it take to make rice in a rice cooker?  Whether you are making white rice or steamed rice, the time is the same- about 30 minutes.   Cooking rice on a rice cooker and stove are the best ways of making perfect rice.  You can’t really microwave rice this just does not work out well.

 Making Other Kinds of Rice in the Rice Cooker

There’s more you can do with the rice cooker than just make plain white rice. Want to show you how to make Spanish rice in a rice cooker. Just add in your diced tomatoes and other solid ingredients along with the rice.

Any seasonings you are putting in your Spanish rice need to be next in a little bit and should be stirred until they dissolve. Then, you can make the rice as normal. This is how to make Mexican rice in a rice cooker. 

How to Make Rice in a Pressure Cooker

The rice cooker is a little bit different from using a pressure cooker. You don’t want to mix the two up. You can still use 1 cup of rice for 1 cup of water. The difference is how you operate the appliance. For the pressure cooker, you need to turn the pressure cooker nob and set the pressure cooker for high pressure. Cook for about 3 minutes and then allow it to vent.

How to Make Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker

For traditional sticky rice, you can use the same cooking method as we used up above for white rice. That’s the same method for how to make brown rice in a rice cooker too. But with sticky rice, you’ll have to make some slight adjustments.

First of all, you need to use sticky rice rather than regular white rice. You also need to 2 1/2 cups of water for every two cups of sticky rice. Other than that, though, you can use the same process covered up above.

How to Make Congee in a Rice Cooker

Congee rice is a chicken flavoured rice dish that you can make in your rice cooker. Mix together pieces of chicken breast, garlic, and soy sauce to make it rich and flavourful. the liquid can be either a vegetable or meat broth or just plain water. Use rice that is not quick cooking and use three to four cups of water for every half cup of rice.

Mix your ingredients together and put them in the rice cooker pot and turn on the rice cooker. As the rice cooks, stir occasionally. It needs to cook until the congee is creamy and smooth and no longer grainy.

How to Make Basmati Rice in a Rice Cooker

The kind of rice you use can have its own specifications, and you need to pay close attention to how much water you’re supposed to be using for each cup of rice. Aged, long grain basmati rice requires more water than other kinds of basmati rice.

You should use 2 cups of water for every one cup of long grain, aged basmati rice. For other kinds of basmati rice, you can use 1 ¾ cup of water for each cup of rice. You can use the same cooking process in the rice cooker for this kind of rice as you do for the other kinds of rice.

How to Make Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

Did you know you can use the rice cooker to make more than just rice? You can make oatmeal in there pretty easily. Just add 1 ¾ cups of water for every one cup of oatmeal. That’s all there is to it.

How to Make Pasta in a Rice Cooker

You can use the cook setting on the rice cooker to make pasta in there. This versatile appliance can be used to make all sorts of foods, so you can see why I recommend everyone have one in their kitchen.

What ratio of water to pasta do you use to make pasta in the rice cooker? For perfect pasta, you will need 8 cups of water and half a pound of pasta. The pasta should cook in about 10 minutes.

How to Make Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

For quinoa, 2 cups of water for every cup of quinoa in the rice cooker. It will take about 30 minutes to cook it on the cook setting. This nutritious grain is similar to rice and can be served with just salt or variety of ingredients to flavour and season it.


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