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How to Separate Eggs?

How to Separate Eggs?

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How to Separate Eggs

If you are a beginner in cooking, separating egg yolks from egg whites can be a tedious task. Moreover, the process can pull your cooking morals down. However, you cannot just skip the process because almost all the baking recipes require separating eggs. Hence learning the right techniques becomes imperative.

I recently shifted to a healthy diet and made changes in my food. For example, I eat two eggs every day, but I’m not too fond of the way yolk tastes. So I separate the yolk from the egg whenever I eat an egg. At first, separation was tricky, and I used to mess it up. But now, I know some easy tricks with which we can separate the egg yolk easily. If you are looking to learn those tricks, do read this article. 

How To Separate Eggs Without An Egg Separator?

One of the easiest and most used techniques to separate the egg is using the shell. Always pick an egg from the refrigerator as it is easy to separate the cold eggs as the yolk is together in them. Take two bowls, one to place the yolk and the other for egg white. 

Now crack the egg by hitting it on the bowl’s rim, try to break it at the center as much as possible. See that the shell divides into two equal sizes. Place the egg yolk in one shell, letting the egg white slowly drip into one of the bowls below. 

Slowly, transfer the yolk between the shells. When you do this, leftover white will slowly separate and drip down into the bowl. Do this until yolk only remains in the shell and shift it into a separate bowl. 

Tips When You Separate The Egg Using The Shell

  • Be careful not to crack the yolk with the shell when you transfer it between the shells. 
  • If you do not want the raw shell to interact with the yolk, then you can try another method to separate the egg.
  • If you are going to make a dish using the egg white, then use a different bowl when you are transferring the eggs and then shift them because the slightest amount of yolk can affect the whipping of whites. 

How To Separate Eggs With A Water Bottle?

You can use this method when you want to separate many eggs. Firstly, break all the eggs carefully without cracking the yolk into a bowl. Now take a washed water bottle, hold the bottle’s mouth near the yolk.

separating eggs using water bottle

Slowly squeeze the bottle at the center and squeeze the bottle in the center. Next, start releasing the pressure on the bottle slowly. When you do this, the yolk will suck into the bottle.

When yolk completely enters the bottle, pull the bottle up and stop squeezing it. If any traces of egg white is in the bottle, swirl the bottle till the white drops into the bowl. Now squeeze the bottle to shift the yolk into a separate bowl. 

Tips When You Separate The Egg Using A Water Bottle

To make this method easier, you can also use a funnel. Place the funnel in the mouth of the plastic bottle. Now, crack the egg in the funnel, let the egg white slowly drip into the bowl.

When egg white completely drips into the bottle, shift the yolk from the funnel to another bowl. Now transfer the egg whites from the bottle into a separate bowl.

How To Separate Eggs Easily?

If you are worried about the cracking of yolk with a shell, you can use this easy method. For this method, wash your hands and crack the egg in your palm.

Now let the egg whites slide between the fingers. Do this until the yolk is left, and shift the yolk into a bowl. This egg separation method is easy, quick, and the best if you plan to whip the egg whites.

How To Separate Egg Yolks?

You can separate the yolk using a spoon that is slotted. But see that the slots are not too wide for the yolk to slip off. Placing the spoon over a bowl, crack the egg onto the spoon.

Egg whites will slowly slip into the bowl from the slots. If any egg white remains, shake the spoon slowly until the yolk is left in the spoon. Now transfer the yolk into another bowl. 

How To Separate Eggs If The Egg Is Already Cracked?

You can use this method when there is a crack already on the shell. First, try to make the crack big without cracking into the yolk. If you can do this, you can apply any of the above methods. If not, if the crack is very small, make another crack on other parts of the egg and separate the yolk using the above methods.

separating eggs using fingers

How To Separate Eggs?

If you want to make a dish with no yolk or no whites or to make whipped cream, you can use this method. For this method, you need three bowls. Place your palm over the first bowl and crack the egg onto your palm.

Let the yolk stay in your palm, and slowly let the whites slip off into the bowl. Now drop the yolk into the second bowl. If the first bowl has no traces of yolk, shift this into the third bowl.

This method will help you even when using multiple eggs, as any egg white with traces of yolk can be removed from the first bowl. This will help in making a perfect whipped cream or perfect dish. 

Tips For Storing The Eggs After Separation

After separation, you can store the egg whites and yolk in the refrigerator. You can store the egg whites for two days in the refrigerator.

If you want to store them longer, you can freeze them in ice trays for three months and defrost them the night before to use them. But the yolks may get dried faster, so they have to be stored in airtight bags, and they need to be used in two days. 


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