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How To Steam Broccoli In Instant Pot?

How To Steam Broccoli In Instant Pot?

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Broccoli looks very similar to cauliflower, but instead of being white, broccoli has green florets and has a richer taste. Raw broccoli contains 90 % water, 7% fiber and sugars like fructose, glucose, sucrose, and the remaining 3% is protein. 

Broccoli is a nutrient dense food and is fat-free. It is a good source for vitamins C and K, folate, manganese, iron, and potassium. Therefore, adding broccoli to your regular diet can present a lot of health benefits. 

One of the healthiest ways to eat broccoli is by steaming. Steaming does not take a lot of time, and the most important thing is that it retains the nutritional value of broccoli. You can have steamed broccoli as a side dish with your lunch or dinner. It is also a very healthy snack for children. You can also add some dressing on steamed broccoli which makes it delicious. Steamed broccoli quickly absorbs the flavors of the dressing.

In this article, I am going to discuss how to steam broccoli in an instant pot.

Benefits Of Eating Broccoli

  • Lowers the cholesterol level of your body.
  • Reduces weight loss.
  • It is rich in folate, so it is good for pregnant women.
  • It is high in fiber so it cleanses the stomach and aids in weight loss.
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How to Steam Broccoli In Instant Pot?

Follow the steps below to steam broccoli in an instant pot. 


  • Wash and Cut
    Make sure that you thoroughly wash the broccoli before cutting it. It is a good idea to let it sit under slow running cold water before cutting it.
    Next, cut the broccoli into similar sized pieces, ideally an inch wide. You can also try to separate the broccoli into similar sized florets. If you cut one large piece and another small piece, then both will take different times to cook. One floret may become overcooked, and the other may remain undercooked. So, you should always prefer to cut the broccoli uniformly.
    You may also want to reuse the stalk of broccoli. It has a soft, fleshy interior if you peel away the skin of the stalk.
  • Add Water To The Pot
    Add half or one cup of water to the instant pot for steaming broccoli. Too much water will lengthen the time required for steam to form which will mean that the broccoli will get overcooked and lose its crunchiness.
  • Place Broccoli In Steamer Basket
    Place the steamer basket in the instant pot which will fit in easily. Then put the pieces of broccoli florets inside the steamer basket.
  • Try To Pressure Cook For Zero Minutes
    Lock the lid of your instant pot and turn the settings from venting to sealing. Then cook the broccoli for zero minutes. Here zero minutes means you need to cook broccoli until your instant pot goes into Pressure Mode. Typically, it would take almost 8 minutes to cook broccoli in an instant pot.
  • Release The Pressure As Soon as Possible
    As soon as you hear the beep sound from your instant pot, try to release the pressure as quickly as possible. If you don’t let the pressure out from your instant pot, then florets of broccoli may overcook and become mushy.
  • Check Broccoli
    Remove the lid of the instant pot and check the consistency of the broccoli by poking with a knife. If your broccoli needs some more cooking time, place the lid back on and cook for one to two minutes. The heat inside the instant pot will cook the broccoli. Avoid pressure cooking a second time since that may overcook all the broccoli florets.
  • Remove Broccoli
    Once the cooking is finished, remove broccoli from the instant pot as soon as possible. The steamed broccoli is ready to eat.

Steaming broccoli in a strainer

How To Steam Broccoli In Instant Pot Without Steamer Basket?

If you do not have a steamer basket, then there are other ways you can steam broccoli. You can steam broccoli by using a trivet. Like the steamer, you will need about half a cup of water. 

While cooking, try to place the broccoli in such a way that it does not come in contact with water. Then cook the broccoli as described above. Once the broccoli is cooked, gently remove it from the instant pot with tongs or a spoon. Your broccoli is now ready to serve.

How To Steam Frozen Broccoli In Instant Pot?

Frozen broccoli can be quickly thawed and cooked in an instant pot. Of course, using frozen broccoli is convenient because it eliminates the washing and chopping step

You just have to place the broccoli in a trivet or steamer basket directly. The process of steaming frozen broccoli is the same process as above. Serve it hot, and season it with black pepper and salt!

Steaming broccoli in a steamer

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How To Steam Broccoli in a Microwave?


  • Wash the broccoli and cut it in a uniform shapes
  • Pour half a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl, 
  • Add the pieces of broccoli florets
  • Heat for 3-4 minutes
  • Check broccoli if it is tender, if not heat for one more minute
  • Once your broccoli is cooked, serve it on the plate.
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How To Make Steamed Broccoli More Tasty?

Here are some ideas to make steamed broccoli more interesting 


  • Sprinkle some grated cheese on top of steamed broccoli. You can also use melted cheese.
  • Add olive oil, red chili flakes, salt, and some black pepper on top of the steamed broccoli, and then put it in an air fryer for 3 minutes. Serve it with squeezed lemon.  
  • Saute the steamed broccoli with garlic, olive oil, salt, and some black pepper.
  • You can also add steamed broccoli in any soup.


Eating broccoli can vastly improve your health and steamed broccoli is a great side or snack for your meals. Steaming broccoli also preserves its nutrients.

Because it has zero fat, you can eat as much broccoli as you want in a day. But it is suggested that half to one cup of steamed broccoli is sufficient for a single person per day. Another great advantage is that the preparation of steamed broccoli takes very little time. 

Tell me all about your experience making steamed broccoli after reading this article!  Comment your thoughts and ideas below.

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