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3 Best Electric Skillets For Every Budget

Food is not just an essential element for living, it is an emotion. Everyone is a food lover, some are fond of desserts, few are cheese lovers, and the majority of people like fried items. Though fried food is not a healthy source and often disregarded by healthcare professionals.

Most of the people ignore fried food because of excessive oil and saturated fats. Fried foods can give you high cholesterol levels and serious heart ailments. Electric powered skillets are the best option for you. Be it cheese sticks or French fries, you can make all of these and enjoy without staking your health.

DeLonghi Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass

The best element of DeLonghi electric skillet is its high-quality heating technique. It can cook food more efficiently than many other skillets available in the market.


  • It is equipped with a fabricated bright heating segment that is enough to heat the whole skillet and the food in very little time. It distributes heat evenly all over the platform, so there is no way to serve half-cooked or frozen food.
  • This skillet is made up of durable materials that provide longevity. The main element is cast aluminium, this metal has a high heating point and can combat increased temperature without infringement. Aluminium can resist corrosion so if you keep your skillet in a good condition, it will serve you for many years.
  • This electric powered skillet is designed to give you wholesome cooking experience. With duct holes, your cooking becomes easier and carefree. The duct holes release the extra air pressure so that there is no pressure building inside the skillet.
  • BG 45 electric skillet comes with a tempered glass placed on the upper lid. You can easily ensure your food whether it’s cooked or not without even removing the lid and disturbing the cooking process.
  • It also has a large cooking surface that will make you party-ready all the time without taking a toll on the number of guests.


  • Takes up large space. This skillet is endowed with a large cooking slot that doubles up the size and takes up more space.

Oster 16-inch Electric Skillet

If you emphasise more on safety than anything else then this skillet should be your first choice. This skillet is conformed to protect you from heat, it also has a tempered reflector cover. Unlike others, the electric skillet offers you a cool-touch side handles for easy handling and also a dishwasher safe design for obvious reasons.


  • This electric powered skillet comes with heat resistant handles for easy transport.
  • It is donning a 16-inch cooking platform for serving parties. This skillet is ideal for every type of food, be it frying or baking. You can do all of it with ease.
  • Oster 16-inch electric skillet sports a tempered transparent cover. You don’t need to worry about extra pressure build-up.
  • You can customise the temperature as per your requirement.
  • It takes up a few minutes to heat and cook food.


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

If you love to collect equipment that is endowed with the latest technology, then this is a sure-shot buy for you. This is one of the most advanced skillets available in the market, it is made up of steel that makes it durable and heat resistant at the same time.


  • The durability of this equipment comes from stainless steel. Steel is a good conductor of heat and also resists corrosion.
  • This skillet comes with customised heating techniques.
  • Cuisinart stainless steel electric skillet is a dishwasher friendly skillet. Some of the parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, it saves your precious time and efforts.
  • The best part of this skillet is its pointer light. The pointer light stays on until the skillet reaches the desired heat.


  • The cable of this skillet is comparatively shorter than other skillets. However, the problem can be resolved using an extension to it.

So Which Skillet Should You Purchase?

Electric powered skillets are the most flexible equipment in the kitchen. It can help you cook a large quantity of food in less time and effort. If you love throwing parties, then these electric skillets are ideal for you. It is also perfect for a newbie cook.

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I'm Pauline, a mother of four grown children, my passion for cooking stemmed from the joy i get cooking for my family. I love to try new dishes, especially when dining out but creating and sharing my own recipes is my favourite thing to do!

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